Special Ed. Teaching Licensing Cohort

A Program Offered to Current FCPS Instructional Assistants, PHTAs, and PHAs

FCPS’ Special Education Teaching Licensing Cohort in collaboration with Certifying Online Virginia Educators (COVE) at Virginia Commonwealth University offers current FCPS instructional assistants, PHTAs, and PHAs with strong teaching potential an opportunity to take college teacher preparation courses leading to teacher licensure. The Special Education Teaching Licensing Cohort is a budget-neutral program and is only available when there are allocated funds.

Program Benefits

  • Reimbursable tuition costs
  • Guaranteed teacher placement for the upcoming school year with a four-year teaching commitment to FCPS
  • Teacher credentialing in a high needs area

For more information about the Special Education Teaching Licensing Cohort, please contact Andrew Drake at radrake@fcps.edu.

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