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Retiree Forms

  • ERFC3

    Form ERFC3 Direct Deposit Authorization

  • ERFC4

    Form ERFC4 Credit Union Deduction

  • ERFC9

    Form ERFC9 Federal and State Income Tax Withholding Form

  • ERFC15

    Form ERFC15 Request for Termination of Monthly Benefit

  • ERFC29B

    Form ERFC29B Name / Address Change Form for Retirees & Beneficiaries

  • ERFC31

    Form ERFC31 Authorization to Discuss Member Information

  • ERFC37

    Form ERFC37 Request for Mailed Delivery of Printed Pay Statements

Member Forms

Plan Documents, Strategic Plan and Statement of Investment Policy

  • ERFC Plan Document

    This document applies only to persons who entered Eligible Employment before July 1, 2001

  • ERFC 2001 Plan Document

    This document applies only to persons who entered Eligible Employment after June 30, 2001

  • ERFC Regulations

    Pursuant to their authority under §§1.01(b) and 15.03 of the ERFC Plan Document and §§1.01(b) and10.03 of the ERFC 2001 Plan Document, the Trustees have adopted the following regulations to interpret and administer §§1.01 and 7.04 of the ERFC 2001 Plan Document pertaining to the calculation of Accumulated Contributions and the re-deposit of withdrawn contributions.

  • ERFC Benefit Restoration Plan

    The purpose of the Plan is to restore, through a non-qualified arrangement, the benefits lost by application of the limitation on annual benefits under Section 415(b) of the Code as applicable to governmental plans.

  • ERFC – Domestic Relations Orders Guidelines and Model

    A Domestic Relations Order (DRO) is a court-ordered equitable distribution of marital property that provides for a portion of a member’s retirement benefits to be paid to a former spouse. The ERFC’s Guidelines for the Development of Domestic Relations Order provide information on preparing a DRO and include a model DRO. View ERFC’s DRO Guidelines and model DRO here, or request a copy by contacting

  • ERFC Domestic Relations Orders (DRO) Regulations

  • ERFC Strategic Plan 2022-2024

  • ERFC Strategic Plan 2018-2021

    Manage the supplemental defined benefit retirement program in a manner that reflects best practices, pursues the intent of the Plan document, and complements the Virginia Retirement System and Social Security.

  • ERFC Statement of Investment Policy

    The educational employees' supplementary retirement system of Fairfax county statement of investment policy

  • ERFC Actuarial Valuation 2020

  • ERFC Actuarial Experience Study

    ERFC Actuarial Experience Study 2010-2014

  • ERFC GASB 67/68 Report

    ERFC GASB 67/68 Report as of June 30, 2017

ERFC Publications