Student Voice Snapshot: Favorite Part of Your School Day

By FCPS Students
September 10, 2019

Thanks to the students below for sharing snapshots of their day. 

Chorus is where I really shine. It is the class where I can express my love for music freely without being judged. It has always been a staple in my life. Chorus class is always filled with energy and love towards others. We all always have so much fun while singing. My chorus teacher, Ms. Kohl, is always more than happy to hear our thoughts on what we are singing. She is a very fun and approachable teacher when you need somebody to talk to. My chorus class has some people that I’ve known since I was in kindergarten. They have followed the path with me throughout the years I have done chorus. It is really fun and exciting and the class brightens my day.    -Abby, 7th Grade

Photo of school bus
My name is Tyler and I am in 7th grade and the bus rides ignite my day. On the bus I get to really relax and chill out. After waking up at 6 am everyday, the bus gives me the extra 30 minutes of sleep. Also, when we get out of a long day of school the bus is when I recharge my batteries. I also get to socialize with my friends on the bus without any restriction. Sometimes when I am having a bad day I can just think on the bus.    -Tyler

Talking with their friends, students are excited to go home, play outside and be with their families. Whether it is snuggling up with a pet, curling up with a book, making some comforting hot cocoa with marshmallows, or practicing some lacrosse outside, spring days are so much fun to go home and have fun! There is also always something so refreshing to come home and relax from the day that you just had. This is a very important part of the school day, because people get to go home, reflect on their day, relax, and plan for another adventure ahead.    -Ashley, 7th grade

Selfie of Ben angled towards ceiling
I took my photo in my science class because there is nothing better than science because you learn about how everything works and is made. I also love science because I know a lot about the subject so I always have my hand up. I chose the picture with the cell parts on the ceiling of the room because it better shows off the love for science I have. When I am in college I am going to major in biology because I love learning about the anatomy and more about how living things work. I hope you will share the same amount of joy for science as I do.    -Ben, 7th grade

The sun is still pastel pink and orange when I get to school at 7:25 am. The school day starts so early for me because that’s where I shine as I complete a simple task: acknowledging teachers. Teachers are often under appreciated as they have so much more grading than we would normally expect. Not many students take the time to simply say hi to teachers or ask them how their day is going. I arrive at school early just to do that. Whether it’s wandering into my math teacher’s class to help her grade quizzes or discussing the latest snow day with my English teacher, I invest time into making that connection with teachers. It sparks joy in me when building these relationships because I know that the teacher appreciates it as well. To be treated as an equal by students instead of a teacher who just hovers over them makes teachers happy. They deserve to be acknowledged every day for their hard work and it makes me happy that I have the opportunity to acknowledge them.    -Zandy

Hello my name is Carlos and my favorite time of the day is QST! I like QST because I can relax and hang out with my friends and also do my homework or any unfinished work and that helps me keep up with my classes. Another reason is that we play games and there and my teacher, Ms. Hartman, plays Quizlet live when there is a test or quiz coming up. This prepares me for tests or quizzes, and that means I get good grades. One last thing I like about my QST is that we can work in the hall if we want too, and this means peace and quiet when you need to focus on some work you need to do for class. Overall QST is my favorite class of the day.    -Carlos

Photo of female student using laptop, with other students in the background.
This is a picture of my QST class. I like this class because I have many friends in it and it’s always fun to talk together and eat our snacks in the science hallway, and because it’s always fun having good friends in your classes. I also like this class because of the teacher, Ms. Hartman. She’s really nice and helps us whenever we have any problems. She also lets us talk and be as loud as we want, and lets us help her to do fun projects like decorate her ceiling and her bulletin boards. These are some reasons why I like my QST!    -Chloe

My favorite part of the day is riding the bus home. Although some people might think it is just because I want to get home, which is sort of true, I really enjoy hanging out with my friends. Mikey, Eliza, Imran, Naya and I all have the funniest conversations on the way home; we talk about the most random topics and just generally have a great time. Some people might say they like lunch the most out of their day, to hang out with friends but on the bus, you also get to go home, without having to learn anymore.    -Anna

My favorite part of the school day is rehearsals for the school musical, Little Mermaid. I shine here because I’ve been singing and dancing since I was 5 and they both are my passions. All these rehearsals happen at the end of the day and it makes me power through no matter how boring the school day is because I know after I will go and do something that I enjoy.    -Jasmine, 7th grade

Photo of a long, mostly empty hallway lined with lockers.
With the cafeteria as a close second, the end of the day takes first prize. This is the gym hallway in Cooper MS, and it’s usually a hot spot for activities at the end of the day, but today it’s quiet.    -Jack


School consists of subjects, PE, lunch, and much more, But sometimes you have to dig just a little deeper into students and their friends to truly know what they are all about. Friends are my favorite part of my day, because they are the people that make school subjects more enjoyable. Friends reflect each other so when you act a certain way teachers are going to think that all your friends act that way too. So act good for your friends, they will appreciate it. Friends are very important things in life that we all need and deserve to thrive.    -Allison

Photo of front of Cooper Middle School
My favorite part of the day is simply walking into the Cooper school building. The color of the sky that is behind the school building, and the warm inviting look of the cooper school building. All of this is extremely inspiring and inviting, and ready me for the day of learning ahead of me. Another reason that this is an important part of my day is because I can see all of my friends then so I can socialize with them and see how they are doing. Finally the school is a very happy environment, and everyday I am happy to enter that.    -Owen

My name is Ryan and I am in 7th grade and lunch ignites my day.  When I am at lunch I feel like I am free and I can do whatever I want. While in class you have to do a certain thing, in lunch you just get to eat and hang out with friends. My lunch is always good so I can get energy for my next classes. My classes after lunch are usually the most important classes of the day. So, when I eat lunch I can regain my energy and get good grades in those classes.    -Ryan D., 7th grade

The cafeteria is my favorite part of my day. I love to eat lunch after a couple of long hard classes. This is where I shine during the day. I like to hang out and talk with my friends. We have a lot of fun talking about nothing. I also love the large selection of food provided by the cafeteria. They have all sorts of foods including everything from chips to pizza to salads. The cafeteria is where I really shine, I love the food, and friends which I get to speak with.    -Malory

In Ms. Wolfe’s block 6 English class, almost everyone is on their computer working on the poetry bingo project or reading To Kill a Mockingbird. This is my favorite part of the day because I enjoy reading and writing, and that is most of what english is made up of. I also like working on projects like poetry bingo, School of the Future, Mock Trial, and reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Another reason this is an important part of my school day is Ms. Wolfe is kind and funny which makes English a fun class.    -Ryan H., 7th grade

Photo of girls sitting at round table with computers.
This was taken during my first block English class. This class is an important part of my day because it starts getting my brain working and it's a fun class. During English class, we get to work in groups, so we always have fun.    -Scarlet, 7th grade


I’m Seanna, a 7th grader at Cooper Middle school. The most meaningful part of my day is when I get on the bus after a really long hard day at school. To know that I worked really hard and earned the right to be able to go home and relax after a hard day of school. It’s also a important part of my day because it’s a time when I get to see my friends that I have not seen all day and just get to talk with them and hangout.    -Seanna, 7th grade