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If you're a full-time educational, administrative, or support employee, ERFC is your supplemental defined benefit retirement plan. Your ERFC retirement benefit supplements the primary benefits you'll earn from the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) and Social Security.


You're a member of the ERFC 2001 Tier 2 Plan

Pension Fund Contribution
Members contribute 3% and FCPS 6.7%. ERFC grows these funds through investments
graphic showing 5 years needed to be vested
You only need 5 years to be vested
Graphic showing FCPS contributes 6.24 percent; employees contribute 3 percent
Your pension is a defined benefit that will never go away

Plan participation is mandatory for all eligible FCPS employees and you'll contribute 3% of your salary per paycheck. Once you've earned 5 years of vesting service, you'll be eligible for a lifetime retirement benefit.

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Take care of your loved ones 

Watch the video to learn why it's so important to name your pension beneficiary(ies) from day one!

Things to do

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Enroll in ERFC Direct
Once you've received your first paycheck, you'll be able to register and designate your beneficiaries. Click “Named Beneficiaries” on the left menu to complete the process.

myVRS Logo Establish online access to your Virginia Retirement System (VRS).

Learn about the VRS Hybrid Plan:

Mission Square Retirement

Contact your MissionSquare Retirement representative for information about your VRS Hybrid Plan defined contribution component or to increase your voluntary contribution:

Jinen Viswakula
[email protected]

Social Security Account Create a “my Social Security” account and view your statements.
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The FCPS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has financial experts who can assist with questions about retirement planning.
Get Vested
Stay 5 years with FCPS and get vested! It will give you the right to collect your second pension from ERFC on top of VRS.

ERFC 2001 Tier 2 Plan Forms and Documents

ERFC 2001 Tier 2 Plan Forms

·         Authorization to Discuss Member Information ERFC31

·         Beneficiary Designation ERFC1

·         Beneficiary Designation - Continuation ERFC1A

·         Benefit Payment Options - 2001 Plan ERFC25B

·         Durable Power of Attorney ERFC38

·         Name / Address Change Form for Inactive Members ERFC29A

·         Retirement Checklist for members ERFC41

ERFC 2001 Tier 2 Plan Documents

·         ERFC 2001 Plan Document 

·         ERFC 2001 Plan Handbook

·         ERFC 2001 Plan Brochure

Employee benefits questions?
Contact FCPS HR: [email protected]

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ERFC Ambassadors

Reach out to the ERFC member volunteers who act as ERFC plan resources for coworkers. Find your local Ambassador or volunteer to become one.