Outstanding Nonschool-Based Leader and Finalists

The Outstanding Nonschool-Based Leaders Recognized for 2021

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader 

Tracey JewellTracey Jewell
Information Technology Support Services
Sprague Technology Center, Information Technology

Tracey is dedicated to problem-solving and empowering teams to success. In 2020, every process, need, and problem for every school, department and student household in Fairfax County became a remote technology challenge, and most of them fell squarely into Tracey’s lap. While leading her own teams in deploying remote tech support, COVID-safe distribution of 150,000 laptops to 200 locations, new support streams for thousands of parents, and internet access for thousands of FCPS homes, Tracey was also advising countless principals and department leaders in how to reimagine their functions and tasks with technology. Described as unflappable, positive, collaborative, and resilient, one colleague concluded this: “we quite literally may not have had a school year 2020-21 without her.”

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader 

Maria PerroneMaria Perrone
Director III, Food and Nutrition Services
Energy Zone Food Services Center, Financial Services

Maria is committed to leading a nutrition program that serves high-quality, healthy meals that are an essential part of every school day and complement the unparalleled education offered in Fairfax. Her tenure of nearly fifteen years with Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) has been dedicated to providing year-round nutrition support while enhancing programs and optimizing operational efficiencies to best support families and school communities. Maria also provides strategic direction to the FNS team with a focus on reducing food insecurity, elevating the nutrition integrity of meals, and creating a welcoming cafeteria environment with top-tier service to students – our most important customers. Maria strives to ensure all children receive the nourishment needed to achieve academic success.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

Colleen EddyColleen Eddy
Coordinator IV
PreK-12 Curriculum Integration Management
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Instructional Services

Colleen’s ability to bring people together for shared learning experiences that both inform and compel action has catalyzed transformative change in and beyond the FCPS social studies community. You cannot engage with Colleen for long before recognizing her core beliefs around equity, deeper learning, authentic assessment, and student empowerment. Colleen’s deep instructional expertise and her commitment to culturally responsive pedagogy make her a sought-after collaborator and innovator. She understands the importance of engaging diverse voices and ensures that less commonly heard voices are amplified, especially with those of students. Her tireless leadership, through countless hours of curriculum development and professional learning, has translated to systemic reform in FCPS and across Virginia with equity at the center.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

Victoria J. GarnerVictoria J. Garner
Coordinator III
Community Facility Use
Gatehouse Administration Center, Facilities

Community Use is a string in the woven fabric of Fairfax County. Vicki Garner embraces the challenges of the diverse Fairfax County community and thrives in the knowledge that all users of Fairfax County Public Schools grounds and facilities are treated with fairness and equity. Vicki offers leadership to her Community Use team and FCPS with respect and efficiency. Her philosophy is that everyone brings their best to the project, and she believes in the “80/120” scale. Somedays, all that a person can offer is 80% due to “life”. Other days, when they are at their best, that person will offer 120%. Balance is the foundation of Vicki’s team model with her “can do” attitude.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

Renee LaHuffman-JacksonRenee LaHuffman-Jackson
Coordinator III
Family Partnerships
Dunn Loring Center, Chiefs Offices

Renee is an energetic and passionate leader. She embraces the diversity of her colleagues, families, and students that she serves on a daily basis. She truly believes in the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”. The entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. Renee works with schools and community based organizations to provide support and programming for families, and builds authentic relationships by meeting people where they are. She truly leads with her heart and a smile, and does whatever it takes to create a positive experience for staff, students, and families.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

Lorraine TroutonLorraine Trouton
Coordinator III
School Health Services Program
Gatehouse Administration Center, Special Services

Lorraine leads with integrity and passion. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Trouton has supported FCPS students, staff and families, relaying public health guidance to Division leadership; working directly with local public health officials and collaborating extensively with all FCPS departments to develop, implement and support health and safety protocols for the safe reopening of schools. Lorraine serves as the primary liaison to the Fairfax County Health Department and has created an innovative partnership with George Mason University to support equity in access to health care for students. The development of the FCPS Mason and Partners (MAPS) Extension Site has provided thousands of students and families with access to free school entry physicals and immunizations.

2021 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

Pamela WalterPamela Rose Walter
Coordinator III, Transportation
Stonecroft Center, Transportation

As a leader, Pamela has shown her commitment to staff, employees, and the community by engaging, developing, and inspiring everyone to be the best they can be. She created a professional development program for her transportation supervisors that gives them the opportunity to self-assess, write mission statements, and guide them in preparing a career action plan. Equity is at the forefront of her work. In an effort to have a better understanding of each other, she shares her life experiences and encourages others to do the same. Her greatest career achievement is demonstrating leadership by developing others, and she is committed to providing a premier workforce and caring culture where all can be engaged, inspired, and thrive.

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