2024 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee, Finalists, and School Recipients

The Outstanding School-Based Operational Employees Recognized at FCPS Honors

The Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee Award recognizes school-based operational employees who have made unique and exceptional contributions to FCPS. Recipients demonstrate commitment and foster cooperative relationships with colleagues and the community. Any FCPS employee or community member may nominate an operational employee who is a Schedule A, Schedule H, or Classroom Instructional Support Scale Employee and has held their position for at least one full year for this award.

2024 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee 

Thelma R. Pemberton-AbbottThelma R. Pemberton-Abbott

Instructional Assistant
Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School, Region 3

Thelma was told on her first day in FCPS 25 years ago that her job was to "fill in the blanks." Each morning she stands at the door, gives each student a multiplication fact, and checks in with them as to how they are doing. At dismissal, she stands at the door, high-fives each student and tells them "be awesome" and now the students are telling her “be awesome” right back! She is known for being a pillar of support at Mount Vernon Woods, constantly asking other staff members how she can help lighten their load. She continues to fill in the blanks daily, and with a smile!

2024 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee 

Laura Cespedes MoraLaura Cespedes Mora

Administrative Assistant III
Fairfax County Adult High School, Non-Region

Since her first day at the Adult High School, Laura has made immediate connections with all staff and students. Her natural leadership and personality made Laura the main point of contact for everybody at the school. She is committed to building a caring and supportive culture and believes that treating and recognizing people individually will promote great results. She always finds a way to make a difference in everything, putting her heart in all she does and as she always says, “adding her own spice.” Students and staff members recognize Laura as a problem-solver, always happy to help others, constantly supporting ideas, and being flexible. Laura shared that working with and for families is her biggest passion. 

2024 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee

Miki Okada FryerMiki Okada Fryer

Public Health Training Assistant
Kings Park Elementary School, Region 4

Miki lives by the maxim "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." While Miki was working at a children's hospital as a physical therapist supporting children who had both physical and intellectual disabilities, she realized how meaningful and fulfilling working with children could be. Supporting children in the enhanced autism class at Kings Park Elementary School and helping them develop is the meaningful and rewarding experience she hoped she’d have. The students demonstrate to Miki their determination and love each day, which inspires her and motivates her to do her best for them. This is constantly reinforcing her resolve to live by that maxim.

2024 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Ji-Eun KastnerJi-Eun Kastner

Family Liaison
Oakton Elementary School, Region 1

Ji-Eun is Oakton Elementary School’s very own superhero. She transfers her power to each student as they enter school each day making them brave and willing to take on their educational challenges. One of her powers includes the ability to build strong connections between the student’s home and the school, helping new families adjust as they enter the Oakton Elementary School family. She leaps over cultural differences to build a supportive and welcoming environment and ensures that every family feels valued and empowered to actively participate in their child's educational journey. Ji-Eun works hard every day to ensure a successful future for the school, the community, and the students. 

2024 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Lan OngLan Ong

Building Supervisor
Chesterbrook Elementary School, Region 2

Lan is the point of contact for any situation at Chesterbrook, and she is so instinctual in her job that many things get done before they become an issue. When staff call on her to resolve a problem, she is already in the process of completing the job or putting in a work order. She builds positive relationships with students by getting to know them during lunch and teaching younger students where to put trash, recycling, and compost. Lan goes the extra mile often, such as applying her prior professional experience as a tailor to mend the school’s mascot costume and hem reusable towels. Her unwavering dedication to students and staff makes Chesterbrook a safe and welcoming place to learn. 

2024 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Magaly Perez-RivesMagaly Perez-Rives

Family Learning Center Coordinator
Lynbrook Elementary School, Region 6

As the founder of the Lynbrook Family Learning Center, Maggie fosters programs that encourage positive parent engagement and is the glue that binds all groups together. She plays a pivotal role in forming genuine and meaningful connections with families, students, staff, and community organizations. Serving as a human Rolodex about the school, families and teachers approach Maggie for anything from exploring resources to weekend snack bags. As the school’s interpreter, she is the bridge between parents and teachers. More than just translating language, her loving and down-to-earth manner puts any parent at ease. Through her service, advocacy and compassion, Maggie engages and empowers parents to be involved partners in their children's education.

2024 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Amy YohamAmy Yoham

Office Assistant
Brookfield Elementary School, Region 5

At Brookfield, the staff takes great pride in working to bring out the best in their students. Amy strongly believes that one of the most effective ways to foster strong student connections is by making families feel like they are a part of the school community. Amy makes an extra effort to establish a positive tone when working with families. Her goal is to always hear and understand what they are saying, and to make sure that their needs are met and issues are resolved. Amy says one of the best parts of her day is walking the younger students to class. Their stories are precious and honest and Amy considers those conversations to be valuable to them both.

2024 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee Finalists

2024 Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee School Recipients

  • Annandale High School
    • Rosario Carrasco - Family Liaison
  • Annandale Terrace Elementary School
    • Siew Ng - Instructional Assistant
  • Armstrong Elementary School
    • Sara Nance - Instructional Assistant
  • Bailey's Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences
    • Maria Demarest - Office Assistant*
  • Bailey's Upper Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences
    • Hanan Sarsaur - Instructional Assistant
  • Belvedere Elementary School
    • Mandy Belcher - Student Information Assistant
  • Bonnie Brae Elementary School
    • Kay Shallal - Instructional Assistant
  • Braddock Elementary School
    • Sherryanne Sooknanan - Administrative Assistant *
  • Brookfield Elementary School
    • Amy Yoham - Office Assistant*
  • Bryant Alternative Learning Center
    • Leslie Marquez - Administrative Assistant
  • Burke School
    • Ryan Krogel - Instructional Assistant
  • Bush Hill Elementary School
    • Mary Valad - Social Worker *
  • Camelot Elementary School
    • Beth Shalhoub - Instructional Assistant
  • Cameron Elementary School
    • Crystal Coleman - Applied Behavior Analysis Instructional Assistant
  • Canterbury Woods Elementary School
    • Maggie Sawaya - Instructional Assistant
  • Cardinal Forest Elementary School
    • Karen Stephens - Student Information Assistant
  • Carl Sandburg Middle School
    • Sarika Mehta - Office Assistant
  • Centreville Elementary School
    • Ebtesam Al Rikabi - Instructional Assistant
  • Chantilly High School
    • Linda Jencks - Instructional Assistant
  • Cherry Run Elementary School
    • Jennifer LeBlanc - Instructional Assistant
  • Chesterbrook Elementary School
    • Lan Ong - Building Supervisor*
  • Churchill Road Elementary School
    • Suba Khan - Instructional Assistant
  • Clearview Elementary School
    • Gaby Romoleroux - Family Liaison
  • Clermont Elementary School
    • Jessica Lopez - Custodian II
  • Coates Elementary School
    • Salma Elsaied Karrar - Instructional Assistant*
  • Colin Powell Elementary School
    • Anne Bonner - Instructional Assistant*
  • Columbia Elementary School
    • Lesli Bailey - Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
  • Cooper Middle School
    • Jan Ahearn - Finance Technician
  • Cub Run Elementary School
    • Christina Davis-Luczak - Instructional Assistant
  • Cunningham Park Elementary School
    • Hellen Cortez - Family Liaison*
  • Daniels Run Elementary School
    • Tammy Sparks - Instructional Assistant*
  • Davis Career Center
    • Walaa Amar - Public Health Training Assistant
  • Deer Park Elementary School
    • Evelyn Griselda Amaya - Instructional Assistant
  • Dranesville Elementary School
    • Angela Agana - Student Information Assistant
  • Eagle View Elementary School
    • Christina Perry - Administrative Assistant
  • Edison High School
    • Dianne Lewis - Administrative Assistant
  • Fairfax County Adult High School
    • Laura Cespedes Mora - Administrative Assistant III*
  • Fairfax High School
    • Ngoc Thanh Pham - Custodian I
  • Fairfax Villa Elementary School
    • Rodrigo Jackson - Instructional Assistant*
  • Fairhill Elementary School
    • Anne Kane - Office Assistant
  • Fairview Elementary School
    • Sarah Fuller - Student Information Assistant
  • Falls Church High School
    • Jaime Medina Yrhuay - Custodian II*
  • Flint Hill Elementary School
    • Maria Rodriguez - Family Liaison
  • Floris Elementary School
    • Hilda Manuella - Office Assistant
  • Forest Edge Elementary School
    • Yvanna Yearout - Student Information Assistant/Registrar
  • Forestdale Elementary School
    • Melissa Richardson - Instructional Assistant
  • Forestville Elementary School
    • Meaghan Stoner - Instructional Assistant
  • Fort Belvoir Primary School
    • Soli Rose - Administrative Assistant
  • Fort Belvoir Upper Elementary School
    • Brittany Sweede - Office Assistant
  • Fort Hunt Elementary School
    • Will Lundregan - Instructional Assistant
  • Franconia Elementary School
    • Holly Painten - Office Assistant
  • Franklin Middle School
    • Chennel Polhemus - Instructional Assistant
  • Frost Middle School
    • Mason Price - Instructional Assistant
  • Glasgow Middle School
    • Olga Fuentes - Building Supervisor
  • Great Falls Elementary School
    • Evelio Valladares Maradiaga - Building Supervisor*
  • Greenbriar East Elementary School
    • Tina Jones - Building Supervisor
  • Greenbriar West Elementary School
    • Sally Bippert - Office Assistant
  • Gunston Elementary School
    • Cassandra Baltimore - Administrative Assistant/Finance Manager*
  • Halley Elementary School
    • Nicole Kendall - Administrative Assistant
  • Haycock Elementary School
    • Elizabeth Shoemaker - Instructional Assistant
  • Hayfield Elementary School
    • Tammy Martin - Office Assistant
  • Hayfield Secondary School
    • David Abella - After-School Program Specialist
  • Herndon High School
    • Terri Gibson - Administrative Assistant
  • Herndon Middle School
    • Elizabeth Novelo - Office Assistant*
  • Hollin Meadows Elementary School
    • Rubia Rodriguez - Family Liaison
  • Holmes Middle School
    • Phuoc Nguyen - Custodian
  • Hunt Valley Elementary School
    • Ann Rodriguez - Student Information Assistant
  • Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences
    • Lamiaa Salama - Administrative Assistant
  • Interagency Alternative Schools
    • Lisa Dockins - Administrative Assistant
  • Island Creek Elementary School
    • Megan Dion - SPED Instructional Assistant
  • Justice High School
    • Robert Jimenez - Administrative Assistant I
  • Katherine Johnson Middle School
    • Emily Gardiner - Administrative Assistant II
  • Kent Gardens Elementary School
    • Sina Naeemi - Instructional Assistant
  • Key Center
    • Anastasia Kosmakos - Public Health Training Assistant
  • Key Middle School
    • Digna E. Flores Giron - Assistant Building Supervisor
  • Kilmer Center
    • Oumhani "Hanaa" Lamihi - Public Health Training Assistant
  • Kilmer Middle School
    • Giau Ngo - Building Supervisor
  • Kings Park Elementary School
    • Miki Okada Fryer - Public Health Training Assistant*
  • Lake Anne Elementary School
    • Jenifer Schultz - Instructional Assistant
  • Lake Braddock Secondary School
    • Alejandra Pena-Ulloa - Family Liaison
  • Langley High School
    • Chris Brown - Safety & Security Assistant
  • Langston Hughes Middle School
    • Ngoc Duan Huynh - Custodian
  • Laurel Hill Elementary School
    • Tricia Mascioli Santistevan - Office Assistant
  • Laurel Ridge Elementary School
    • Susan Sheftic - Instructional Assistant*
  • Lewis High School
    • Monique Murray - Finance Technician
  • Liberty Middle School
    • Morrise Queirolo - Civics Teacher*
  • Little Run Elementary School
    • Jorge Sanchez - Public Health Training Assistant
  • Longfellow Middle School
    • Jose Morales - Custodian II
  • Lorton Station Elementary School
    • Safia Hussein - Instructional Assistant
  • Louise Archer Elementary School
    • Kathy Cutri - Student Information Assistant
  • Luther Jackson Middle School
    • Deb Robertson - Administrative Assistant II
  • Lynbrook Elementary School
    • Magaly Perez-Rives - Family Learning Center Coordinator*
  • Mantua Elementary School
    • Susan Palomino - Office Assistant
  • Marshall High School
    • Prince Fosu - Assistant Building Supervisor*
  • Marshall Road Elementary School
    • Richard Childs - Building Supervisor
  • McLean High School
    • Margaret Ann Johnson - Instructional Assistant
  • McNair Elementary School
    • Maral Dayian - Instructional Assistant
  • Mosaic Elementary School
    • Jennifer Cohen - Instructional Assistant
  • Mount Vernon High School
    • Almaz Desta - Custodian I
  • Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School
    • Thelma Pemberton-Abbott - Instructional Assistant*
  • Navy Elementary School
    • Rama Kannan - Office Assistant
  • North Springfield Elementary School
    • Helvecia Veloso - Instructional Assistant
  • Oak Hill Elementary School
    • Wendy DeVight (Parry) - Dining Room Assistant
  • Oak View Elementary School
    • Mary Lalande - Office Assistant
  • Oakton Elementary School
    • Ji-Eun Kastner - Family Liaison*
  • Oakton High School
    • Patricia Strozier-Brown - Safety & Security Assistant
  • Olde Creek Elementary School
    • Rozina Naseem - Instructional Assistant
  • Poe Middle School
    • Melinda Laudermilk - Finance Technician
  • Providence Elementary School
    • Pam Wagner - Instructional Assistant
  • Ravensworth Elementary School
    • Ricardo Bermudez - Office Assistant
  • Riverside Elementary School
    • Patricia Ramirez Aguirre - Custodian
  • Robinson Secondary School
    • Chris Ann Evans - Administrative Assistant (HS)
    • Melanie Knowlton - Student Services Assistant (MS)
  • Rocky Run Middle School
    • Carol Cutler - Office Assistant
  • Rolling Valley Elementary School
    • Laura Vargas - Office Assistant*
  • Rose Hill Elementary School
    • Kate Pennington - Family Liason
  • Sangster Elementary School
    • Hung Park - Custodian
  • Saratoga Elementary School
    • Brenda Ferguson - Instructional Assistant
  • Shrevewood Elementary School
    • Misael Abrego Rodriguez - Building Supervisor I
  • Silverbrook Elementary School
    • Laura Haas Connelly - Instructional Assistant
  • Sleepy Hollow Elementary School
    • Abena Kyerewa - Building Supervisor
  • South County High School
    • Connie Gibson - Principal's Administrative Assistant*
  • South County Middle School
    • Belinda Martinez - Building Supervisor
  • South Lakes High School
    • Estela Argueta - Office Assistant*
  • Spring Hill Elementary School
    • Huan Tran - Custodian
  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology
    • Tanya Dirl-Holloway - Office Assistant
  • Thoreau Middle School
    • Anthony Paz - Instructional Assistant
  • Twain Middle School
    • Brandon Henry - Safety & Security Assistant
  • Union Mill Elementary School
    • Kimberly Glover - Instructional Assistant
  • Vienna Elementary School
    • Angela Bedoya - Public Health Attendant
  • Virginia Run Elementary School
    • Shannon Carlson - Kindergarten Assistant
  • Wakefield Forest Elementary School
    • Wendy Oliva - Custodian
  • Walt Whitman Middle School
    • Raquel Monterrosa Romero - Family Liaison
  • Waples Mill Elementary School
    • Roger Fernandez - Building Supervisor
  • Washington Irving Middle School
    • Konor Scott - Instructional Assistant
  • West Potomac High School
    • Tico Barclay - Building Supervisor*
  • West Springfield Elementary School
    • Nazifa Sediqi - Public Health Training Assistant
  • West Springfield High School
    • Maria Canas - Building Supervisor
  • Westfield High School
    • Araceli Manoatl - Family Liaison
  • Westgate Elementary School
    • Kathy Vargas Bonilla - Office Assistant
  • Westlawn Elementary School
    • Haydee Sanchez - Administrative Assistant
  • Weyanoke Elementary School
    • Yoana Alvarenga - Instructional Assistant
  • White Oaks Elementary School
    • Sam Ortiz - Preschool Autism Class Instructional Assistant
  • Willow Springs Elementary School
    • Cesar Carrasco - Building Supervisor
  • Woodburn Elementary School
    • Robyn Fernandez - Family Liaison
  • Woodley Hills Elementary School
    • Gina Bickerstaff - Instructional Assistant
  • Woodson High School
    • Michael Ferraris - Safety & Security Assistant

*Denotes pyramid winner

Employees, Applicants, and Retirees

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