Student Voice: What's Your Daily Motivation?

By FCPS Students
Student Voice
October 18, 2018

Discover what motivates students in their daily lives.

Sometimes Motivation can be as Simple as Just Finding It

By Julia, Cooper Middle School

Photograph of a yellow butterflyI’ve never really thought about what motivates me, because I’m actually not sure if anything does. There hasn’t ever been a specific person or thing that inspired me to do something. This could be because I don’t allow myself to rely on something that may not last, like a friendship, or something that could just be taken away from you, like an heirloom, or even family. I’m not good at trusting anything, really, because I never have.

Still, there would have to be something that makes me get up every morning, get ready, go to and participate in school, right? There’s got to be a reason that I don’t just lay in bed all day. Even for me, the person living in my body, doing everything, it’s hard to figure out what it is, because I’m not doing this for someone, but for some reason I wish that I was.

In a way, I think that’s my motivation. Finding something important that motivates me, that I’ll be able to keep for a long time, and being able to use it. My motivation, I guess, is hope. Hope that I’ll find my meaning through what I’m doing, and that there will be multiple possibilities of what could happen. One could argue that this isn’t motivation in any way, that motivation has to be visual, but for some people, like me, that’s just not how it is. I’m different, because I have a harder time connecting with people and things, so this is just how I am, and how I go through my day to day life.

My Motivation

By Isabelle, Cooper Middle School, 7th Grade

“I want to help people in any way possible.”

I am very motivated to get my dream job! I will always push myself to become someone that can help people!

My motivation is my dream to become a physiatrist or a counselor. Every day I apply myself in all my classes to get good grades so I can achieve my dream to become a psychiatrist or counselor. The dream of becoming a physiatrist or a counselor first started when I learned about things like depression at first I didn’t think it was that bad but the more I learned about it, the more I wanted to help people who struggle with this and other disorders. I am most interested in helping people with eating disorders, depression, anxiety issues, BPD, and OCD. I want to give people the opportunities to feel better and maybe help them live a happy life. Now that I am in middle school I have access to more information, which makes me really happy! In conclusion my motivation is to become a physiatrist or a counselor to help others.

What Motivates Me?

By Arden, Cooper Middle School

Two girls playing soccer
What Is Motivation?

Motivation is “the general desire or willingness of someone to do something”(Dictionary). Motivation is your choice, you can wake up and have a productive day or you can stay in bed and not be productive. Motivation is something that you as a person has to work on. I think the best way to do this is to make a schedule and make goals for yourself. Some could say that motivation is the key to success.

What Motivates Me?

Many things motivate me from day to day. The thing that motivates me the most is soccer. I Believe that soccer makes my life more organized because it gives me time frames. For example I am motivated by soccer to do my homework because usually soccer ends late so I like to be ready for bed by the time I get home. Which means that I push hard to get my homework done. Soccer also motivates me because I get stressed very easily. The way I solve this is by running. Running makes me feel free. Soccer gives me a stressless sleep which definitely makes me want to get out of the bed more. After having a nice rest I am motivated in the morning because I love to get ready and do my hair. I am also motivated by how clean my room is or if my room is decorated for the right season. Therefore every morning I make sure to clean up any mess I made the night before. This definitely motivates me because it makes me feel clean and organized. Another thing that motivates me is taking a shower and brushing my teeth it gives me the feeling of being clean. I am very serious when it comes to education. I like to go to school so I make sure to try my very best in every class. When and If I get my satisfaction in grades this motivates me to keep going. Without living my life this way I don’t know how I could show up to school or get good grades.

What is Motivation?

By Victoria, Cooper Middle School

Photograph of empty cafeMotivation is a very strong aspect of who we are and what we want in life. Goal setting for individuals is what should make you get out of bed every morning. Your goal is something that you think about every day because it means so much to you - one should be working towards that goal every day. We all have different goals, resulting in different mindsets and strategies to accomplish that goal. In order to be motivated, that goal or goals has to mean a lot to you.

Motivation strategies can range from having someone else hype you up to your goal or you as an individual write down your goal every day before you go to bed. But, being able to self-motivate yourself is like a superpower. A lot of people have trouble finding what they want to do in life or have trouble knowing how to work towards their goal. Having the power of self-motivation is a very strong tool to have in life whether you were born with it or got to experience what it’s like. People with the ability to self-motivate themselves to a goal have more opportunities to be flexible with what they want to accomplish, which might result in a positive personality.

Something that motivates me daily is what I want to do when I grow up. Every day I try to find or do something new to see if I have an interest in it. Figuring out what I want to do now is important to me because it means that I’ll still be passionate about it in the future. As of now, one of my biggest interests is to work in a biology or medical field and a hobby of mine that I would like to continue is photography.

What Motivates Me?

By Daniel, Cooper Middle School

I am motivated by my family and my own aspirations and goals. I set goals for myself going into virtually everything. Whether it is schools, diving, or soccer I almost always have a goal. Knowing that I have something to work towards and the feeling of complement at the end is the best part. Having a family to back me up and to support me is the best part of it all. The number one quote that comes to mind when I set my goals is “love the life you have while you create the life of your dreams” (Hal Elrold). That quote tells me to enjoy the goals you have, and the process it takes to reach them because, in the end, you will be better for it.

The best example of me being motivated is diving. Diving is the sport of self-motivators. In diving, you can do some good dives but you have to push yourself to want to do great dives. Not only that but being consistent every time you dive. It motivates me to be better and to go into everything with a more optimistic attitude. That motivates me.

Every day when I get out of bed I need to have a goal that will push me or else there would be no point. I need motivation in my life. That is why I motivate myself and that is why I am motivated.