Student Voice: Coronavirus

By FCPS Students
Student Voice
April 23, 2020

Students share their thoughts and tips on coping with coronavirus.


Sarah Raza and bicycle
Sarah Raza

Toward the end of March, I felt an inability to do anything productive because I felt constant anxiety from wondering how the world would cope with this pandemic. However, since about mid-April, I’ve also been living my dream life when I finally started to get myself organized. Every night, I go to bed at 10:30 p.m. and wake up at 6:45 a.m. with my mom. We take our time eating a healthy breakfast that I normally wouldn’t be able to eat on a school morning because of how slow of an eater I am. I also spend significantly less time on my phone than I normally would, and I fill up my time with reading, simply enjoying the company of my parents, basking in the sunshine while listening to music on my porch, doing some academic work and taking online courses on Coursera (currently I’m completing the Science of Well-Being course, which has been acknowledged as one of the most popular courses at Yale University. I highly recommend it, especially due to our present situation). While it can seem like nothing is right in this world at the moment, I encourage you to find what makes you happy and to seize your free time to do it. In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. 

--Excerpt from Sarah Raza, The Purple Tide's Coronavirus Diaries, a series of diary-type entries written by Chantilly High School students and staff documenting their day-to-day activities and experiences in quarantine. To read Sara's full editorial, and more Chantilly High School editorials, visit The Purple Tide.



This photo was inspired by the fact that these days I spend most of my time in my room bouncing around various activities, such as school, leisure, and just waiting for the days to pass.

Social Distancing


During the early stages of coronavirus, Kenneth's mother decided to fabricate some masks from old handkerchiefs. Kenneth's photograph captures this unique time.

Mother sewing handkerchief

CJ and Carly





I never thought I would regret hugging someone. A month after school ended, I ran into some friends. I hadn’t seen them since school, and I was so happy that I hugged them. Immediately after, I regretted it, wishing I could rewind that moment and walk away. Although it’s just a hug, it’s still enough to catch the coronavirus. They appeared well, but who knows? 

My family and I have been social distancing for a few weeks, and there are both positives and negatives. I have more family time before I leave for college. I also do leisurely things such as journaling that I couldn’t do during school.

The main negative for me is that school’s out. You take these moments for granted until they’re not. My last day of high school, I left in tears, sad about something pointless now. I wish I didn’t leave in tears. I wish I could return to say goodbye and thank you to Hayfield and my teachers.

Now, I shudder at large crowds and handshakes. People are dying and communities are isolated. I am scared, but realize that we have to adjust and choose hope in these changed circumstances to make it through.

-Zandy, Hayfield Secondary School


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