Outstanding Nonschool-Based Professional Employee and Finalists

The finalists for the 2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Award

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee 

Maria J. MillerMaria J. Miller
Multilingual Registrar
Dunn Loring Center, Special Services

As a navigator facilitating enrollment since 2000, Maria builds rapport with families and assists them with their concerns while she ensures parents and students have their critical needs met working to instill a feeling of excitement about FCPS. She builds trust with her diverse team, creating a positive work culture within while encouraging them to render “service above self.” The team in the Student Registration Office nurtures and supports each other, celebrates successes, and strives to have fun along the way, and Maria is a big part of that team. She also goes the extra mile working with community members to connect families to additional resources available to them.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Melvin D. (Dwayne) BeatyMelvin D. (Dwayne) Beaty
Field Services Senior Technician
Woodson-IT, Information Technology

As a field services senior technician in the Network Engineering Services group, Dwayne has used his professionalism and positive outlook to rebuild the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) network infrastructure. Dwayne’s day starts at five o’clock in the morning, traveling to schools and centers to maintain backup power to the network. This might require lifting over 100 pounds of equipment each morning, but Dwayne considers this his daily workout. The enthusiasm and dedication Dwayne bring to the job shows up in the way he supports his team members. In addition to his daily responsibilities, Dwayne also supports the network engineers with troubleshooting and installs. Dwayne’s work impacts every room, floor, and building
in all of FCPS.

Amy Burns2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Amy Burns
Payroll Technician
Gatehouse Administration Center, Financial Services

Amy is an introverted leader who leads from within the Payroll team. Serious and detail-oriented, she also knows that humor as a stress reliever goes a long way. Amy used her unique leadership skills to help her fellow coworkers address a complex reclassification request and represented her payroll team on an FCPS panel. She performed extensive research and prepared substantial documentation for the official request, presenting the obstacles Payroll faces daily in order to accomplish their mission, and responded to all questions from the panel members, with a successful result for the Payroll Office. Amy is also a longtime mentor for FLY (Fairfax LGBTQ Youth) under the Metro PFLAG organization.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

William A. LariscyWilliam A. Lariscy
Field Construction Representative
Gatehouse Administration Center, Facilities

Walk into a number of newly renovated school buildings in FCPS and most likely Billy Lariscy has made his mark. As a field construction representative for the Department of Facilities and Transportation Services, Billy has transformed multiple schools over the course of his four years in FCPS. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations and acting as a liaison between the schools and the construction teams, Billy can often be found presenting lessons to students on stormwater runoff and drainage or acting as a guest speaker in technology education classes. Billy’s high standards for safety, high level of communication, and keen ability to connect with each community result in outstanding outcomes for our students, staff, and communities.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Shannon C. LawsShannon C. Laws
Business Operations Assistant
Gatehouse Administration Center, Human Resources

Since working at FCPS, Shannon has blossomed into a truly consummate professional with increasing proficiency in human resources. She can always be relied on to lend a hand to her coworkers and to be a strong but affable leader when times are tough. Described by a supervisor as “an extremely hardworking and focused individual who is very conscientious and always gets the job done, no matter how difficult the circumstances,” she particularly proved herself this past year facing the tremendous task of hiring classroom monitors, ensuring a safe return to school. She enjoys leading her office’s Social Committee where they plan events and implement weekly newsletters that help make FCPS an even warmer, more welcoming environment for her coworkers.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Ann Marie McDanielsAnn Marie McDaniels
Business Operations Assistant
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, School Improvement and Supports

As a member of the team facilitating homebound education, Ann Marie assigns teachers skilled in certain subject matters to students’ needs, paying keen, yet kind, attention to students’ nuanced situations and their teachers’ professional and personal circumstances. Her efforts in thoughtful matching along with managing scheduling and pay matters, greatly contribute to the success of these teacher-student teams. The homebound education team cohesively, and successfully, meet the needs of those homebound in all of FCPS, in great part due to the team members sharing the traits Ann Marie exemplifies. These skills, expertise, and traits have contributed to the division’s success in meeting its mission, in spite of COVID-related challenges.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Stella Ushella NodaStella Ushella Noda
Early Childhood Family Services Assistant
Leis Center, Instructional Services

With true decision to constantly learning and improving processes, Stella takes initiative in creating new ways to complete tasks and is able to share what she has learned with her team. You will often find Stella in a video conferencing room or on the phone working one on one to support her teammates. Likewise, Stella has built agency in the families she works with by guiding them through technology and alternate methods for completing and obtaining documentation needed for applying to the early childhood programs in this new virtual world. Stella’s genuine connections with families and excellent customer service have allowed her to build lasting relationships with FCPS families. Stella’s enthusiasm and love for her work, her colleagues, and the families she serves is contagious.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Jessica TrexlerJessica Trexler
Bus Driver Supervisor
Stonecroft Transportation, Transportation

As a bus driver supervisor, Jessica works hard to ensure her team of employees has everything they need to complete their day successfully. She strives to perform her job to the highest standard and is always looking for ways to improve her department. With a knack for computers and a drive to teach others, she spends many days assisting her supervisors, peers, drivers, and attendants in understanding the growing need to incorporate technology into the world of transportation. Jessica is the “go-to” person in her office and on her team as she works to integrate the “bus world” and technology.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Operational Employee Finalist

Josette Patricia WorrallJosette Patricia Worrall
Administrative Assistant
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Chiefs Offices

Patricia is known for her positive and steady leadership as she supports the Office of Professional Learning and Family Engagement (OPLFE) leadership and staff, particularly now through what has been an unprecedented time in our school division. She manages the office by making sure everything runs smoothly and that all FCPS policies and procedures are being followed. Everyone knows Patricia gets things done. She is the person the staff goes to for support, guidance, and mentorship. She has also been serving on the board of the Support Services Employees’ Advisory Council since June 2018 - in this capacity, she is committed to advocating for and advancing the ideas of the support staff across the division.

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