Donate to FCPS: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about donating to FCPS

Information and Minimum Specs for Commonly Donated Items

Unsure if the item is something FCPS will be able to utilize?

How do I make a donation to Fairfax County Public Schools or to a particular school?

Donation offers of durable goods should go through the Donate to FCPS web site.  For monetary donations, please visit the Foundation for FCPS How to Donate webpage.   There is an opportunity via this website to list a particular school as the designated recipient. 

Do I have to use the donations web site?

The school system prefers that donors use the donations web site as it helps FCPS manage the donation offer. The site provides the donor with information about who to contact with questions, helps FCPS guide and track donations, and generates the appropriate thank you letter for the donor’s tax deduction. The site is extremely easy to use, and should take only five minutes to complete. For those without computer access, please call 571-423-1206 and an FCPS staff member will assist in the completion of the online form.

I donated something to my child’s schools but didn’t know that there was a donations web site or a specific process to follow. What do I do now?

Complete the online Donate to FCPS form and, where applicable, make note that the donated item has been received. Once the school system receives confirmation that the donation was received, FCPS will make sure you receive a thank you letter for tax deduction purposes.

Is my donation to FCPS tax deductible?

Yes. Donations to governmental entities are tax deductible. Please refer to IRS Publication 1771 for any questions.

Will FCPS pick up my donation?

Yes and no - as it depends on the donation.  After completion of the online form, the donation will be reviewed and approved before a pickup determination can be made. The review process will take into consideration the type and size of the donation, the security requirements of a pickup, and the transportation costs to pick up a donation before deciding if a pickup is feasible. Donors may be asked to deliver the item(s) they want to donate.

Will FCPS tow my donated vehicle?

No, FCPS does not have the capability to tow a vehicle.  Donors are asked to NOT tow or drop off any vehicle without prior approval from an FCPS staff member.

The violin that I donated may be worth a lot of money, and I’d feel more comfortable if a value was assigned to my donation.

Fairfax County Public Schools never assigns a value to a donation, and the IRS does not require the school system to do so. If you have questions, FCPS recommends that donors review IRS Publication 1771.

Why was my offered donation declined?

While Fairfax County Public Schools appreciates all offers of donations, some items are simply not useful to the school system because they may have little or no educational value or be too costly to fix or bring up to current standards. Please refer to our Information and Minimum Specifications for commonly donated items.

Where do I get the official letter from FCPS for my tax deduction?

Once a donation offer is submitted via the Donate to FCPS website, and the donation is received by FCPS, the donor will be sent a letter via email.

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FCPS accepts donations of items (new or gently used).

FCPS Donations Portal


The Foundation for FCPS is the philanthropic arm of the school system and accepts monetary gifts from the community on behalf of FCPS.
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