2023 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee and Finalists

The Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employees For 2023

The Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Award recognizes nonschool-based operational employees who have made unique and exceptional contributions to FCPS. Recipients, both school-based and nonschool-based, demonstrate commitment and foster cooperative relationships with colleagues and in the community. Any FCPS employee or community member may nominate an operational employee that is a Schedule A, Schedule H, or Classroom Instructional Support Scale Employee and has held their position for at least one full year for this award.

2023 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee 

Nicole C. WheelerNicole C. Wheeler

Bus Driver Supervisor
Lorton Center, Transportation

As a resource supervisor for FCPS Transportation, Nicole provides exceptional service and support to her coworkers and teammates. Nicole does not consider her job "work" and considers her coworkers as family. She is responsible for providing drivers and attendants with equipment that FCPS special education students require while being transported to and from school. Her goal is the safety of the students as well as her drivers and attendants. Nicole loves to ride with different bus and van teams, getting to know the drivers, attendants, and students. She strives to make the transportation experience interactive, inviting, and fun. Her kind demeanor creates a loving environment making everyone feel important and heard.

2023 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Robert ButterfieldRobert Butterfield

Security Planning and Assessment Specialist
Gatehouse Administration Center, Facilities

Bob is a public servant at heart. For over 25 years at FCPS, Bob has always focused on the safety and security of students and staff, knowing that a safe environment is needed to reach their full potential. Relying on his training and experience in both military and civilian law enforcement and his rise from uniform school security to the senior security planning and assessment specialist, Bob was instrumental in crafting a premier workforce of seven highly motivated, well-rounded subject matter experts in the security planning and assessment section of Office of Safety and Security (OSS). Bob is well respected by his peers, always goes to great lengths to solve problems, and cultivates a caring culture.

2023 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Philippe R. Cloutier portraitPhilippe R. Cloutier

Digital Operations Technician
Sprague Technology Center, Information Technology

Philippe shows leadership and passion for excellence and is committed to providing exceptional customer service during any FCPS event. No task or production is too small for Philippe to gather resources for his team or FCPS clients to see an event through to completion. Philippe also excels in a school's broadcast studio as a trusted resource for technological advice and production knowledge. When his predecessor handed over responsibility to Philippe, he was eager to jump into a new role and guide schools to restart their broadcast programs after the pandemic ended. Philippe is continuing his role as a resource to school broadcast studios in his new role as FCPS's Streaming Media Specialist.

2023 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Terri Lynn Damon portraitTerri Lynn Damon

Administrative Assistant III
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Instructional Services 

Terri is dedicated to making a difference for others in the world. She embraces her work and understands that students and their families are at the heart of it all. She communicates with school leaders on how to access United Language Group services so families can engage in meaningful and comprehensible conversations with school staff. Terri demonstrates outstanding leadership and commitment by mentoring new administrative assistants, developing protocols for managing funding requests across multiple offices and sites, and consistently supporting others. She sees herself as a genuine connector and realizes her work's importance in establishing a positive atmosphere. Terri brings incredible enthusiasm and compassion and is a committed champion of multilingual learners and their families.

2023 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Dianne M. Hardbower portraitDianne M. Hardbower

Administrative Assistant III
Energy Zone Food Services Center, Financial Services

Dianne approaches her job with the guiding principle of doing her job to the best of her ability daily. She accomplishes this by instituting efficient processes, establishing strong relationships, and promoting a respect-driven work environment while delivering quality customer service. Dianne begins and ends each day thinking about how to provide the best possible assistance to those around her. She anticipates the needs of her managers and coworkers and engages with school staff, seeking out resources to help them better do their jobs. At this point in Dianne's long and varied career with FCPS, she is embracing this opportunity to facilitate the vital task of providing nutritional meals to our diverse population of deserving students and staff.

2023 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

petrovic-tara portraitTara Petrovic

Executive Administrative Assistant, Region 4
Gatehouse Administration Center, Chiefs Offices

Tara is the heartbeat of the Region 4 Office. She ensures that everyone who reaches out to the Region feels welcomed, heard, and supported with her genuine empathy, compassion, and service. She has impeccable judgment and always uses her instinct to do the right thing for everyone. She is a leader, role model, and champion for schools and students by fostering cooperative relationships with colleagues and the community. As a former military spouse and currently a proud FCPS parent, Tara brings her experiences and identity into conversations to help shape additional dimensions and approaches to professional practices. Her honesty, work ethic, and kind spirit are respected and appreciated by everyone. She is a true ambassador for FCPS!

2023 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Kapinga Joelle TshimuangaKapinga Joelle Tshimuanga

Administrative Assistant I
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Special Services

"She has a contagious smile!" is often said about Joelle, the administrative assistant for Social Work Services. She not only supports the office's day-to-day operations, but also plays a critical role in supporting over 200 social workers and attendance personnel. No matter how many referrals for vouchers she receives daily from Title 1 school social workers, she never stops smiling. When processing requests to support students in need, Joelle visualizes the happiness in their eyes. She knows how much these vouchers impact students' physical needs and well-being by building their confidence to be present and learn among their peers, allowing them the power to open their infinite possibilities and prosper during their journey in FCPS. She sees them smile back.


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