Benefit Considerations for FCPS Employees who are Divorcing

As you plan for the future, you may want to review your FCPS benefits:

  1. Consider updating your health and/or dental insurance.
    To remove your spouse from your health and/or dental insurance, you must complete and submit the Medical & Dental Enrollment and Change Form (HR-124) to the Office of Benefit Services along with a copy of the divorce decree (the first page and signature page). You must submit these documents to the Office of Benefit Services within 60 calendar days of your date of divorce/date divorce is finalized.
  2. You may also want to adjust your optional life insurance for your spouse and/or children at this time.
    You may also want to elect optional life insurance for your spouse and/or children at this time. For VRS members, you will need to complete the VRS-39 Form and send it to the Office of Benefit Services; we will complete the bottom of the form and mail it to Richmond for you. You will also need to complete the Evidence of Insurability Form (03-30567). Make a copy for yourself, and mail the original form directly to Minnesota Life. 

    Note: If you are currently enrolled in optional life insurance, you will need to complete the VRS-39A Form and send it to the Office of Benefit Services.

    FCERS members will need to complete the FCERS Life Insurance Form (HR-142) and send it to the Office of Benefit Services. You will also need to complete the Evidence of Insurability Form (VRS-32). Make a copy for yourself, and mail the original form directly to Minnesota Life.

    All life insurance forms can be found on the FCPS Benefits Forms website.
  3. Updating your beneficiary designations for life insurance, deferred income plans: 403(b) and 457(b), and retirement.
    As an FCPS employee, you may have more than one plan that requires beneficiary designations. To change your beneficiary for your life insurance or your retirement, visit the FCPS Changing Beneficiaries website. Complete the form(s) for the program that you would like to update the beneficiary.

    Note: If you participate in any tax deferral programs, your vendors will provide beneficiary change forms to you. We don’t keep those records here at Gatehouse; they are housed with the vendors you have elected to participate with.
  4. Reviewing your tax withholdings for state and/or federal taxes.
    You can change your withholding for federal income taxes through UConnect. Click on "Pay" then "Tax Withholding" to review your federal and state withholdings and make changes as appropriate. Follow the instructions to view/update your current withholdings. Your tax withholding change will be effective on the next available payroll cycle. If you have any questions, please email payrollhelp@fcps.edu.
  5. Changing your direct deposit information – you may change banking arrangements post marriage.
    You may sign up or change your direct deposit information by completing a new Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement Form (Form FS 73-12). Submit the completed form to the Office of Payroll Management. Please submit changes 30 days prior to when the change will be effective. If you are making a change because you are closing an old account, it is recommended that you wait until the first deposit has been made to the new account or financial institution prior to closing the old account.
  6. Providing FCPS with any name change information.
    If you have legally changed your name you should also officially change it with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to ensure that future wages and tax withholdings are correctly credited to your account. To officially update your name with FCPS please complete a Name and SSN Change (Form FS 73-02), and submit it to the Office of Payroll Management. Please include either a copy of your new Social Security card or receipt from the SSA to help ensure that FCPS’ records will exactly match the SSA’s records.
  7. Updating your contact information – both address and phone.
    FCPS maintains two addresses. The first is a primary/resident address that is your legal residence and is used to determine the appropriate jurisdiction for tax withholding. The second is a supplemental/mailing address for official communications such as pay advices and benefits open-enrollment information. For most employees, the same address is used for both. However, if you would like to receive your FCPS-related information at an address other than your primary/resident address you may submit a different supplemental/mailing address.

    To change one or both addresses, you may do so online via UConnect on the web. Click on "Personal Information" then select "My Address". If you need assistance, please contact the Payroll office at payrollhelp@fcps.edu or by calling 571-423-3500.