Keeping Your Children Occupied While Schools are Closed (#3)

By FCPS & Fairfax County Government
April 01, 2020

With schools closed and social contact limited, parents and caregivers have to face a new daily to keep their children occupied while at home. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information being shared online in response to this challenge. Our plan has been to highlight some of the best ideas and resources available to help keep your children busy and engaged.

Check out our prior two blogs in this series at Healthy Minds...and be sure to stay up to date on FCPS's Distance Learning Plan for Continuity of Learning. At the end of this blog, please consider sharing any of your ideas for keeping children engaged while at home.

Visit the National Zoo and National Aquarium Virtually

Zoos and aquariums across the nation are closed, but that does not mean the animals are locked away. There are many free live cams available to see animals in action.

Practice Math and Language Arts with Freckle

Freckle is an online learning platform that allows students to practice Math and English Language Arts at their own level. Freckle continuously adapts to each student’s individual skills, so each student is getting the appropriate challenge, whether they’re working at, above, or below grade level. 

Freckle was designed to be used by teachers, and there is not a specific parent/family app at this time. However, you can sign up for a teacher account so that your children can access Freckle from home for free using an iPad or computer.

Explore Content Provided by PBS

The PBS website provides a wealth resources for students.

Get Free Access to Time for Kids

Time for Kids publishes a weekly magazine for elementary school students. They are now offering free access to a library of four grade-specific digital editions of TIME for Kids and Your $ financial literacy magazine. These digital editions contain lots of information for children that explains the world around them.

Discover the World with National Geographic

National Geographic believes there are many engaging, creative, and fun ways to learn at home.

  • Dive into curated collections of activities that have been developed for educators, parents, and caregivers to implement with K to 12 learners anywhere, anytime.
  • Check out the live broadcasts of Explorer Classroom. National Geographic is now hosting Explorer Classroom every weekday at 2:00 pm ET. Explorer Classroom’s live video events connect students with National Geographic Explorers across all seven continents to bring exploration to life.

Take a Quick Lesson on Science

Crash Course Kids explores the incredible world of science. They cover topics like animals including predators, prey, and food chains, and dive deep into oceans and soar into the atmosphere. New videos arrive every Tuesday and Thursday on their YouTube channel. Videos typically range from 3-5 minutes in length. 

Draw Everyday with JJK

Jarrett J. Krosoczka is a children's author and illustrator known for his picture books like Punk Farm and his graphic novel series, the Lunch Lady. He is offering daily drawing lessons on his YouTube channel that will keep budding artists engaged in learning. The webcasts are approximately 20-30 minutes in length and appropriate for all ages. New webcasts occur every weekday at 2:00 pm ET, and are archived for later viewing.

Complete an Outdoor Craft

Scholastic offers ideas for three outdoor crafts to be completed by children using items found in nature.

Trainings that Adults Should Consider Completing

Fairfax County provides free online trainings to address a number of important topics such as suicide prevention, trauma awareness, resiliency, bullying prevention, and supporting military youth. The trainings are designed for educators, parents, and other adults who work with youth through Kognito online simulations.

Visit Fairfax County’s website and enter “Kognito” in the search box and scroll down to the bottom of the page to create an account and start a training. Or, visit Kognito’s website.

Healthy Minds would love to hear from you!

Many families are trying their own creative ideas at home to keep children active and engaged. Please consider sharing any of your ideas and they may get posted in a future Healthy Minds blog.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Get information from FCPS and the Fairfax County Health Department on coronavirus (COVID-19).

What you should know:

How to take care of your child(ren) during the COVID-19 outbreak   |  available in Korean, Chinese, Amharic, and Spanish  

Coping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks 

Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope With the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) available in Chinese

When schools are in session, each school has a school counselor, psychologist, and social worker available to provide consultation, mental health services, and/or referrals to community services.  While schools are closed, please use this resource to secure mental health service for you or your children.

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