Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee

The FCPS Employee Award recognizing this year's Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional employee

The process of nominating a candidate for the Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee award begins through each department's awards liaison. The awards liaison in each department has information about the nomination process and deadlines.  

Any FCPS employee or community member can nominate a Nonschool-Based hourly employee for this award, but employees may not nominate themselves. Eligible candidates must have completed at least one year of contracted full-time or part-time employment in FCPS in their current position, currently work as a Schedule-B employee in a central office department, and are aware of and in agreement with this nomination.

Award Criteria 

Nominees are nonschool-based operational employees who:

  • Provide a unique and exceptional contribution to FCPS through their work.
  • Demonstrate commitment and leadership in their field.
  • Foster cooperative relationships with colleagues and/or the community. 
  • Foster an environment where diversity in all of its forms is valued and appreciated and demonstrate keeping equity at the center of their work.
  • Contribute to one or more of the following Ignite Goals, in the FCPS Strategic Plan:
    • Student Success
    • Caring Culture
    • Premier Workforce
    • Resource Stewardship 

The Selection Process

Each department determines its nominee through a local process. The nominee is put forward to the Leadership Team where the 2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee is chosen.

Awards and Recognition

All honorees will be recognized. The annual Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee will be announced at the FCPS Honors event and will receive $4000. In recognition of collaborative teamwork, the FCPS award winners and their colleagues will also receive a celebration at their worksite.

Questions and More Information

Please contact the department's awards liaison with questions or visit the Outstanding Employee Awards web page

HR Connection

Question for Human Resources? Submit it through the HR Connection portal or call 571-423-3000 or 1-800-831-4331.