Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional and Finalists

The outstanding nonschool-Based professional employees recognized for 2021

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee 

Christopher Lester DanielsChristopher Lester Daniels
Transportation Operations Manager
Lorton Center, Transportation

Christopher is committed to ensuring the staff that he engages with are supported and rewarded. He is widely recognized for his dedication to staff and student success and timeliness in resolving staff and student needs. Christopher attributes much of his success to his fellow Office of Transportation Services (OTS) team members. He leads by example, appreciating the contributions of other staff in the organization. Christopher takes pride in being a good communicator, listener, positive role model, responsive, and professional. He says “If you are positive and professional, your employees and your organization will be positive and professional.” Christopher strives on daily basis to ensure he and his team members work hard to carry out the OTS’s mission.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

Neva M. ApscheNeva M. Apsche
Educational Specialist 24-7 Learning
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Instructional Services

As the eCART specialist for Counseling and College & Career Readiness, Science, and Best Practices, Neva ensures resources are accurate and clear for teachers and students alike. With twenty years of experience in FCPS, she provides historical context and institutional knowledge as new initiatives take flight in Instructional Services Department (ISD). Working on new projects, while maintaining those already established, creates a perpetual learning curve on which she thrives. A colleague stated “Neva throws herself into her work. She’s a professional problem solver with a contagious can-do spirit. She’s always smiling and her absolute commitment to her team, ISD, and the entire county has elevated science education and experience for all stakeholders.”

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

John BelyeaJohn Belyea
Technology Support Systems Manager
Sprague Technology Center, Information Technology

Genuine, kind, and helpful would be the three best adjectives used to describe John. With over 20 years in FCPS, these traits, along with his experience as a teacher, wrestling coach and technology support specialist, have given him the skills to succeed as the manager of the IT Service Desk. He creates a strong and positive culture and puts his team in a position to be successful. John strives to provide excellent customer service while understanding the technology challenges that our teachers and staff face every day. Regardless of who you are, he makes you feel like the most important person in the world when he is helping you with any issue or concern. His patience and positive attitude are a real asset to FCPS. 

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

Mary Beth Harrison-CunninghamMary Beth Harrison-Cunningham
Parent Resource Center Manager
Dunn Loring Center, Chiefs Offices

Mary Beth’s commitment to families is evident in her daily work at the Parent Resource Center (PRC). She inspires collaboration and innovation, within the office, between FCPS departments, and community agencies. When COVID-19 forced operations online, the PRC pivoted immediately to provide all services virtually. Under her leadership, the office embraced new digital tools and immediately increased access to services beyond what was previously possible. Other school divisions in Virginia and across the nation seek her help and guidance in setting up and running effective and productive parent resource center programming. Mary Beth has created and led her very high-performing team in creating opportunities for all families to access all that the PRC has to offer.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

Audrey D. ReiterAudrey D. Reiter
Budget Systems Analyst
Gatehouse Administration Center, Financial Services

Since Audrey joined FCPS in 2014, she has taken on multiple responsibilities within the Office of Budget Services. She prides herself in anticipating questions and having the answers ready. When Audrey says, “I’ll take care of it,” you can be sure that it will get done. She does not shy away from a challenge and has most recently demonstrated this by leading the budget system replacement project. She provides excellent support to her department liaisons and quickly discerns their individual needs and provides key information, direction, and recommendations. She consistently finds ways to help her co-workers and other offices. Her willingness to help others is unequaled.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

John ReynoldsJohn Reynolds
Athletic Training Programs Administrator
Gatehouse Administration Center, School Improvement and Supports

Throughout his 24 years as an athletic trainer in FCPS, John has been focused on one goal - ensuring FCPS students participating in athletics do so in the safest possible manner. As a school-based employee, John learned early on that effective communication and collaboration were essential to promoting safe athletic participation. His ability to develop relationships with a diverse group of students, coaches, administrators, and parents combined with a focus on problem-solving and finding solutions to new and unexpected challenges benefitted the students he worked with on a daily basis and helped develop skills he would rely on throughout his career. These qualities, combined with a proactive, thoughtful, and purposeful approach to leadership, continue to define his work today.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

Kristina RomanKristina Roman
Procedural Support Manager
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Special Services

As a leader, Kristina creates a caring culture and leads her team ensuring 13 procedural support liaisons in their roles across 102 schools feel supported. She values diversity of thought and equity for all by respecting the input of others. Kristina’s breadth of experience in special education and her timely, accurate guidance in a clear and composed manner is key in her success. Kristina demonstrates devotion to school staff, families, and students in FCPS by collaborating with multiple stakeholders within FCPS as well as special education parent organizations. When problem-solving, Kristina solicits input from multiple sources to develop an efficient collaborative plan based on special education federal, state, and local regulations, policies, and procedures that are always student-focused.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee Finalist

April D. TaylorApril D. Taylor
Equity and Employee Relations Specialist
Gatehouse Administration Center, Human Resources

April began her career in FCPS by supporting leadership in navigating performance concerns and conducting investigations. As FCPS experienced a historical increase in American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requests, she was able to create processes and methods to provide guidance and support for over 2,000 requests. She has been instrumental in working with employees and supervisors to ensure FCPS compliance with Federal ADA guidelines. She uses her excellent listening skills and compassion as she helps employees and supervisors navigate the complicated ADA process. April is a valuable resource to FCPS and goes above and beyond to assist employees and leadership. She is also a community leader who has been hosting food distributions throughout Northern Virginia for those impacted by the pandemic.

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