Principal Pool Selection Process

Essay Questions - Spring/Fall 2020

When completing an online application for the FCPS principal pool, a candidate will need to upload a resume (see resume instructions and requirements at Principal Selection Process page) and provide a written essay response for the two questions shown below. The resume and the two essay responses will be considered the candidate’s application packet and will be evaluated during the initial screening.     

The purpose of the written responses is to provide candidates with an opportunity to demonstrate clear communication through their writing and the knowledge, abilities, and skills related to successful school-based administration. The two questions are based on the FCPS Strategic Plan: Ignite, which is available for review on the FCPS website on our Principal Selection Process page. Both essay responses are assessed as a part of the application screening.  

When constructing an essay response, a candidate should identify the role he or she undertook which demonstrates leadership as a school-based administrator and the role that demonstrates preparedness for the principalship.  

Each written essay response should be more than 200 words and fewer than 500 words.  

Question #1:

  • What strategies have you found to be effective in recruiting and retaining a diverse group of employees? Be specific in the actions you have taken.  

Question #2

  • Describe your work to improve communication among all stakeholders at your school(s). Why were changes needed? What were the most important outcomes of your effort?  

Principal Application Process