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Before the City of Fairfax became an independent city, it was a town in Fairfax County and the schools were part of the Fairfax County (FCPS) system.   When the town moved to city status in 1961, state law required that a local school board be organized to govern the schools.  

School Services Agreement was entered into with FCPS to continue to manage and operate the schools; the City School Board and Superintendent oversee this Agreement and are responsible for the management of the school buildings owned by the City.

Key Elements of the Schools Services Agreement

  • The Fairfax County School Board has administrative and operational control of City schools.
  • City students are educated predominately in City schools.
  • City and County School Boards meet annually.
  • City School Board members attend County School Board meetings.
  • City and County Superintendents consult, as needed, on topics to include: boundary changes, school closings, selection of principals, citizen participation, special community needs, non-school activities and complaints.
  • The City makes major capital improvements to City school buildings.
  • The County maintains City schools buildings and may make minor improvements.
  • The City uses school buildings for non-school activities that do not interfere with use for school purposes.