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457(b) Plan Documents and Information on the Investment Committee

The 457 Investment Committee supports the FCPS deferred compensation 457(b) Plan. This plan was implemented in 2004 with six investment options, a stable value option and five mutual funds, representing a wide spectrum of core investment choices offering participants different levels of risk and return. The objective is to sponsor a plan that is relatively simple to understand, cost effective for the participants, offers core investment options and has minimal administrative involvement.

On a quarterly basis the Investment Committee reviews and evaluates each investment fund, net of fees, for performance criteria.The Investment Committee reviews the level of diversification between the investment options and the investment categories on an annual basis. The Committee may choose to add, change, or delete investment options as a result of this analysis. The Committee may terminate a fund at any time it deems that the fund no longer meets the investment objectives for the Plan and is no longer in the best interest of Plan participants.

The 457(b) Investment Committee consists of four members with the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources as the sole permanent member. Two members are other FCPS employees who hold positions at the Assistant Superintendent or Executive Director level. The fourth member must hold a senior position with another employer with duties involving the investment of defined benefit or defined contribution plan assets. 

Participants bear the risk and reap the rewards of investment returns that result from the investment options they select. The Investment Committee does not provide investment advice to participants or assist participants in selecting the funds in which to invest. The 457 Investment Committee operates according to the guidelines contained in the Statement of Overall Investment Objectives and Policy.

May 2020 - 1st Quarter Review

March 2020 - 4th Quarter Review

December 2019 - 3rd Quarter Review

September 2019 - 2nd Quarter Review

May 2019 - 1st Quarter Review

March 2019 - 4th Quarter Review

December 2018 - 3rd Quarter Review

September 2018 - 2nd Quarter Review

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