2022 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher, Finalists, and School Recipients

The outstanding elementary school new teachers recognized for 2022

2022 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher 

shelby pressShelby Megan Press
Second Grade Teacher
Riverside Elementary School, Region 3

Each day represents a new opportunity in Miss Press’ class. Shelby makes all students feel a sense of belonging through the inclusive and safe learning environment she has created. She demonstrates empathy and understanding towards others while fostering meaningful relationships with her students and colleagues. Shelby celebrates the diversity of her students by engaging in culturally responsive literature and discussion that highlights the growth mindset she instills in her students. By setting high expectations for her students, she elevates their academics and social-emotional development. Shelby is a lifelong learner who embodies kindness, patience, and joy. Known for her positivity throughout the school, Shelby is a collaborative colleague who radiates encouragement and goodwill to the students and staff at Riverside.

2022 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher Finalist 

charlote brochuCharlotte Brochu
Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher
Canterbury Woods Elementary School, Region 5

Charlotte consistently puts her students at the forefront and fosters their development both academically and socially. She ensures all her students are included with their peers, no matter what disability, and strives to provide access and direct communication for all. Charlotte doesn't let disabilities define any student. She is a mentor and a model to our older DHH students, as she is deaf herself. This is evident in her involvement with a 6th grade self-advocacy group and having those students become “buddies” with her K/1 students. Parents share that their children wake up every morning happy and excited to be going to school, and they know that Charlotte has a lot to do with it!

2022 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher Finalist  

thea fraserThea K. Fraser
First Grade Teacher
Hunt Valley Elementary School, Region 4

The foundation of Thea’s teaching is nurturing relationships among students, families, and staff. Thea’s students feel valued and have a strong sense of belonging and community. She holds each student to high standards and empowers, supports, and encourages her classroom community to thrive. A colleague said, "Thea is a true example of meeting each student by name and by need.” Thea teaches with an equity lens and understands her students as learners and people. Thea is pioneering practices aligned with the science of reading through intentional, multisensory instruction which has cultivated remarkable student growth. She challenges herself to better serve students by seeking professional learning experiences, collaborating with staff and families, implementing feedback, and trying new strategies.

2022 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher Finalist 

megan lafondMegan C. Lafond
First Grade Teacher
Braddock Elementary School, Region 2

When stepping into Megan’s first grade inclusion classroom, you can immediately feel the impact of her presence on her students and staff alike. In the words of her colleague, "She has put the emotional wellbeing of her students first, creating a positive, welcoming environment in her classroom and making sure that students feel that they are a valued member of the classroom and is continually creating hands-on and virtual instructional supports for her class and her team.” With her co-teacher, Megan continually shares resources, lesson plans and ideas to engage with all members of her school community. Every day she walks into the classroom, she exudes a confidence that inspires and motivates every child to be their very best self.

2022 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher Finalist 

courtney wileyCourtney L. Wiley
Fifth Grade Teacher
Terraset Elementary School, Region 1

Courtney’s goal is to create a caring and inclusive classroom community for all learners using her motto, “Everyone is welcome here.” She works diligently to make sure all students’ needs are honored across subject areas by scaffolding and enriching her activities in order to meet children where they are. Courtney’s health and wellness background provides opportunities for students to flourish in their physical, social, and emotional health by embedding fitness into class assignments, building healthy relationships among students, and practicing classroom “Olympic Goal” setting. While Courtney places emphasis on structured routines and clear expectations, you will also find her room filled with movement and laughter, creating a safe and comfortable space for all.

2022 Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher - School Recipients

  • Aldrin Elementary School
    • Megan McElrath, Learning Disabilities Teacher
  • Annandale Terrace Elementary School
    • Erin Cassella, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
  • Bailey's Upper Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences
    • Kayla Bukovac, Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Beech Tree Elementary School
    • Claudia Romeo, Fifth Grade Teacher*
  • Bonnie Brae Elementary School
    • Rachel Nguyen, Second Grade Teacher
  • Braddock Elementary School
    • Megan Lafond, First Grade Teacher*
  • Bren Mar Park Elementary School
    • Caroline Shampang, Second Grade Teacher
  • Brookfield Elementary School
    • Jennifer Arriaza, FECEP/Headstart Teacher
  • Bucknell Elementary School
    • Bailey Chandler, Second Grade Teacher
  • Bull Run Elementary School
    • Areeba Azad Zaman, Gifted Education Center Teacher
  • Bush Hill Elementary School
    • Kelly Oler, Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Camelot Elementary School
    • Victoria Huynh, Second Grade Teacher
  • Cameron Elementary School
    • Angela Hernandez, Learning Disabilities Teacher
  • Canterbury Woods Elementary School
    • Charlotte Brochu, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher*
    • Centre Ridge Elementary School
      • Clara Jeong, Learning Disabilities Teacher
    • Centreville Elementary School
      • Kasey Newman, Third Grade Teacher*
    • Cherry Run Elementary School
      • Kai Butler, First Grade Teacher
    • Chesterbrook Elementary School
      • Sara Eichmeier, Sixth Grade Teacher*
    • Churchill Road Elementary School
      • Carly Pfaff, Kindergarten Teacher*
    • Clearview Elementary School
      • Katie Mooney, Fourth Grade Teacher
    • Crestwood Elementary School
      • Kahla Grover, ESOL Teacher
    • Cub Run Elementary School
      • Jill King, Learning Disabilities Teacher
    • Daniels Run Elementary School
      • Michaela Turner, Kindergarten Teacher
    • Deer Park Elementary School
      • Jennifer Stewart, Kindergarten Teacher 
    • Dranesville Elementary School
      • Sydney Ruggles, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
    • Fairfax Villa Elementary School
      • Melissa Torres, Music Teacher
    • Fairhill Elementary School
      • Emily Santos, First Grade Teacher
    • Fairview Elementary School
      • Bethany Hugo, Fifth Grade Teacher
    • Floris Elementary School
      • Lydia Petraglia, Third Grade Teacher
    • Forestville Elementary School
      • Stephanie Patterson, Music Teacher
    • Fort Belvoir Primary School
      • Beth Nangauta, Learning Disabilities Teacher
    • Fort Belvoir Upper School
      • Kaitlyn Keisling, Sixth Grade Teacher
    • Fort Hunt Elementary School
      • Lautaro Otero, Physical Education Teacher*
    • Franconia Elementary School
      • Kendall Bonsall, First Grade Teacher
    • Freedom Hill Elementary School
      • Emily Boomer (White), Multiple Disabilities Teacher
    • Garfield Elementary School
      • Claire Percoco, Fourth Grade Teacher
    • Greenbriar East Elementary School
      • Courtney Grooms, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
    • Groveton Elementary School
      • Jazmyn Smith, Second Grade Teacher 
    • Halley Elementary School
      • Victoria Willis, Art Teacher*
    • Herndon Elementary School
      • Rachel Barranco, First Grade Teacher*
    • Hollin Meadows Elementary School
      • Jennifer Bates, Second Grade Teacher
    • Hunt Valley Elementary School
      • Thea Fraser, First Grade Teacher*
    • Hutchison Elementary School
      • Nina Day, Music Teacher
    • Keene Mill Elementary School
      • Alice Boyars, Music Teacher
    • Kings Glen Elementary School
      • Sarah Petty, Fifth Grade Teacher
    • Lake Anne Elementary School
      • Meredith Moncure, Third Grade Teacher
    • Laurel Ridge Elementary School
      • Lauren Belfiore, Fifth Grade Teacher
    • Lees Corner Elementary School
      • Marybeth Bond, Kindergarten Teacher
    • Lemon Road Elementary School
      • Tori Hagy, Fifth Grade Teacher*
    • Little Run Elementary School
      • Joseph Berenato, Sixth Grade Teacher
    • Lorton Station Elementary School
      • Marilyn Lockhart, Multiple Disabilities Teacher*
    • Lynbrook Elementary School
      • Hannah Forcier, Third Grade Teacher*
    • Mantua Elementary School
      • Andrea McGee, First Grade Teacher
    • McNair Elementary School
      • Margaret LaGrand, Multiple Disabilities Teacher*
    • Mosaic Elementary School
      • Michaela Long, Third Grade Teacher
    • Navy Elementary School
      • Katherine Trimble, First Grade Teacher
    • North Springfield Elementary School
      • Taylor Berry, Fourth Grade Teacher
    • Oak Hill Elementary School
      • Billy Germain, Physical Education Teacher*
    • Oak View Elementary School
      • Mary Kate Maher, Fifth Grade Teacher
    • Olde Creek Elementary School
      • Abigail Deklerk, Fourth Grade Teacher
    • Orange Hunt Elementary School
      • Michelle Johnson, Learning Disabilities Teacher
    • Parklawn Elementary School
      • Sydney Bardak, Third Grade Teacher
    • Poplar Tree Elementary School
      • Catherine Turner, Third Grade Teacher
    • Ravensworth Elementary School
      • Amanda Kennedy, Sixth Grade Teacher*
    • Riverside Elementary School
      • Shelby Press, Second Grade Teacher*
    • Rolling Valley Elementary School
      • Sara Bailey, First Grade Teacher
    • Rose Hill Elementary School
      • Wesli M. Foster, Fifth Grade Teacher*
    • Sangster Elementary School
      • Rebecca DeLuzio, Second Grade Teacher
    • Saratoga Elementary School
      • Kelsey Walsh, First Grade Teacher
    • Shrevewood Elementary School
      • Carly Marx, Kindergarten Teacher
    • Sleepy Hollow Elementary School
      • Kelsey Lanza, Second Grade Teacher
    • Springfield Estates Elementary School
      • Preeti Kumar, Fourth Grade Teacher
    • Stratford Landing Elementary School
      • Monica Pelzer, Learning Disabilities Teacher 
    • Terra Centre Elementary School
      • Ariana Dailey, Multiple Disabilities Teacher*
    • Terraset Elementary School
      • Courtney Wiley, Fifth Grade Teacher*
    • Timber Lane Elementary School
      • Kelly Jonovich, Kindergarten Teacher
    • Union Mill Elementary School
      • Stephanie Proctor, Music Teacher
    • Waples Mill Elementary School
      • Ashley Leightley, Fifth Grade Teacher
    • Waynewood Elementary School
      • Olivia Shipley, First Grade Teacher 
    • West Springfield Elementary School
      • Amanda Houghton, Second Grade Teacher
    • Westgate Elementary School
      • Destiny DeMarino, First Grade Teacher
    • Westlawn Elementary School
      • Olivia Brodnax, Multiple Disabilities Teacher
    • Weyanoke Elementary School
      • Christine Lee, Fourth Grade Teacher
    • Willow Springs Elementary School
      • Annie Park, Third Grade Teacher*
    • Woodburn Elementary School
      • Nuril Kingsley, Multiple Disabilities Teacher*

    *Denotes pyramid winner

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