Preparing for Retirement

Your Health Benefits in Retirement

Health Care Benefits in Retirement

You and your dependents may continue your participation in FCPS medical and dental plans if you meet the eligibility requirements below.

At the time you retire, your health care insurance coverage will continue:

  • Through the end of August if you retire in June, July, or August.
  • Through the last month of employment if you retire in any other month.



In order to be eligible for FCPS medical and/or dental benefits in retirement, you must meet the following criteria;

  • Have been enrolled in the type of coverage (medical, dental or both) for sixty (60) consecutive months immediately prior to retirement;
  • Be eligible for normal, early or disability retirement benefits, and elect to commence your pension benefits at the time you terminate employment with FCPS;
  • Indicate your election to continue benefits prior to retirement; and
  • Elect Medicare Parts A and B, if you and/or your spouse are age 65 or older or are eligible for Medicare due to disability.

If you meet the above eligibility and choose not to enroll in the health plans by the effective date of your retirement, you and your dependents will not have the option to enroll as a retiree at a later date unless you are a DHO participant.


Aetna/Innovation Health Members

Aetna/Innovation Health is a preferred provider that uses the strengths of two organizations, Aetna and Inova Health Systems. In addition to Inova facilities, the plan has a strong national network of physicians, hospitals and ancillary health care providers. This plan is available to both non-Medicare and Medicare-eligible retirees.

CareFirst BlueChoice Advantage Members

When you retire and become Medicare-eligible due to age or disability, you can no longer participate in CareFirst BlueChoice Advantage. You will be required to enroll in the Aetna/Innovation Health or Kaiser Medicare Plus Plan (if you reside in Kaiser's Medicare service area).

Kaiser Permanente Members

Retired members of Kaiser Permanente must reside in the local service area to retain coverage with Kaiser Permanente. If you do not reside in Kaiser's service area (or Kaiser's Medicare service area), you must change plans in order to retain health care coverage with FCPS.

Other than the Kaiser service area rule, your health plan coverage as a retiree is identical to your coverage as an active employee until you become eligible for Medicare.

Visit the Kaiser website or contact Kaiser directly for more details.


Enrolling in Medicare

FCPS requires retirees and spouses who are eligible for Medicare to elect and maintain Medicare Parts A and B in order to maintain health coverage under an FCPS medical plan. This applies to retirees and spouses who will be turning age 65 as well as retirees or covered dependents who are eligible for Medicare due to disability.

If you are a CareFirst member, it is strongly recommended that you change plans during the Open Enrollment prior to you and/or your spouse's 65th birthday. Once eligible for Medicare, you will be required to switch to either Aetna or Kaiser, and you will not be able to transfer any money paid towards the deductible to your new plan.

To learn more about Medicare and your FCPS health benefits, please read "Becoming Eligible for Medicare."

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