2022 Outstanding Nonschool-Based Leader and Finalists

The Outstanding Nonschool-Based Leaders Recognized for 2022

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader 

melissa russellMelissa O. Russell
Director II, Payroll Management
Gatehouse Administration Center, Financial Services

Melissa’s lifelong desire to be part of a bigger mission led her to FCPS. Melissa has constantly assessed the ever-changing needs of the school system and continually suggests changes to positively impact the flow of information and seamless delivery of pay to employees. She has worked tirelessly to bring process improvements while staying focused on meeting the challenges of serving all employees. Melissa recognizes that a synergistic approach to anything, from problem-solving to program design, yields the best results. Capitalizing on this belief, she welcomes every stakeholder to the table to gain their perspective. The Payroll Team is committed to providing accurate, efficient, and respectful service to all our employees, upholding the tenants of caring culture and resource stewardship.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

jeremy doxerJeremy Doxer,
Coordinator III, Transportation
Lorton Center, Transportation

Jeremy's daily mission is to provide excellent service to the FCPS community while cultivating and working with a dedicated group of professionals to achieve a common goal - safe and efficient service. When you step into Jeremy's office, you will find his team hard at work with hearty laughter as a staple. Jeremy's team oversees transportation service for 50 schools and centers with a team of over 425 employees. While Jeremy's work is operational and takes place behind the scenes, he takes pride in his contribution to student success with the help of his dedicated team. Jeremy is always on the move and will do whatever is necessary to assist his team and our students.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

judy dupreyJudy DuPrey
Coordinator III, Special Education Therapy Services
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Special Services

Judy supports over 300 providers working as physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. As an FCPS graduate, her pride in the division is at the heart of her work. Judy is described as an authentic leader who keeps the student at the center of every conversation. She recognizes that student success relies on strong teams and that school teams need central office administrators who maintain direct connections to schools. It is not uncommon to find Judy supporting classrooms from pre-K through high school. Her ability to prioritize student achievement through evidence-informed practices and collaboration makes her a trusted leader. She is known for building up the expertise in every clinician she leads and maintaining a premier workforce.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

jennifer glaserJennifer Glaser
Director III, Counseling and College and Career Readiness
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Instructional Services 

Jennifer leads with both a caring heart and a strategic mind. She focuses on maximizing resources, making connections, and empowering colleagues. Often called upon as a collaborative partner, Jennifer’s leadership has been critical throughout the pandemic to ensure the continuity of school services including the creation of guidance and resources around scheduling, rethinking instructional practices for grading and reporting, and supporting the division’s virtual program. Additionally, with Jennifer’s leadership,the Office of Counseling and College and Career Readiness has created new programming for students - a regional virtual career fair, a Launch to College program, and the implementation of the SAT School Day. Jennifer is dedicated to increasing access, opportunity, and outcomes for students and colleagues alike.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

melissa onealMelissa O'Neal, Coordinator III, Communications and Operations, ERFC
Forbes Place, Human Resources

Missie’s team helps all FCPS teachers and support staff enter retirement feeling confident. Continual communication improvements and service to ERFC’s 41,000+ members through Lean Six Sigma process enhancements—reducing response times and increasing operational efficiencies. In her short tenure and thanks to her efforts, the ERFC team increased member touchpoints from 548 to 10,875—without adding costs or resources resulting in admittance to the Senate Productivity and Quality Award (SPQA) program. Raising awareness of the financial independence that comes with having two pensions through improving member education while keeping things simple and relatable, strengthens FCPS’s ability to recruit, retain, and retire one of the most talented workforces in the nation.

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

fince santmyerVince Santmyer
Coordinator III, Capital Projects
Gatehouse Administration Center, Facilities

Vince has been with Design and Construction since 2011. Coming to the school division as an outside general contractor who built schools in Fairfax County, the transition to join FCPS was the perfect fit for Vince. Starting as a construction field representative and later being promoted to supervisor, manager and now a coordinator, Vince leads by example and listens to his team members’ needs. He is also a problem solver saving the school system money and achieving excellence in FCPS’ capital improvement projects. Once a school is renovated, it gives him great to see the joy on the children and staff's faces. By transforming outdated buildings to state of the art structures, Vince believes we truly are "Building for our Future.”

2022 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

nina junena thomasJunena A. Thomas
Coordinator III, Professional Learning and Cultural Responsiveness
Willow Oaks Administrative Center, Chiefs Offices

As the coordinator of professional learning and cultural responsiveness, Nina is inspiring a movement towards a more inclusive and equitable FCPS. She is a model of innovative leadership that impacts transformational change. She has a gift of humanizing the relational work of equity and cultural responsiveness that leads to continuous improvement. As a leader, she builds individual capacities of those she serves through trust and rapport. In her collaborations with district leadership, schools, and central office staff, she challenges each of us to nurture a community where each person can thrive and feel seen, appreciated, and validated. Nina leads by example and by influence and will speak her truth to move us beyond the status quo.

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