Donate to FCPS: Information and Minimum Specifications for Commonly Donated Items

Minimum Specifications for Commonly Donated Items to FCPS

If you would like to donate your used vehicle, computer, musical instrument or other goods to FCPS and are unsure as to if it is something FCPS will be able to utilize, please refer to the minimum specifications information listed below for further information.

Contact Kathy Ryan with any questions.  571-423-1206.

Art Equipment and Supplies

An FCPS staff member works with schools to incorporate donated items into instructional environments. 

*Please note that the school system cannot accept kilns or kiln accessories of any type.

Some examples:

  • paper cutters
  • easels
  • drafting tables
  • dry mount presses
  • pugmills
  • extruders
  • slab rollers
  • printing presses
  • new art supplies

Audio Video Equipment

The school system’s Department of Information Technology works with schools to incorporate donated audio and video equipment into instructional environments.  All equipment must be in good working order, and given the continual improvements in audio and video equipment, we may not accept items which are older than five years.


School age books are often needed for home reading programs and classroom libraries.  Not all books are accepted.  Fairfax County Public Schools can no longer take magazines or encyclopedias.

Building & Landscaping Equipment and Materials

Fairfax County Public Schools accepts certain building and landscape equipment and materials, which likely will be used in instructional programs in construction technology programs.

Clothing and Shoes (New or Gently Used)

The following schools have their own clothing closets for families in need.  Donors can contact the schools directly to find out if the school has a need for the type of clothing that is available.  Donations for these items will not be handled via the FCPS Donations Portal.  If interested in donating prom dresses and accessories, please see information below under Prom Wear.

Food Pantries

Several schools have food donation pantries for students and their families.  The FCPS Donations Portal does not handle these donations.  Please contact the school directly for more information.  


All furniture must be in good condition - we cannot repair broken furniture or accept anything requiring parts to be purchased.

Medical and Dental Aids

Fairfax County Public Schools accepts donated medical equipment and supplies provided they meet acceptable specifications regardless of whether they are donated centrally or to a particular school facility. The equipment and supplies are valuable for teaching purposes in use with patient simulators and mannequins for student practice.

Donations are also accepted for gently used medical equipment and aids (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.) to be used as supplementary support items for students in our special education programs and centers. If in doubt of the item being of one in need, please submit the information via the donations portal and an FCPS staff member will be in contact to discuss.

Acceptable specifications:

  • Non-mercury and latex free items.
  • Sterile items in sealed packages (may be past expiration dates).
  • Hospital room equipment and supplies.
  • Dental equipment and supplies.
  • Pharmacy equipment and supplies.
  • Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy equipment and supplies.
  • Veterinary equipment and supplies.
  • Items of particular need: incubator, centrifuge, autoclave, lab glassware, IV pump, feeding pump, vital signs monitor-digital, ophthalmoscope, otoscope, TENS, doppler, ECG system, IV hood, etc.
  • All of the above in working order.
  • Items will be evaluated before being accepted.
  • Fairfax County Public Schools is unable to and will not accept pharmaceuticals.

Musical Instruments

Fairfax County Public Schools accepts donations of new and used musical instruments. They must be in working condition.

Pianos must be inspected by a school system certified piano tuner before acceptance. FCPS will arrange the piano inspection with the donor.  If accepted, FCPS will be responsible for moving.

Photography Equipment

Fairfax County Public Schools accepts donations of new and used photography equipment for classroom use. Photography equipment must be in working condition.

Prom Wear

Fairfax County Public Schools accepts gently used and dry cleaned formal dresses and accessories, and provides them for free to students through an annual Prom Dress Shop at Fair Oaks Mall, Classroom on the Mall.  Donations of tuxedos are not accepted.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Formal wear must be dropped off in the Main Office of Centreville High School, weekdays, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  Centreville High School is located at 6001 Union Mill Road, Clifton, VA 20124.

School Supplies and Backpacks

Fairfax County Public Schools accepts donations of NEW backpacks and NEW school supplies commonly used in schools. Please visit Collect for Kids for more information on items needed.  Collect for Kids is a county-wide coordinated effort related to school supplies and backpacks.  

Monetary donations for the school supplies and backpacks can be made at the Collect for Kids donation page.

Gently used binders are accepted based on current need or available storage space. 

Science Equipment and Supplies

Fairfax County Public Schools accepts donated working science equipment and supplies provided they meet acceptable specifications, regardless of whether they are donated centrally or to a particular school facility. The equipment and supplies are valuable for teaching purposes to supplement our standard curriculum.

  • Scientific instruments in working order (microscopes, telescopes, oscilloscopes, etc.)
  • Demonstration equipment (physics, optics, robotics, magnets, etc.)
  • Laboratory equipment and containers, glass or plastic (beakers, test tubes, flasks, etc.)
  • Chemicals (currently approved for classroom use)
  • Clean aquarium/terrarium equipment
  • Live specimens (healthy animals that meet county and state regulations)

Sport & Fitness Equipment

Fairfax County Public Schools accepts donated sports and fitness equipment provided they meet acceptable specifications. Sports and fitness equipment must be in good condition and meet FCPS safety and instructional requirements. We cannot repair broken equipment or accept anything requiring us to purchase parts. Sports and fitness equipment can be very heavy and FCPS may not be able to pick up and deliver some items.

Technology (computers, laptops, printers, monitors, etc...)

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) accepts donated computing devices provided that they meet an acceptable specification regardless of whether donated centrally or to a particular school facility and are in working order.

Per Notice 5961 under the School Board Policies, Notices, and Regulations for the current technology standards:


These standards establish the minimum acceptable specifications for donated computing devices:

  • Manufacture date must be no more than two (2) years prior to the date of the donation.
  • FCPS only accepts Windows and iOS-based computing devices.
  • The following products are acceptable: Windows based laptop and desktop computers capable of running Windows 10 and Wi-Fi only iPad models with the lightning connector. FCPS does not accept the donation of iPads that require 3G or 4G mobile network access.
  • For Windows devices, FCPS requires the transfer of the Windows operating system license.
  • FCPS does not accept Apple laptops, desktops, or servers.

Please note:  If an item is not acceptable for FCPS use, the donor may be referred to the VA STAR program.  VA STAR is a program of the Foundation for FCPS.  

Vehicles (cars and truck, boats, planes)

Fairfax County Public Schools accepts vehicles for both instructional purposes and for the Student Auto Sales (SAS) program. SAS, sponsored by the Foundation for Applied Technical Education (FATE), refurbishes used vehicles for sale to the public. Proceeds benefit student competitions, scholarships, and the automotive technology program.
Minimum requirements for all vehicle donations:

  • Original title (proof of ownership) and keys must be provided.
  • Towing service is not provided.

Drop offs are not permitted unless pre-approved by the teacher.

Exceptions may be requested by contacting the vehicle donations coordinator at 703-714-5526.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about donating to FCPS.

Durable Good Donations

FCPS accepts donations of items (new or gently used) in the categories above.

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Monetary Donations to FCPS

The Foundation for FCPS is the philanthropic arm of the school system and accepts monetary gifts from the community on behalf of FCPS.
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