Supporting All Students Through Work-Based Learning

By Office of Communication and Community Relations
April 24, 2018

Think for a moment about the opportunities that guided you along to finding your career.

  • Did someone come to your classroom to talk about a career that inspired you?

  • Did you attend a college or career fair?

  • Did you participate in an internship or have a part-time job?

In 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 17.9 percent of persons with disabilities were employed. Studies have found the reasons for this underemployment range from difficulty in finding successful role models, lack of adequate support systems, lack of awareness and availability of accessible technology and low expectations on the part of people with whom students interact.

Work-based learning or WBL is a coordinated educational strategy that provides students with a continuum of career related experiences to support their career goals and prepare them for education and employment beyond high school. These experiences also give students a chance to develop marketable workplace skills as well as Portrait of a Graduate attributes.

(graphic) skills including problem-solving and listening, technology skills, personal qualities such as a positive attitude and being able to work on a team.

Job-shadowing is a short-term career exploration experience where students speak with a professional in the workforce and follow the person on a variety of job tasks, or participate in a common activity for that professional. Booz Allen Hamilton hosts dozens of students each year at a special event where students learn about what it is like to be in the workforce and to require special accommodations or support services. Students also shadow a Booz Allen Hamilton consultant and participate in a rapid innovation workshop.

(Graphic) Work-Based Learning Within Career and Transition Services SY 2016-17, 19 Career Fairs with 646 Students Participating,  131 Guest Speakers with 1609 Students Participating, 161 Mentoring Events with 111 Students Participating, 79 Job Shadowing Activities with 79 Students Participating,  125 Informational Interviews wit 412 Students Participating


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