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The Office of School Support is made up of Region teams who support schools across the Division with a specific focus on equity and closing achievement gaps. Additionally, the Office of School Support leads the work of Project Momentum.

In collaboration with Region leaders, the Office of School Support (OSS) uses data to ensure human and fiscal resource support goes to schools demonstrating the most need.

OSS Region teams are comprised of highly trained curriculum experts who support K-12 teachers, collaborative teams (CT), and school leaders in the areas of:

  • Educational Specialist
  • Data Specialist
  • ESOL
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • MTSS
  • Science
  • Special Education

OSS works to build capacity in schools with a focus on best practices in instruction. OSS staff members facilitate job-embedded coaching and professional development, observe instruction and provide feedback and support teachers and collaborative teams to plan instruction, analyze assessments, and refine practices.

Further, OSS staff work collaboratively with professionals in the Department of Special Services (DSS), Instructional Services (IS), Information Technology (IT), and the Office of Professional Learning and Family Engagement (OPLFE) in order to ensure alignment in messaging, resources, and support to schools.