EL Support Process for College Board Testing

Understand the FCPS process to request EL supports for College Board tests

The content on this page provides information about the Fairfax County Public Schools process for requesting College Board EL testing supports, including the parent/guardian input form and consent form. This information is included as Enclosures 4-6 in the SAT School Day testing notification letters shared with parents and guardians in June.

Note: If you wish to request EL testing supports for the SAT School Day, an input form and consent form are required as part of the FCPS EL support process for College Board testing. 

Submit requests for EL Testing Supports during the Fall 2024 SAT School Day by August 5, 2024.

Forms for the EL Supports Process

FULL TEXT: Enclosure 4 - EL Supports Process for College Board Testing

Enclosure 4 - EL Supports Process for College Board Testing

To Parents and/or Guardians of English Learners:

English learners (ELs), as defined by federal and state policy, are eligible for testing supports on the SAT School Day assessment. College Board EL supports are different from Standards of Learning (SOL) EL testing accommodations. Information about eligibility for EL testing supports is available on the College Board website (https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/educators/k-12/english-learner-supports). Please note that EL supports are not available for the PSAT/NMSQT. 

Unlike testing accommodations for students with disabilities, EL supports are temporary and can only be used on the test date for which they have been requested. The school may not provide EL supports without consent from you and your student. Parents/guardians must give their input and consent to the school by August 5, 2024, using the forms enclosed here. 

Below you will find information on possible College Board EL supports. As you and your student consider which EL support(s) may be appropriate for the SAT School Day, please keep in mind the following:

If you would like to request College Board EL support(s) for your student, follow these three steps.

  1. Complete the EL Supports Input Form (Enclosure 5)
    • Circle the support(s) in the list that you would like to request for your student;
    • Initial and date at the bottom of the form to confirm your input;
  2. Complete the EL Supports Request Consent Form (Enclosure 6)
    • Write in your student's name, school, and date of birth;
    • With your student, sign and date to verify your consent for release of records to the College Board;
  3. Return copies of both forms to the high school by August 5, 2024. 

After receiving your forms, school staff will review your request and contact you if there are any questions about your selected EL support(s). 

Please contact your student's high school at ___________________ if you have questions about EL supports for SAT School Day or wish to discuss the request process. 

When returning the EL support input and consent forms (Enclosures 5 and 6), send or deliver to:

       ATTN: ______________________________

       _________________________ High School


       ____________________, VA  ___________

FULL TEXT: Enclosure 5 - EL Supports Input Form for College Board Testing

Enclosure 5 - EL Supports Input Form for College Board Testing

The College Board English learner (EL) supports listed below apply to the SAT School Day test and are available only to English learners, as identified under state and federal policy. If you would like the school to request College Board EL support(s) for your student:

  • Circle the EL support(s) below that you would like requested;
  • Initial and date at the bottom of this form to confirm your input;
  • Return this form along with Enclosure 6 to the high school by August 5, 2024.

College Board EL supports are different from SOL EL testing accommodations. Review the notes below to understand implications for testing. The College Board website provides additional explanations of how EL supports are implemented (https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/educators/k-12/english-learner-supports).

SAT School Day EL Supports

Adjust the presentation of test directions, manner in which students respond to test items, and/or the scheduling of the test:

  • Translated test directions
  • Use of bilingual word-to-word glossaries
  • 50 percent extended time 1


  1. Extended time: Students must stay the entire amount of time for which they are approved. They cannot leave early, and they cannot move onto the next test section until the allotted time has passed, even if they finish the section early. Students will not be able to participate in the school's early dismissal on test day. 


Parent/Guardian Confirmation of Selected EL Supports:

By initialing, I confirm that I would like the high school to request the College Board EL Supports circled above after considering my student's needs in relation to the information available about the SAT School Day test. 

    Parent/Guardian Initials: ________________   Date: __________________

FULL TEXT: Enclosure 6 - EL Supports Request Consent Form for College Board Testing

Enclosure 6 - EL Supports Request Consent Form for College Board Testing

The College Board


Consent Form for Request for English Learner (EL) Supports


Student’s Name: _______________________________________________

School Name: _____________________________________________________

School AI Code: ____________________________

Student’s Date of Birth: _________________________________________

I wish to use certain testing EL support(s) provided by my school as part of the 10/9/2024 SAT School Day administration.


Student and Parent/Guardian Signature

I wish to apply for EL Testing Support(s) on the SAT School Day due to my status as an English Learner.  I authorize my school: to release to the College Board copies of my records that document my need for EL Supports; to release any other information in the school's custody that the College Board requests for the purpose of determining my eligibility for EL Supports on College Board tests; and to discuss my English Learner status and support needs with the College Board. I also grant the College Board permission to receive and review my records, and to discuss my status and needs with school personnel and other professionals. I understand that EL Supports are only available for PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and SAT School Day at this time.

Student’s Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ____________

Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________________ Date: ___________

(Parent/guardian signature is required if Student is under 18.)


Instructions to the School

Unless you have been specifically advised by your state that this consent form is not needed, this form must be completed and kept on file at the school when a request for EL Supports on the SAT School Day is submitted to the College Board for the purposes of the 10/9/2024 SAT School Day administration. For each student for whom EL Supports have been requested, a copy of this form bearing the signatures of the student and parent/guardian must be obtained by the school. The school should maintain the completed, signed form with the student’s records. The signed form does not need to be sent to the College Board, but the school should indicate in Student Information Confirmation page of the EL Supports request application that a signed form is on file.


Copyright College Board

Copied and translated with permission by Fairfax County Public Schools

PRINTABLE PDF TRANSLATIONS: College Board EL Support Process, Input Form, and Consent Form

Printable PDF translations of the process and forms needed to request College Board testing English learner supports

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