2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee and Finalists

The finalists for the 2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Award

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee 

cassandra allenCassandra Ann Allen
Transportation Instructor
Forte Center, Transportation

Cassandra is committed to providing responsive, caring, and accurate training to trainees and current employees. When teaching, she is thorough, patient, and makes certain every trainee has the knowledge to be successful. Cassandra is a leader who will take on any role asked of her. She took training courses to perform the duties of the administrative assistant and time and attendance processor until the position was filled. She volunteers to lead courses for other Fairfax County agencies assisting their employees to obtain their CDLs. She regularly assists with run coverage at various schools. Cassandra is patient, dedicated, and committed to excellence. She’s always inspiring others to achieve their goals while consistently ready to step up to the plate.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

blanca castellonBlanca Castellon
Administrative Building Support
Wilton Woods Center, Facilities

During the pandemic, the job of building supervisor took on new meaning. Making sure the building is clean, sanitized and safe while meeting government standards takes an enormous amount of effort and responsibility. Blanca spends every day making sure the staff and visitors have a safe and clean place to work. She cares as much about the exterior of the building as the interior. Beautifying the grounds is important to her and makes Wilton Woods an asset to the community. Blanca treats everyone equally and with respect and connects with people on a daily basis. Blanca is a Wilton Woods role model for always being willing to lend a helping hand, getting the job done, and caring for the staff.

melanie crosby hardy2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Melanie Crosby Hardy
Family Engagement Region Representative
Dunn Loring Center, Chiefs Offices 

Melanie has been building relationships with FCPS families and staff for nearly two decades, serving as an elementary school family liaison for 13 years before joining Family and School Partnerships (FSP) in 2017 as a family engagement region representative. Through her work coaching family liaisons, supporting school administrators, and collaborating with community organizations in her region, she reaches multiple stakeholders in Fairfax County, educating them about the vital role family engagement plays in student success. Her colleagues in FSP value her innovative problem-solving, asset-based thinking, and willingness to jump in to help whenever and wherever needed. As one teammate noted, “She has helped us become better employees, a solid team, and, overall, a stronger department."

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

jill foxJill Fox
Budget Technician
Gatehouse Administration Center, Financial Services

Jill stands out among her peers for her exceptional customer service, pleasant demeanor, and strong work ethic. Jill is often referred to as your “go-to girl.” If she does not know the answer, she will point you in the direction of someone that does. As the budget technician, one of her main roles is to support and manage the processing of trades, and the reallocation of authorized funding of positions. Jill is a natural teacher. She explains things in terms people can understand. Jill was instrumental in the recent implementation of the new online trade application. Jill ensured employees had the tools needed to be successful by creating thorough documentation and detailed training videos. FCPS is lucky to have Jill.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

geraldine owens-robinsonGeraldine Owens-Robinson
Administrative Assistant I
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Special Services

As the administrative assistant for Therapy Services, Geraldine supports all aspects related to physical and occupational therapists providing services to students, from early childhood to age 22, so that they may access and participate in their school and work environments. Geraldine is a thoughtful steward of the program budget, as she works with vendors to secure the smallest adaptive assists, like pencil grips and positioning add-ons for equipment like standers and wheelchairs. She gathers and organizes endless pieces of information, is a resourceful problem solver, is responsive to incoming calls, and never hesitates to share information or search for an answer. She performs not only with utter competence but with a big heart and generous soul.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

brigid williamsM. Brigid Williams
Administrative Assistant III
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Instructional Services

Brigid lives and breathes her commitment to a caring culture in and beyond the FCPS Instructional Services Department. Her unfailing good nature, optimism, and self-deprecating sense of humor have quickly endeared her to the department. She understands the organization, both in structure and in goals, and can help problem solve and suggest viable options to allow the work to move forward. Jen Glaser, Director of Counseling and College and Career Readiness (CCCR), asserts "Brigid has created a collaborative team among the other AAs at Willow Oaks. Though not in a supervisory role with these other professionals, she has worked to build relationships and establish a culture of collaboration, which is critical to the successful operation of the Curriculum and Instruction Office."

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