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In support of the superintendent, the deputy superintendent provides leadership and direction to FCPS’ schools and centers and direct supervision to several offices and programs, including:

  • Hearings Office: The Hearings Office conducts student disciplinary hearings and determines outcomes on behalf of the Division Superintendent; makes student disciplinary recommendations to the School Board and represents the Division Superintendent at School Board hearings; maintains records and data related to expulsion, exclusion, and reassignment recommendations and outcomes; decides suspension appeals; provides resource assistance and training to school-based and central office administrators; and conducts employee grievance hearings on behalf of the Division Superintendent.
  • Student Activities and Athletics Program: The Student Activities and Athletics Program is an integral part of the total elementary, middle, and high school education programs. Fairfax County Public Schools stresses the importance of providing a well-balanced activities program to augment the learning activities of the classroom. The student activities program is a progressive experience that prepares students for the challenges of adult life. Opportunities are provided at all levels and include participation in activities such as safety patrols, publications, student government, performing arts, honor societies, and special interest clubs, in addition to opportunities for student growth and enrichment through athletics.
  • Region Offices: The mission of the five Region offices is to ensure educational excellence, equity, and higher expectations for student achievement in a safe learning environment; provide leadership, direction, and accountability for student achievement, school effectiveness, and community relations; supervise, advise, evaluate, and hire principals; serve as a school-community liaison; and serve as a broker or advocate for the delivery of services to schools.