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If you worked for FCPS for 5 years or more and left your funds with ERFC, you might be a deferred vested member and be able to receive a pension when you reach your plan's retirement age.

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ERFC is a Defined-Benefit Pension Plan

ERFC is a defined-benefit retirement plan known as a pension, in which a specific amount is guaranteed for each participant for life after retirement. Generally, FCPS employees are automatically enrolled as members if they are a full-time educational, administrative or support employee and they are eligible for a retirement benefit after 5 years of service. ERFC retirement benefit supplements the primary benefits you will earn from the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) and Social Security. ERFC Contributions Chart


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Reach out to the ERFC member volunteers who act as ERFC plan resources for co-workers. Find your local Ambassador or volunteer to become one.
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Last name beginning with:

A-H please call: (571) 424-4059

I-P please call: (571) 369-3728

Q-Z please call (571) 488-2904