Educators Rising Club

An FCPS Program Offered to High School Juniors and Seniors Interested in Pursuing a Career in Education

Educators Rising is a Career and Technical Student Organization that offers students the opportunity to explore the field of education and to compete on a state and national level.  Competitive events are performance-based in which aspiring students demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and leadership in education. Fairfax County Public Schools offers its middle school students an introduction to the world of education through an afterschool Educators Rising Club.

Additional student pathways to careers in education include the following courses within FCPS: Early Childhood Careers, Teachers for Tomorrow Level 1, Teachers for Tomorrow Level 2.

Educators Rising Standards:

  • Standard 1: Understanding the profession
  • Standard 2: Learning about students
  • Standard 3: Building content knowledge
  • Standard 4: Engaging in responsive planning
  • Standard 5: Implementing instruction
  • Standard 6: Using assessments and data
  • Standard 7: Understanding the profession

Educators Rising Club Locations (2020-2021 School Year)

  • Lanier Middle School
  • Lake Braddock Secondary School
  • Robinson Secondary School

For additional information on our Grow Your Own initiatives, please contact Carolyn Haydon at or Ashley Hicks at

For more information regarding Educators Rising program curriculum and implementation, please contact Regina Morrone at

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