Student Voice: FCPS Practices Resiliency

By FCPS Students
May 13, 2020

Students share their stories of resilience - the process of adapting well to life's tough challenges.

She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails. -- Elizabeth Edwards
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Sara's Sacrifice Project

Payton and Emily Talk About Mindfulness



Last year crowds were large and larger were smiles.
We laughed and we played, traveled miles and miles.
But 2020 came around, with a new wicked villain.
The coronavirus and it caused a division.

But think of the good, the light, not the dark.
Think of this year as a journey to embark.
We may be apart, but apart as one.
Be optimistic, this will sooner be done.

There will always be another spring.
Always another song to sing
Always another friend to lean on.
And always some hope to look upon.

Think about all the good in your life.
It will make you happy, remove the strife.
Stomp on the sadness, let hope be your guide.
We will make it out together, side by side.

-- Shreya, Forestville Elementary School, 6th grade


Despite the situation with COVID-19, I knew the seniors of Centreville High School needed something to perk up their spirits, along with the community. I also knew they needed something to leave behind for their senior legacy. When I spotted the blank, black rock outside the front of the school, I knew exactly what I could do. I contacted Principal Lehman asking if I could have permission to paint the rock for the senior class. He approved it, and so my family and I headed out to the school. We made sure there were sides for thanking the staff and faculty, a remembrance of COVID-19, an acronym describing the graduating class, a pun (Wildcats Rock), and a simple congratulations with the wildcat symbol. My family and I were very thankful that we had been given a way to perk up other’s spirits and give back to our community. Despite prom, all night grad party, and many other activities that will be missed by the seniors, hopefully at least taking a picture next to the painted rock will be able to bring back the memories of their high school years and the time they had at Centreville High School.



Arin, a second grader from Weyanoke ES, submitted these positive and delightful drawings. Her new addition is Rainbow Chameleon. She says, "Rainbows bring us hope, and chameleons show us how to make changes."



Illustration of tree with graphic of person stretching to brightly colored heart flowers



Over this pandemic and being stuck in quarantine I have learned through my mom, who is a parent liaison for FCPS, that some families don't have a device for their student to connect to the online platforms. I thought I could change that, so I decided to contact family and friends and make them aware of the situation. I asked them to help me spread the word and collect donations to set up kits for these students. Each kit consists of a tablet along with a case and a pair of headphones. I've been coordinating with the parent liaisons to identify the students in need and distributing the tablets directly to the students after setting them up with all the FCPS platforms they need (SIS, G Suite, Blackboard, their school website, and the school's technology resources page). We also download the Myon, Dreambox, and ImagineLearning apps that are essential for their learning. In addition, I connected this initiative with my personal passion, soccer. I have been playing soccer for as long as I can remember and I love it with all my heart. I’m a believer that we all need a healthy mind and healthy body. Therefore, in addition to the technology kits, I am giving each student a soccer ball along with a few videos to train with to encourage them to stay active while learning as well. Currently I'm trying to use social media to spread the word and be able to help more students Score4Education.


Natalie Kate

My new puppy, Honey, has become my new best friend. She is playful and loves her belly rubs. She is the sun on rainy days and never fails to make all of us laugh. My sister, Anna, is graduating this year. It has been surreal and difficult to wrap my head around that I won't be able to see my singing buddy everyday. My brother, Ethan, has become quite a character and I'm excited for his points of view during our wonderfully hectic dinners. Lastly, my parents. I have always been close with my parents, but this has brought us so much closer. We have laughed more, we have been real with each other, and we have been patient with one another. I will never get tired of my dad saying, "You amaze me." or my mom saying, "You look beautiful." I am so lucky to have my family during this, and I don't want to be anywhere else but home, quoting old movies and making memories.

Natalie Kate

Mental Health and Resiliency

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