Kognito Online Simulations for Adults

By FCPS & Fairfax County Government
Healthy Minds
December 06, 2019

Fairfax County provides free online trainings to address a number of important topics such as suicide prevention, trauma awareness, resiliency, bullying prevention, and supporting military youth. The trainings are designed for educators, parents, and other adults who work with youth through Kognito online simulations.

The Kognito online simulations allow participants to enter a virtual environment and assume the role of an adult interacting with a young person. The interactive portion allows you to choose actions and responses, and receive real-time feedback on how well you are doing to engage the student in conversation and take appropriate actions. The different training modules teach adults how to differentiate between “normal” and “at-risk” behaviors and how to engage youth in challenging conversations. Depending on the simulation, you will additionally learn how to access and provide appropriate support and resources within the community or on an emergency basis. Certain faculty and staff in Fairfax County Public Schools are required to take some of the Kognito online trainings. They are available at no charge to all Fairfax County residents.

Visit Fairfax County’s website and enter “Kognito” in the search box and scroll down to the bottom of the page to create an account and start a training. Or, visit Kognito’s website.

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