IS 710: Request for Alternative Instructional Material

A Virginia law passed in spring 2022 requires schools to create a policy for parental notification of sexually explicit content/materials. In December 2022, the School Board adopted FCPS Policy 3290: Parental Notification Regarding Instructional Materials with Sexually Explicit Content

Existing policies in FCPS have been in place for many years regarding:

  • The review of instructional materials.
  • Communication with parents.
  • Options for alternative instructional materials.

An expectation of this new policy is the 30-day parental notification requirement of sexually explicit content in instructional materials assigned or selected by teachers. Parents or caregivers will receive notification through eNotify or the U.S. mail. After reviewing the notification letter, parents or caregivers who prefer to choose alternative instructional materials for their child must submit the form below to the appropriate teacher within the 30-day notification window