Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader and Finalists

The outstanding nonschool-based leaders recognized at 2017 FCPS Honors

2017 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader 

Priscille Dando, Coordinator, Library Information Services, Instructional Services, Instructional Program Support Centera picture of priscille dando

Priscille Dando is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including a librarian of the year nomination from the Virginia Association of School Librarians and a Lilead Fellow. Priscille is the current chair of the FCPSOn Professional Development team, and was responsible for implementing the 2016 Book Your Summer divisionwide summer literacy incentive program. An advocate for student-centered learning, Priscille ensures librarians are trained and prepared to do their best for all FCPS students, and has implemented metrics to determine if library learning programs are contributing to student success. One colleague described Priscille as, “bold in her thinking, collaborative in her partnerships and always mindful that our students are front and center.”



2017 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

Ellen Agosta, Educational Specialist, Adapted Curriculum, Special Services, Willow Oaks Administrative Centera picture of ellen agosta

Ellen embodies what it means to be a great leader. Throughout her 38-year career in education, Agosta has been a champion for inclusive schools. To ensure students with disabilities have the equal opportunities for learning that their non-disabled peers have, she supports and trains teachers, students, and parents to focus on reasonable and practical solutions to improve learning outcomes. Ellen’s approach includes observation, both of the students and school teams, utilizing student data and instructor feedback. She then formulates questions that help guide school teams to identifying student-specific solutions. Her colleagues commend her enthusiasm and expertise as she skillfully motivates staff, teachers, and parents to do their very best for students.



2017 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

Maricela Alarico, Coordinator, Payroll and Benefits Accounting, Financial Services, Gatehouse Administration Centeran image of maricela alarico

Marice la joined FCPS in 1994, and has consistently shown a high level of integrity and dedication to learning and becoming a subject matter expert in Financial Services. She applies her vast institutional and job specific knowledge to mentoring team members. Throughout her 23-years career at FCPS, Maricela has been instrumental in developing new systems and reporting functions, and played an important role in the implementation of Lawson, the Human Resources Information System. Maricela’s staff and colleagues know her as a generous collaborator who never loses sight of customer service whether she is dealing with internal colleagues or external vendors; everyone is deserving of her undivided attention.



2017 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

Camille Bartus, Wellness Program Specialist, Human Resources, Gatehouse Administration Centera picture of camile bartus

Camille, an occupational health nurse by training, joined FCPS in 2006. Since then, she has grown a small wellness program into one that is comprehensive and positively impacts the lives of FCPS employees. From arranging more than 10,000 flu shots every season to wellness events and fitness challenges, Camille says her “biggest passion is teaching employees about self-care and making healthy choices to lower their health risks.” And, it doesn’t end there. Camille serves on a number of the school system’s advisory councils, such as the School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) and was instrumental in the development of FCPS’s lactation support policy. Whether mentoring adult learners in the Adult Education programs or helping out a staff member with a personal challenge, Camille is always the first to volunteer her support.



2017 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

Brian Crooch, Database Engineer, Information Technology, Wilton Woods Centera picture of brian crooch

When FCPS decided to move from the paper reporting of employee time and attendance to MyTime, and online processes, it tapped Brian to be the IT technical lead on the project. The MyTime implementation was originally scheduled as a six-month project but, due to a series of challenges and working with vendor consultants in another time zone, the project was extended to two-years. Brian’s colleagues said throughout the project he maintained a grueling work schedule and an extremely positive attitude even though he had faced personal challenges of his own. They credited his “remarkable positive can-do” spirit with keeping the project team inspired and energized. They were duly impressed by his dedication and loyalty, noting, Brian was eligible to retire several months ago, but he chose to wait so he could see the MyTime project successfully to fruition.



2017 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

Liz Hatcher, Functional Applications Specialist, Facilities Services, Gatehouse Administration Center a picture of Liz Hatcher

In 2015, Liz was tasked with developing a public dashboard to house energy and recycling data by district and school levels for FCPS. Liz collaborated with a variety of stakeholders across FCPS, including Instructional Services, the Sustainability Team, principals, teachers, and students. By the summer of 2016, the dashboard far surpassed everyone’s expectations as it morphed into FCPS’s Get2Green website, a sustainability research tool utilized by staff and students across all grade levels. The popularity of Get2Green, coupled with its user-friendly design also garnered Liz attention from outside FCPS. She has been asked to speak at conferences and advise other organizations on how to develop similar sustainability websites and that’s not all. As more instructors focus on project-based learning, there are plans to expand the website to include resources for wildlife habitats and edible gardens.



2017 Outstanding Nonschool-based Leader Finalist

Nancy Moy, Web Development Specialist, Chief of Staff Office, Gatehouse Administration Centera picture of nancy moy

Nancy is described as the go-to person for questions or problems with the FCPS website. Not only does she resolve problems expeditiously, she does so in a cheerful and thoughtful manner. It’s no wonder then that she was the school district’s point person when FCPS decided to redesign its public website. Nancy helped the vendor understand how FCPS is organized, troubleshoot problems and presented ideas to streamline the new site. One colleague said Nancy’s experience and expertise were critical to designing a modern site with parents and students in mind. Nancy also works to ensure that FCPS web curators develop the skills they need to manage their school or department websites. She hosts the annual FCPS Web Curators Conference. More recently, Nancy introduced schools to the new Drupal platform and trained the site curators how to use it.

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