2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional and Finalists

The outstanding nonschool-Based professional employees recognized for 2022

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee 

rebecca pollardRebecca Jo Pollard
Project Support Coach
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Instructional Services

Described as a systems thinker, one colleague stated: “Rebecca’s skills in seeing the big picture while connecting the underpinning dots is unparalleled. Her strategic thinking, communication, and technical skills have uniquely contributed to FCPS at all leadership levels.” Rebecca’s focus, determination, and agility provided organizational support for significant projects during the pandemic. Rebecca coordinated communication resources to ensure schools and division leaders had access to critical resources and progress updates. Whether supporting the creation and distribution of learning books or supporting the development of the FCPS Virtual Program, Rebecca combined her knowledge of instructional best practices and project management skills to ensure that equitable access to learning was at the center of all decisions.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

susan brunSusan Brun
Software Engineer
Wilton Woods Center, Information Technology

Susan joined Instructional Systems in 2006. She has worked on many software projects to get resources into the hands of teachers and Instructional Services. Over the years, her work has allowed her to interact and engage with many people in various departments. She is always willing to help her customers when they need assistance and goes the extra mile to ensure that they have a high-quality system. She collaborates with customers, co-workers, and stakeholders to help design and build new systems and maintain existing systems. She is forward-thinking, and researches solutions to problems before they become an issue. As one customer stated, "her commitment to her work, and FCPS, have always been apparent.”

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

donna everittDonna Marie Everritt
Data Specialist, Student Testing
Forte Center, School Improvement and Supports

Donna’s philosophy throughout her almost 30 years in FCPS has been—we are here for the students. In her current position as a data specialist for the Office of Assessment and Reporting, she has contributed to multiple reports for students, schools, and the division that allows data to become a visual tool for understanding the needs of the students. Donna is always looking for more efficient methods of doing things that also lead to better quality in our student data, such as creating a computer-generated versus hand-entered scoring process and identifying students who meet Standards of Accreditation criteria. In all she does, her greatest joy is knowing that what she does ultimately helps the student.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

katie hanKatie J. Han
Language Services Specialist
Gatehouse Administration Center, Special Services

Katie is an innovative problem solver with an unmatched work ethic. During the pandemic, Katie led the interpretation team in amazing ways. She turned her thoughts into action to ensure a seamless transition of services and procedures from in-person to a virtual environment. With equity at the forefront, Katie is a servant leader who guides the schools and interpreters in bridging the language gap for FCPS families whose first language is not English. Katie fosters a caring culture for her team of 160+ hourly employees. She knows all of them by name, stays connected, and communicates clear expectations. Katie values their important role and initiated the annual Meet & Greet event to promote unity and a positive team spirit.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

susan kalbaughSusan R. Kalbaugh
Financial Analyst II
Gatehouse Administration Center, Financial Services

Sue’s desire to support FCPS with her love of finance goes back many years to her days as an elementary school PTA treasurer. As a financial analyst for the Financial Support Team, Sue’s attention to detail, ability to succinctly communicate, and willingness to share her analytical expertise make her truly exceptional. One of the finance officers that Sue supports recently said, “Sue is never judgmental, critical, or negative. She will work with you until the problem is solved and always has the ‘we can figure this out together’ spirit.” Sue’s skill set and positive, collaborative style focused on results are valued and much appreciated by her management team, school finance officers and peers.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

lisa lozinskyLisa M. Lozinsky
Licensure Specialist II
Gatehouse Administration Center, Human Resources

Lisa has proudly contributed for almost 20 years to helping our employees and administrators become properly licensed. Lisa listens with empathy and follows up with direct support. “Lisa provides excellent customer service to our provisional licensed teachers who really need her help,” says her supervisor. “Lisa has worked with me for several years on resolving difficult provisional licensure issues. Lisa has been invaluable to me, my school, and ultimately her impact benefits our students. Lisa produces excellent work and consistently supports our schools at an outstanding level,” says a principal. “I sent two other provisional licensed teachers to Lisa because she is so fast and great at explaining licensure. We appreciate Lisa!” says a teacher.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

brittany martinezBrittany Martinez
Project Liaison, Transportation Operations
Lorton Center, Transportation

Brittany’s constant improvement mentality has enhanced and simplified numerous processes and programs to increase productivity within transportation operations. Her timesheet application for the transportation drivers and attendants has greatly reduced calculation errors and unnecessary processing time while eliminating the need for paper record-keeping. Brittany is the first point of contact for any technology questions due to her subject matter expertise, patience, and her constant willingness to assist. Whenever a colleague presents an issue, not only does Brittany assist with a resolution, but also provides the cause for the issue as well as steps to remediate for future reoccurrences. She prides herself in encouraging others (along with herself) to expand their technical skillset.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

sara royerSara Royer, Education Specialist
Staff Development & Training
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Chiefs Offices

Sara’s work as a mentor, collaborator, and leader of professional development has meaningful impact on a wide range of FCPS employees. Her focus on sustainability and building capacity particularly stands out. She looks for opportunities to bring people into the work and ensures that multiple perspectives are represented. Sara sees gaps and needs, then identifies appropriate supports to fill and meet them. She does the research and ensures that colleagues have both understanding and strategies to apply learning. Sara has created and facilitated courses in Resilience for Leaders, Self Care for Educators, Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, Fierce Conversations, among others, to support professional growth. She has also re-developed and managed the National Board Certification Preparation and Certification Program for FCPS.

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