Student Voice: Voice Box

By FCPS Students
April 20, 2020

Step up and raise your voice!

Introducing Voice Box, a new open-ended opportunity. Share something you feel passionately about...your choice of topics. Students, let your voice be heard!

Abonesh and Nalani ask, "Would you choose kindness?"

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Video created by Natty, from Chantilly HS, for CHS Knightly News (Twitter @CHS_TKN).

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Mental Health Resources

“Do you know where your school psychologist is? Were you aware that your counselors can be consulted for mental health assistance? Did you know that May was Mental Health Awareness Month?

Many students say no.

When talking to rising seniors, I found that the vast majority feel schools don’t promote our counselors and psychologists well. Think of how helpful it would be for students if they knew they could go to their counselors to discuss mental health issues, instead of only an annual schedule-change trip. After talking to my school’s psychologists for the first time, I felt confused as to why they rarely received promotion. Students seem quite unaware that the psychologists are available for in-the-moment crisis management year-round and organize events such as the beloved therapy dog visits. So why don’t schools promote these resources more throughout the year? Mentions at the end of the year aren’t enough - students need coping skills to help them through all tough times.

Unhealthy stress shouldn’t be considered a normal part of high school. Raising awareness of suicide and depression is a great start to helping the problem, but it’s useless without advocating the resources that could prevent them.”


Emma, thanks for sharing your concern about the need for us to better promote the availability of school psychologists and counselors. We promise to work harder to inform students about these resources in the coming school year. In the meantime, we’ll be reaching out to students next month about FCPS’ annual Student Clinic. This is an opportunity for students to meet with a school psychologist or school social worker (before school starts) to talk about strategies and tools for academic and social success for the upcoming school year.

Please stay tuned and enjoy your summer!

-Student Voice Team

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