December 2 Feedback on Proposed McLean HS Boundary Adjustment

Langley High School Meeting


What areas should be considered for the boundary adjustment?

Focus on split feeder elementary schools first. (Colvin Run/Spring Hill/Franklin Sherman)

Franklin Sherman and Chesterbrook ES given their proximity to Langley mitigating transportation (time & safety). Commitment in 1980s to Shouse Village and surrounding neighborhoods when switched from Langley to McLean that it would be the last time.

Option A – Colvin Run & Spring Hill

Tysons growth in Spring Hill ES boundary
OK with A, B, C but start planning an expansion of MHS
Another scenario to add: Area south of Langley (physically closer for short bus ride) could move (FSES, Chesterbrook)

Franklin Sherman – catchment area off Dolley Madison – Ramshorn, Bent Twig, Potomac School Road area.

Areas to consider: Colvin Run, Spring Hill, Timber Lane (to Marshall), Franklin Sherman (to Langley)

Scenarios appear to provide immediate relief to McLean HS overcrowding

Consider elementary schools that are not already being split in 2 middle schools (Chesterbrook & Franklin Sherman

Scenario A seems the most reasonable, though wonder if there isn’t a closer option (Reston?) for those areas
Could south of Route 7 go to Marshall?

How about moving Evermay (N of Georgetown Pike & 123 – Eastern)?
Move Timer lane, consolidate Lemon Road and Westgate to Marshall.
Consider Falls Church area south of Route 7: to move to Marshall/Falls Church

Nobody (students/parents) wants a boundary adjustment; other options should be considered (even split feeders say no).

Option A is the preferred option because B or C splits up Colvin Run even more.

Why are you not considering Franklin Sherman – it is also a split feeder and used to go to Langley. Much closer.

Boundary – radius from school, distance/time on bus

Open enrollment
Magnet programs at each school
Bond referendum to refurbish/expand McLean HS

Scenario A (interim) – plus another high school in the western part of the county (Great Falls?)

What are the strengths of changing the boundary?

More cost effective than new build or school.
Safer and better environment than trailers. 
Potential to improve bus/transport time

Relieve overcapacity, kids are not split from friends

Alleviates over capacity at McLean
Helps keep programming at Langley
Scenario A provides best relief

•    Balance the numbers
•    Prefer scenario B

No strengths – insufficient data to make arbitrary considerations. Geographic-based “proposed” boundaries are completely unsupported by data. Bad, rushed process!

Balancing HS capacity
Keep elementary peer groups together through education

Removing Split feeders

Even out capacity (more elbow room)

•    Most fair for the most children
•    Contiguous district lines
•    Could also provide capacity relief for Longfellow MS
•    Cost avoidance of adding more students to McLean HS (if there is even space?) Trailers 

None. It is forced when there are better options for a band-aid fix.

No overcrowding at McLean
Pyramid schools would stay together
Closer/shorter bus ride for some

What are the challenges of changing the boundary?

Kids locked into current sports activities, etc.
Communities wanting to stay together.
Leaving room for growth; projections can be wrong or ignored.
Transportation – overcrowded buses; bus and riving routes/risk; kids/new drivers on longer routes; $$ spent on SLEEP study/revisions

Growth continues – so limited value to rezoning

•    Impacted families: changes in friends, schedules, etc…
•    Hard to review proposals without other impact data
•    Buses/routes
•    How many students are impacted by each change?
•    County growth plan/zoning plan
•    Facilities proposals (alternates)

Ping-ponging” neighborhoods on “edge” that have historically been shifted. When Langley grows to capacity, these same neighborhoods will be at risk again.

•    Transportation (cost, time considerably longer – 50 mins vs 25 minutes, safety)
•    Disruption for current students at formidable age – sports, activities, academics
•    Timing of this decision is rushed (e.g., current kids will have chosen electives before decision made)
•    Unfavorable boundary change will affect some children twice (Colvin Run – Longfellow – Langley) – only addressing high and not middle school. Longer term solution needed vs. short-term disruption!

Middle School/High School same track for all students

Accuracy of enrollment projections 
Social impact of not adjusting middle school boundaries
Transportation (however already on bus)

Transportation, potentially longer bus rides, may defeat purpose of eliminating split feeder at CR/SH if kids don’t also move to Cooper
Longer bus ride
**Adjustment for kids (current high schoolers)
Home value changes

Biggest hurdles:
•    Commute
•    Socio-economic disparity
•    Drugs/alcohol at LHS

Population growth in Tysons – pyramid-wide issue
This is a short term solution since Langley only has capacity for McLean’s current issue
Route 123 is backed up every morning with traffic avoiding I-66 tolls. Also, Georgetown Pike is limited to one road for access.

Increased time on bus from Wolf Trap area (18 mins to 50+ mins each way)
Kids changing mid-career (prefer to grandfather all current students) – hard to integrate into sports, clubs, etc.
Possible for class sizes at Langley getting too big (and not enough parking)
If this goes too fast, class registrations and sports teams start in spring – could introduce issues plus teacher hiring in August (not ready)

What else would you like FCPS to know?

Grandfather ALL current McLean HS students
What are the transportation costs for each scenario? 
How will future growth be accounted for? Don’t want to be short-sighted and have both MSH and LHS over capacity in a few years.
Provide attendance projections of each scenario for the next 10-20 years.
Concern:  How does this impact AA students who are already moving at elementary and middle school to centers? 

Our concerns: Switch should be made at middle schools, not high school! Once they start at MHS, they should be allowed to stay (give them a choice). Making SHES and CRES single feeders makes sense (scenario A). Start bottom up (ES to MS) and allow current students to grandfather into their HS choice, based on their MS experience. GRANDFATHER – OFFER CHOICE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please make a choice as soon as able (registration for classes, teachers, etc)
Our Questions: WHEN? Will there be grandfathering? Will rising freshmen have choices? Why is there no IB option for these kids? (Marshall overcrowded and not accepting applications) Will Cooper handle these changes? 

•    Who is pushing for boundary change?
•    Can open enrollment be considered for overcrowding? By pupil; by family; by choice
•    What are the long term solutions for McLean? Addition; modular? Expansion? *Use the proffer money that was supposed to go to McLean!
•    What is the planed consideration of new construction? 
•    Has property value been considered? 


•    Don’t rush this decision
•    How are you going to accurately count the student population?
•    Be thoughtful and flexible about grandfathering high schoolers
•    Why are elementary schools closer (Chesterbrook ES) to Langley (in McLean) not being considered for re-districting??
•    Scenario A seems really aggressive and will likely lead to a reverse overcrowding issue
•    How are the middle schools being factored into this? 

Franklin Sherman & Chesterbrook (close to Langley) remain in McLean in every scenario
Extended commutes for Colvin Run (30 mins)
Long term population growth mapped? Or, will we re-district again in 5-10 years because this is “Langley under, McLean over at present”
Vote on McLean HS expansion for long-term solution
Vote in May is too late for fall 2020
Class selection by March, spring sports practices for fall sports, etc. 
What is it? Only juniors and seniors or all current high school students? Or, are you planning to move everyone? 
NO responsible School Board moves juniors, seniors without their consent. 

•    Modular at McLean could relieve capacity
•    New renovation for McLean (planned for 2014 – what happened?)
•    This change should consider LONG TERM too – more schools? Don’t “ping pong” neighborhoods, it’s not fair – more additions?
To do:
Survey families impacted
Add scenario for FSES and Chesterbrook to move

What are the number of students moving in each scenario? A=371, B=?
What is the 5-year and 10-year enrollment projection for each scenario?
Why not have Tysons students go to Marshall HS?

Transportation: What are the transportation pros and cons of each scenario?
What is the long-term solution(s) for dealing with the growth in Tysons and McLean? Because it will push out existing Langley families…
Are the 120+ homes Towlston & 7 (new homes) included in any of these scenarios? 

Must grandfather rising seniors (possibly juniors) 
Must look at #s
Evermay community is part of Langley
Keep students in the same pyramid (i.e. change middle school also)
Advance MHS in the CIP

Relieve capacity pressure on McLean (16 trailers, not enough bathrooms) 
Re-instate the IB program at Marshall to be made available to McLean HS
Create specialty programs at Langley to attract students to self-select same for Falls Church IB/Language/Tech Schools)

1.    Allow rising middle school students to attend the middle school that feeds their assigned high school to build community and make friends
2.    Allow rising juniors and seniors to be grandfathered to stay at McLean
3.    Ensure Langley HS reaches critical benchmarks for funding/capacity use for full elective staffing and facility use and specialty classes like Russian.
4.    Make boundary decisions with population planning timeline of 10 years minimum
5.    Consider time and traffic patterns for bussing, events, competitions and after school activities
6.    Inquire/survey neighborhoods to determine preference for school?

•    Feels like this process is being pushed through.   Too late – HS students are already planning schedules for next year [sports teams are already forming for 2020-21]
•    Lead time should be longer – knee-jerk reaction to lack of long term plans
•    The number of students in the projected areas is approximately 150. This will not alleviate crowding at McLean.
•    How will the boom in housing/economy affect attendance? (infill subdivisions, new subdivisions & increased constructions)
•    Make changes for elementary school aged kids to alleviate current overcrowding - offer options for students to move. Recognize that moving kids with short notice is not desirable. Open enrollment and/or grandfathering current students. 
•    From a transportation perspective, consider moving students from Evermay, Salona Village, Ballatrae Farms

Of 3 scenarios, what is projected balance/#s of each school/scenario
Consider long term solution. One that won’t need to be reconsidered soon. Tysons development = more students coming
Collocated HS catchment areas
Is it a long term, durable solution in light of development in Tysons
Tysons HS (city school)
**What will it take to put McLean HS on renovation plan? Currently “no plan”
What methods are FCPS/Board using to project future student #s for McLean HS based on development 
What are plans for building western HS magnet school?
Addition of STEM (in addition to TJ)

Revised the accuracy of FCPS population projections first, before committing millions of dollars based on them, before changing boundaries
Solutions can’t be short term! Colvin Run doesn’t want to be ping ponged between schools every few years
How can we have confidence in FCPS projections on student population per school?
Allow kids who want to stay at McLean to stay and finish their high school career
Rezoning decision must be made by June!! August is too late.

Why are we only talking about re-zoning? Provide other options, e.g., expand MHS, reduce housing growth, get developers to contribute to infrastructure development (schools)
Can’t rip apart community. Preserve social-academic groups
Significant increase commute. Toll Road vs. Georgetown Pike
Not OK = Colvin Run – Longfellow – Langley. Small % destroys sense of community
When will MHS be renovated?
Consider “open enrollment” choice
Have you done the analysis of how Tyson’s growth (and downtown McLean growth and Covance development) will impact MHS now and in the future?
Ensure analysis does not result in moving kids out of Langley
Need to include “grandfather in” kids & siblings (7th to 12th grade – no one should need to leave a school once they’ve started)
Survey McLean families to see how many would voluntarily switch

Option C doesn’t make sense, it creates a discontinuous zone on the west to McLean High.
Is there transportation time estimation from the new zone to the Langley? Is there a limit on the bus time?
Why not consider moving boundary in areas where students would have a shorter walk/ride to high school?
Why not consider McLean downtown area? Why all to the west? 
Consider every area – not just western islands!

How many numbers of students in each yellow area for each option?
Why not look at closer locations to Langley (e.g. Franklin Sherman/Chesterbrook)
Focus seems to only be west, not east
Split feeding not a concern
Why not consider Falls Church feeding to Marshall
Would like to know # of students today and future (3-5 years) in elementary schools coming up. These #s more important in my mind
What are the boundaries of the Dranesville IA Small Tax District and where do they overlap McLean HS and Langley HS
Grandfathering for current enrolled students should be an option
Option for students in “zone” to choose McLean/Langley

Renovate MHS
Keep elementary together – limit split feeders
Need to change middle schools too – emotional impact on students
Must grandfather in current high school students
What are the population #s for each scenario?
Students should stay with peer group
Account for future growth of Langley and plan for an addition to McLean HS

•    How will grandfathering be determined (i.e., prefer phase-in starting with 9th grader)
•    Will the kids that play sports have a choice of moving or not?
•    Will the modular relocate to McLean HS?
•    We found discrepancy between total # of students at SH/CR provided by FCPS staff tonight (371) and information provided to McSPACES by Longfellow

Make major roads the boundaries.
What’s going to happen in the next 2 to 3 years?
A parent should not have to move their child, they should have an option
The scenarios do not make sense. 300 kids is too many to move.
If any change, it should be down Old Dominion, make Salona Village down through Ballantrae the Langley HS zone.
Try to keep ES kids going to the same middle school.
Some kids really don’t think overcrowding is an issue.
How are we going to consider families being separated? Are siblings going to be grandfathered?
Scenario C does not make sense. Scenario B kind of makes sense.
How many kids will have to be moved? 
How will we monitor capacity at Langley, and what happens if Langley becomes overcrowded? 

Specifically, students of Chinese 7A and 8B at Longfellow MS must be allowed to continue to Chinese II and beyond at either:
1.    McLean HS (which was the assumption; or
2.    Langley HS. Langley’s website does not mention that it offers Chinese, but I’ve recently been informed that Langley will offer Chinese. 
Failure to allow Longfellow MS students to continue taking Mandarin at either McLean HS or Langley will preclude them from moving beyond basic Chinese, preclude language credit, and essentially flush two-years of Chinese study. The Fairfax Academy is NOT a viable alternative --- it’s logistically much too difficult and time consuming. 

Missing data: # of kids affected in each option
When will they move? If already in school, don’t move
Give kids option for 7th grade and above
Consider whether redistricting splits middle school (make mandatory)
Instead of fixed boundary changes, consider open enrollment scenarios to provide flexibility for McLean residents.
Changes to McLean/Langley boundaries should be limited to resolving overcapacity at McLean and should have no impact on current boundaries affecting Great Falls

1.    Middle School consideration – don’t create split middles schools.
2.    Open enrollment for anyone in McLean to go to Langley. Including those in Longfellow and rising 7th graders so they keep their friends. Good 1st option.
3.    Can we get the #s of students for each area?
4.    Transportation issues -  across Route 7 – Georgetown Pike, etc. Long bus rides.
5.    Grandfather all current McLean students and middle schoolers.
6.    Is the modular going in to McLean next year? How does that change capacity %?
7.    Why did Langley get expanded when # are decreasing? McLean needed it.

Existing MHS students finish at MHS
Middle school students attend middle school that feeds to same high school as peers
Is this a long-term solution?
Kids shouldn’t pay the price for planning failures of the School Board 
Grandfather existing students – grades 9-12
How will transition for students be handled?
How will the increased housing (Towlston Road 150 new homes; Tysons area condos, etc) play into the proposed changes of boundaries? Boundary change now, and then another based on above named real estate developments? 

Due to growth we need a new school anyway – tax new construction for new schools
**Fairfax County should be required to plan for school growth to approve building plans for new construction

•    Should the possible creation of a new Western Fairfax High School affect this decision?
•    Which routes will the new Langley students travel to get to school? Are those routes already heavily trafficked? 

•    Accurate accounting for families in new multifamily construction. 

What is your long term plan? Tyson’s explosive growth, but only elementary school planned….we need better LONG TERM solution?
When is the final vote? Current high school students pick classes in early spring…
Timeline is too fast. How will you hire enough teachers that quickly? To cover 300+ kids?

1.    What are the capacity projections associated with each scenario?
2.    What are the long-term solutions for growth in the region? 
a.    Expansion of McLean?
b.    New location/high school
3.    Are other options on the table?
a.    Open enrollment
b.    Lottery system
4.    When do scenarios go into effect?
a.    Grandfather all current students and families
b.    Rolling
5.    Maintaining comparable quality schools in any boundary adjustment
6.    Scenarios only outline elementary feeders. Need to give us 8th grade #s to see REAL impact for 2020-21.

Allow students to remain at their school if they have already started. Not just seniors. 
Don’t split families between 2 high schools at the same time.
The route from Colvin Run to Langley is treacherous for student drivers. Don’t move them. 
Concerned about impact on Langley HS Russian program for transfer students. 

1.    End split feeders: Colvin Run, Spring Hill
2.    Also change middle school: Colvin Run-Cooper-Langley, Spring Hill-Cooper-Langley
3.    Increase capacity at McLean through renovation
4.    Do not move any existing Langley High feeder students
5.    Recommend Option A or B. Option C is not advisable. 
6.    Grandfather families/students – give a choice.
7.    Franklin Sherman?

1.    Density – what is the # of students in the areas proposed for change? Need #s to make sure proposed changes make sense. 
2.    Grandfather in existing students? Will they still have transportation?
3.    Future ramifications for students currently zoned for Langley but now in middle or elementary school? [Parents bought homes to be Langley][How does it affect all schools in Falls Church]
4.    Growth in Tysons – high rises mean the problem will escalate.
5.    Build new school near Tysons. 

When would change?
Can Cooper handle extra students and is that being considered for CRES and SHES kids?
Are you accounting for new development on Route 7 (SFH) & Tysons (apt/condo)?
Is Marshall or Madison an option for MHS relief?
If don’t change middle school – what is the social impact?
Did you consider other geography – like neighborhoods within walking distance of LHS?
Total # attending split feeder islands at Longfellow and Cooper.
Have you considered allowing kids to voluntarily choose to move to Langley as long as there are open seats?
Why is Marshall not an option?
Why were these McLean High School islands created?
Is there a new high school for Tyson’s considered? Why? 
Are other high school expansions planned?
What is the timeline?
What are the housing types in these areas? Will they grow more?
Where is the largest McLean High School growth coming from? Will it continue?

•    Has there been a traffic study done? (winding, narrow roads, further distance)
•    Has there been consideration to move students already geographically closer to Langley?
•    What is the long term plan? This seems like a “quick fix.”
•    Will these same neighborhoods be re-zoned again as population continues to grow?
•    Why is the Board not adjusting the entire district? (domino effect)
•    Any current student, regardless of LHS or MHS, should be grandfathered through graduation.
•    Is there any potential for an addition to McLean HS?

1.    Priority in changing from MHS to Langley should focus on the areas with most recent growth. They do not have the family and history with MHS that current families have. 
2.    Sense of community for those near to MHS!
3.    Maximize potential for students who can walk. Avoid busing students who don’t need it. 
4.    We need to build and invest in MHS. Expand and renovate!!
5.    We vote for Scenario A, or a scenario that does not break up the core McLean community.
6.    Make one boundary change. Don’t make incremental changes that will not solve the issue long term. 
7.    Don’t change students currently enrolled where they are. 
8.    Tell us when MHS will be renovated?
9.    Could you build another high school for Tysons area as it continues to grow? 
10.    Why are we not looking to Vienna schools?
11.    Can we also look at the McLean HS boundaries at Lee Highway? Transportation costs? 

Further Information Needed:
•    What are numbers of students in scenarios B and C – would that alone balance 
•    Bus ride times – how much longer
•    When will McLean HS be scheduled for a renovation. Why if it is older is it not on schedule. 
•    Are MS boundaries also moving?
•    Will redistricting remove trailers from MHS?
•    What is the long-term plan?
•    Why not Franklin Sherman? Still split feeder?
•    Is there a plan for a HS in Tysons? If so, what students?
•    What is timeline? When would 1st vote? When 1st students moved? 

1.    What to do with legacy families within potential boundary change areas? (grandfathering existing students (McLean))
2.    Add open enrollment – how can this impact overcrowding at McLean without any boundary changes?
3.    Further boundary study and provide other alternatives.
4.    Review assumptions in forecast and ensure proper sensitivity variables considered. Allow for forecast under-estimation.
5.    Remain cognizant of real estate impacts of boundary decisions.
6.    Only boundary changes should be between McLean and Langley
7.    Consider longer term options now for increases in Tysons. 

What is the timeline for changes? Will it impact those already in HS? Will it impact siblings? Does Cooper MS have capacity for extra 400 students? 
•    Langley keeps programs while at capacity
•    McLean less crowded
•    Ending splitter elementary schools, kids stay together
•    Traffic, especially 193 (1 hour commute)
•    Moving kids during HS/interrupt friends and sports/activities
•    Teachers, and teachers with children (shift their jobs)
•    Lose counselors & admin for McLean
•    Greatest negative is to middle school students
Other information to know:
•    Can you increase capacity at McLean?
•    What are population growth projections for Tysons area/new developments?
•    We like Plan C, but does it get enough population change? 

1.    Why are the elementary schools assigned to McLean HS, are not in consideration for boundary adjustment? Schools closer in proximity to Langley (Franklin Sherman/Chesterbrook ES)
1.    The proposed ES for the change will create more travel time for buses and high school drivers. Safety.
2.    Proposed changes seem temporary and not long-term and countywide solutions. 

•    Some capacity should be left open at Langley HS
•    Would you choose 1 or 2 of the split feeders to move?
•    Spring Hill ES is overcrowded. Also, has a turnover rate of 1/3 of the ES every year now since development began in Tysons. Funding is down. It is hard to maintain a neighborhood community with this much turnover. Students and teachers are impacted. 

Grandfather – let kids who start finish
Consider letting families volunteer to move from McLean to Langley at least short-term until cohesive plan developed.
Let families who want to stay, provide own transportation as short-term solution with grandfathering.
Why is this an urgent issue, seems like communities are being taken out of normal process and timeline due to long-term inaction, not actual urgency. 

It would benefit Colvin Run 6th graders if they all went to Cooper, and then Langley, rather than sending such a small number to Longfellow.
Is there a transition period for these changes?
Concerns about the transportation routes between Colvin Run and Langley (i.e., small roads or toll road). This concern is for buses, parent pick-up, and upper-class driving students. 

1.    Facilities said Westbriar feeds to Madison and Marshall? Moving the Westbriar Island?
2.    Scenarios – split feeders
a.    Westbriar/Colvin Run/Spring Hill
i.    Projections – each school
ii.    No change for walkers
iii.    Grandfathering?
iv.    Clean up Westbriar Island – operating efficiency
v.    Toll Bros Covance (?) – 100+ houses – administrative boundary change with approval of all district members and at large
b.    Colvin Run
i.    No change for walkers
ii.    Grandfathering?
c.    Spring Hill
i.    No change for walkers
ii.    Grandfathering?
3.    Use all open capacity at taxpayer funded sites efficiently and expeditiously. No lost opportunity costs. Resource allocation!
4.    Questions: Langley projections?

•    Middle schools should adjust boundary lines if high school lines adjust
•    With the tax money we pay, trailers are ridiculous (heating poor, leaking, student class change delay)
•    Langley is under capacity, yet is a palace. Currently overcrowded schools are as nice. The resources should be spent on making crowded schools better as well as the long term plan. 

•    If the HS boundaries are changed, do all current students (grade 9-12) need to change to new HS? Or, do they have option if they are upper-class (11th, 12th graders)?
•    If some students have choices to stay at MHS, are there buses for them to MHS?

•    Langley (with growth) will fill up faster and additional boundary change will be needed. Consider a longer plan with more data (please review apartment populations in Tysons that could move from McLean to Langley and change to socioeconomics). 
•    Consider the modular that was in the CIP for McLean to increase capacity while a more thoughtful and less rushed study is conducted. 

1.    Why not make a capital investment for modular classrooms at McLean HS?
2.    What is the status of new schools projected for Tysons Central?
1.    Children should grandfathered into/currently attending McLean HS
2.    Children should be grandfathered into/currently attending assigned middle schools

•    ES with smallest split percentage should be kept together.
•    ES should be clean feeders to HS
•    Current HS students should have choice of staying at McLean. All grades.
•    Westbriar currently at McLean should go to Marshall
•    We need another HS now

1.    How many students are in each scenario to be moved?
2.    Will students be grandfathered in if they want?
3.    What is the cutoff for Langley/McLean capacity?
4.    When will the new HS be built?

Option C – Doesn’t make sense, doesn’t fix the problem

•    Increase renovation for McLean
•    Publish currently enrollment numbers – might be affected by changes
•    Timeline information – current students have a great deal of anxiety over issues. Need a plan, quickly!
•    Grandfather info – needed.  

Grandfather current HS students
Invest capital funds to build out McLean HS for a permanent solution, in order to accommodate population fluctuations.