Student Voice: Who is your Super Hero?

By FCPS Students
June 01, 2018

Thank you for your wonderful submissions! Below are a sampling. We're in the process of uploading, so please check back to enjoy more.

Photo of Athan and Grant on basketball court"Real life superheroes don’t wear capes. Mine wears sneakers. Mine doesn’t jump out of windows or fight bad guys. But he has overcome a lot of things in life to get to where he is. His super powers? Strength, generosity, and kindness. His name is Grant, and he plays basketball at the University of Richmond. He played on the same AAU team that I play for now. That’s how we met and became friends.

I text Grant every morning before school, and he always texts me back. We text after a game or when I need advice. Grant had heart surgery last year after collapsing during a game. Because of that I worry about him and sometimes I just text just to know he is okay. He has won all these basketball awards this year, and I’m proud of him, but that’s not why I love him. I love him for caring about ME. A 10-year-old kid. For making me feel special, showing me how to work hard and never quit. He is my big bro; the person I want to be. He is my super hero, and all 10 year olds need real life heroes like Grant."

-Athan, 4th Grade, Orange Hunt ES

"My little brother is proof that you don’t have to be physically large to be larger than life. At age 10, he only weighs 55 pounds and is barely 4’3,” but you forget that when you meet him. Because I have a more introverted quiet personality, I really admire my brother for his big and extroverted personality. I’ve done things, such as acting in professional plays, that I might have never done if it weren’t for him. Also, he’s super funny and fun to be [around]. During the commercials when we’re watching TV, he’ll get up and perform some weird dance he invented, or when we’re playing games, he’ll make big moves that fail, but that doesn’t stop him from announcing to everyone that he’s “the best” and that he’s “gonna wreck us all.” He sure keeps us laughing. One thing you might not expect, is that underneath that bravado, is this super kind, gentle kid who is always thinking about others and doing something nice for someone else. Even when I get mad at him, he fixes it by either making me laugh or doing something to make it up to me. As far as brothers go, he’s pretty awesome."

-Champe, 7th Grade, Luther Jackson MS, English Teacher: Ms. Tempesta

"It's ironic how the individual who is larger than life in my eyes is the one who gave me life, my mom. As children, we are often asked who we admire and see as a role model. The answer for me has always been simple, my mom is my best friend, my guardian, my everything. I appreciate her for the little things like holding my hand in her hands while walking to the bus stop to keep them warm and holding the umbrella over me while getting wet herself in the rain. Her determination and strength has served as a precedent in my life during my transformation from a girl to a strong independent woman. I am who I am because of her. She let go of my bike to let me fall and learn how to get up. I cannot express in words how powerful my mom is, she is more than just a super hero for me. She has shaped and molded me to fight my own battles and persevere. I know I am the luckiest girl alive to have a real super hero in my life that watches over me and inspires me to become a better person everyday."


My Hero, By Jason

"My super hero is Michelle Obama. She is a lawyer, an advocate for children health and better diets, she was the First Lady from 2009-17, and a devoted mother. She pushes for women all over the globe to receive an education. She works hard against sexism and racism. Her paternal great grandfather was a slave. She was the first African American First Lady and the ONLY first lady to have two Ivy League degrees. She delivered many speeches against it and said how “Knowing that after eight years of working hard for my country, there are still people who won’t see me for who I am because of my skin color.”  And, “there is no limit to what we as women can do.” My favorite quote from her was “The one way to get me to work my hardest is to doubt me.” She talks about bullying and how “When someone is cruel or acts like a bully, don’t stoop to their level, no, our motto is, when they go low we go high.” She graduated from Harvard Law School and Princeton University. She thinks “the coolest thing in the world is to be smart.”  She is definitely my super hero, in more ways than one."


"Bella is my sister. Bella alway helps me with my homework and has taught me to help other people, like my brother (sometimes I even help my sister with her homework). My sister has also taught me how to draw. Thanks to my sister I am a pretty good artist now! Bella has taught me a lot. If I named all the things the she taught me it would be the longest novel ever. Another thing she taught me to do was write, when I was younger, so, I could actually write the longest novel ever about the things she taught me.

I am patrol on my bus, and so is Bella. Bella inspired me to be a patrol and she trained me to be one. So when ever I am telling a kid to sit down or to get out of the aisle, I  think of Bella. I want other kids to feel the same way I did when Bella trained me. So I want to help train kids that want to be a patrol.

I hope telling you about how Bella inspired me, inspired you."

-Calla, Lemon Road ES, Mr. Heffron's class

My mom is my super hero, because she helps me with my studies. She also takes care of me. She cooks delicious food everyday for me and the rest of my family with effort. My mom also teaches me to be a good grown girl. I really adore my mom. My mom is my everything… Rashi, Lemon Road ES


"I love my sister Jackie. When you're the youngest like me you tend to look up to your siblings. Jackie is a good role model (sometimes). She helps me with homework, she gives me goals, loves me, shows me how to be a better kid, and most importantly, she makes me smile. When I’m in school, I try to be just like her, a nice kid, happy kid, never giving up, trying her best, and trying to learn as much as she can. I hope we all look up to our sibling, and I hope we all love them. Just remember life is short, so get to know your siblings and share a bond. I don't know what I would do without my siblings, especially Jackie. She does everything with me. She may be a little immature for her age, but that's okay. She will never let me down and I know that. Sometimes we make clubs that are just me and her!

Thank you for reading. Remember to love your family."

-Julieanna, Lemon Road ES, Mr. Heffron's class

"Like any child ever, I have gone through struggles big and small. Those that people pity me for and those that people laugh at me for. Issues that people think I am stupid for getting mad about. But throughout all of those problems, my mother has been there for me. She holds back whatever opinions she has about the topic in favor of helping me through it. And when she does tell me her stance on it, she makes it nice yet firm. All my life I have trusted my mom. She has always been by my side. I would trust her with my life, and that is no exaggeration.

But it goes both ways. When she has felt down or had a bad day, I have felt that it is my responsibility to help her. It doesn’t need to be anything big. A hug, a cuddle. And her willingness to accept me on days where my attitude is much less than sunny is exactly what makes her my hero."

-Tanner, Lemon Road ES, Mr. Heffron's class

"My hero is my grandma, because even after suffering a bad stroke she lived, and that is very lucky indeed! (There is a high chance that you can die from a stroke). Also, it was just a few months before her son’s wedding (my mom’s brother). Still she managed to travel to Pakistan and start running her house again over here at Pakistan. She even had guests staying and she managed to contain her emotions. I stayed at her house (in the room my mom had when she was young). Fyi: my mom’s sister and brother live in Toronto, Canada.

Anyway she lives in Houston, Texas and is great at knitting and cooking. She is very loving. Even over small achievements she congratulates me. She is passionate. Even over small things she spends hours on.

To me she has a magnificent role in raising a great generation. Including my mom. Everybody in my opinion should follow her."

-Zainab, Marshall Road ES, Ms. Emerson's class

My super hero is my brother Mirija who died when he was seven. He is my super hero, because when he was sick he stayed strong and kept a smile on his face. Even though he’s not alive right now, he lives on in my heart. Miotisoa, Lemon Road ES


"My nanna has always been my hero. She is a nurse and has always helped people, and I think that is amazing! She has always been loving, caring, kind, and generous. Whenever she comes over she tells me the funnest stories. When she works in her clinic and I come and visit her, I look around and notice that she is always making people laugh! Everyone at her clinic always recognizes me and says, “You’re so beautiful,” or “Look how big you have grown!”

She has always been supportive of me and ALWAYS, and i mean ALWAYS, helped me with  everything. Something I think that is amazing is that she loves helping other people. Her husband [my pappy] was in the military and fought in Desert Storm.

Because my nana was an Army wife she has moved over 20 times. My Pappy commanded a Medevac helicopter unit in Germany too. While he was away she had to take care of two kids of her own and at the same time other wives who had husbands off at war. Now this is what I mean by she loves helping people. She would take care of her children and take care other Army wives.

One thing I love to come home to is my nanna. She always comes with some gift and always has some new project or game that we play together! If I get on my phone when she is there, she pulls me off and tickles me until I am out of breath! After she does that we go do art or swing and talk outside.

One thing she also loves is kids. She has been a nurse for over 40 years and she still is one!!! She has worked to deliver babies and she has also worked in kids Pulmonology [helping kids with lung problems].

She was a girl scout, a girl scout leader, and a room mom for my mom’s school. She is the most amazing, fun, creative nanna I know and she will always remain my hero."

-Callie, Marshall Road ES, Ms. Emerson's class

My Dad, A Wonderful Super Hero, by Neha

"My brother has always been my super hero. No seriously, he dresses up in his Halloween costume even when it’s not Halloween. That’s what makes him the most funny. I have just not realized it, but he has been inspiring me from the day he was born. His name is Aakarsh and is always on my side and ready to play. If I don’t do something, he won’t do it either. If I cough, he will too! He is the perfect play pal and is ready to take any challenge I throw at him. 

My brother has a great mind too. He gets confused sometimes, but he always understands in the end. That’s why we know how we both feel.  It’s our special bond. He is very smart too. Sometimes he outsmarts me as well. My brother is also amazing and very creative too. I can’t believe that he can solve one side of the Rubix cube already. He is also amazingly talented at art and sports. He can learn any sport with a bit of practice. Also he is amazing at drawing. He is even better than me. He has always been inspiring me to inspire him."

-Akshara, Lemon Road ES

"I don’t really have personal super hero, so this is a tough question. I have a lot of people helping me, but I don’t see them as “super heroes.” If I had to choose, I would say teachers. They teach me (DUH), but they help me in other ways too. They help me follow my interests and keep a positive outlook. They have to put up with so much and they just put up with it and sometimes get rid of the issues too; they don’t get discouraged and keep going. That’s why they are my “super heroes” in a way."

-Rebecca, Lemon Road ES

My super hero is my Dad because he helps me in a lot of ways. For instance he helped me when I broke my arm and collarbone by taking me to the hospital. Pretty much my Dad is a super hero to me and my family. I would be lost without him. Tyson, Marshall Road ES


"My heroes are my Gramps and my parents, because they help me in many different ways. My Gramps is one of my heroes because he always helps me in golf and is always thinking of my health. My dad is one of my heroes, because he helps me in baseball and golf and teaches me new things. My mom is one of my heroes, because she always takes care of me and is always nice and caring."

-Harris, Lemon Road ES

"My “super hero” is my friend Alan. Even though he gets annoying at times he can be a good friend. He was the one who taught me how to “light saber duel” and how to play Star Wars: Force Arena. Alan and I have been friends since I was three. I still come to his house for sleepovers even though I moved to Virginia. He also attends most of my parties and vice versa for myself. He has been an excellent friend throughout my years."

-Anthony, Lemon Road ES

MY CHAMPION is my mom. She made me. She cooks food for me. She lets me play games with my friend Akbar. She is nice to me too. Sometimes she can be mean, but it’s [to teach] a lesson. That’s why sometimes she can be the best. Jonathan, Colin Powell ES


"LeBron James is my super hero. I believe he is the greatest NBA player ever. He had 31038 points over 13 seasons which is about 2387.5 points per season. He averages 27.2 points per game. LeBron has the most playoff points, 6404 points. He is 6862/9283 on free throws in the playoffs. He has 1543 assists and 1643 defensive rebounds in the playoffs. LeBron is better than Michael Jordan in every statistic except free throw percent in the playoffs. Plus Jordan’s career was long over, but LeBron’s isn’t. 

He is my hero because with every team he goes to they are automatically a championship contender, because he is that good. He has made the playoffs for every season except his first two seasons in the NBA. 

What really makes LeBron my hero was his rough childhood. First his mother was 16 when she had LeBron, and he didn’t have a father. LeBron stayed on a neighbor’s couch for a few months and, he moved many times after that. He became a great high school athlete and didn’t go to college. Instead he went straight to the NBA. LeBron also helps with charity.

LeBron is MY HERO !!"

-Sahir, Navy ES