Outstanding Nonschool-based Professional Employee and Finalists

The finalists for the 2020 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Award

2020 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee 

Patti ParisiPatti O. Parisi
Executive Administrative Assistant
Financial Services, Gatehouse Administration Center

Whether you are a supervisor or co-worker, you are apt to label Patti Parisi as one of the most consistently caring, engaging, can-do, proactive people that you know. To Financial Services, it is as if things magically happen as Patti is there to keep things on track. In addition to her duties as Executive Administrative Assistant, you can find her in the background spearheading a Holiday Season Gift Card program for the homeless student population or single-handedly organizing professional development for more than three hundred employees. You can count on Patti to be a stellar example of FCPS’ caring culture as someone who has the ability to lead, guide, and support those she works with. 


michele cross2020 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

Michele Cross
Executive Administrative Assistant
Human Resources, Gatehouse Administration Center

In her Executive Administrative Assistant role, Michele goes above and beyond to engage with and assist stakeholders including School Board members, assistant superintendents, instructional and operational staff, and the public at large. Treating everyone with compassion, dignity and respect, Michele efficiently handles each inquiry discretely and professionally. With a genuine smile and a willingness to help others, she ensures all stakeholders feel heard and supported. Michele volunteers at many divisionwide events and whether providing behind the scenes support or interacting with attendees the day of an event, she finds ways to enhance the process and experience for all participants. Michele has consistently been a community builder who supports every team that exists within Human Resources.


2020 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

carla dallasCarla J. Dallas,
Administrative Assistant III
Chiefs Offices, Gatehouse Administration Center

Carla has worked as an Administrative Assistant for FCPS for the past eight years. Most recently, she began work and was instrumental in the development of the Office of the Ombudsman. As the Administrative Assistant, she is the first point of contact for those seeking assistance. Her high level of organization, knowledge of procurement processes, technology skills, and creativity benefit FCPS in areas such as the creation of informational materials, a data collection system, and the Minority Student Achievement Oversight Committee's Parent Advocacy Handbook.  Her supervisor states that “she is a hard-working partner contributing to the equity work of the district.” She is also an active member of the Caring Culture Committee where she helps to raise the morale of staff.


2020 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

beth hollanderBeth Hollander,
Administrative Assistant I
Special Services, Bull Run Early Childhood Center

Parents of preschool-aged children contact the Bull Run Early Childhood office to say out loud, many for the first time, that their child may have a disability. Beth is on the other end of that call and often is the “First Face" or "First Voice” of FCPS. Beth handles each parent with empathy and grace. She greets parents with kindness, compassion, and endless patience. Across all three Early Childhood offices in FCPS, she provides unsolicited support to staff and has built a climate of respect throughout the preschool program. Beth is a skilled, compassionate, respectful professional who is vital to the success of the Early Childhood program. People who meet Beth always remember her warm smile and infectious laugh.


2020 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

Mary Sherris MeyrowMary Sherris Meyrow,
Management Technician
Information Technology
Wilton Woods Center

Tireless, optimistic, conscientious, perseverant, intelligent….that’s Mary! Whether organizing interviews, coordinating staff, managing personnel files, guiding student interns, or supporting all her volunteer activities she maintains an enthusiastic, positive attitude. Mary is the lead IT volunteer coordinator for the Honor Flight program bringing veterans to Washington, D.C. D.C. to visit their memorials. Volunteering for schools, she collects backpacks and supplies for students, organizes a hat and glove tree during the holidays and supports other activities benefiting our children. She has mentored FCPS student interns for 20 years working with each student to ensure success. What sets Mary apart is her willingness to help everyone. Those that work with Mary say that she is the “Team Mom for all of us and in turn loved by all.”


2020 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

jennifer sharpJennifer Sharp,
Administrative Assistant I
Instructional Services, Willow Oaks Administrative Center

Jen’s positive attitude and proactive approach ensures the smooth daily operation of the Instructional Technology Integration (ITI) office in Instructional Services. However, she sees her primary goal as being able to support students and schools as they assemble their technology tool boxes. Whether she is arranging rooms for professional development or checking on substitutes, she leverages her past school experience to ensure all stakeholders have the necessary information to do their jobs effectively. She understands that the FCPSOn initiative goes beyond technology and flips the 1:1 byword from laptops to people. ITI’s Coordinator, Derek Kelley concurs: “Using the words of one of FCPS’ former superintendents, Ms. Sharp always keeps the main thing the main thing. This focus furthers FCPS’ mission and vision.”


2020 Outstanding Nonschool-based Operational Employee Finalist

georgia walshGeorgia Walsh
Transportation Support Services Technician
Transportation, Lorton Center

Georgia is an example of commitment and excellence and is a caring responder in her daily work with FCPS. Georgia consistently gives above and beyond service to students, parents, and her peers. She has an extremely positive outlook and is able to provide calm, reassuring information in the most difficult of circumstances. Her work in the FCPS Homeless Office is challenging on a daily basis, as homeless families are highly mobile and the transportation needs change regularly. Georgia is able to make changes to accommodate the families, communicate in a clear manner to the school and parent, while keeping an extremely positive attitude. Her work style is incredibly supportive to others, and she is able to effortlessly and tirelessly get the job done! 

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