Friday Deadline for Virtual Program Application

By Fairfax County Public Schools
May 26, 2021

Dear Families of Currently Virtual Students and New Families for the 2021-22 School Year,

As a follow-up to previous communications, we are reminding you that the deadline to apply for FCPS’ limited Virtual Program is Friday, May 28. If your child will be returning for five days of in-person instruction this fall, you do not need to read any further. 

If you would prefer your child remain virtual in the 2021-22 school year, due to their individual documented health or medical need (not a sibling’s or a family member’s), and you have not yet taken the following steps, please do so by Friday, May 28:

  • Submit your child’s COVID-19 Health Eligibility Form  including the required documentation from a medical provider as described on the form. 
  • Complete the Virtual Program Enrollment Application via the online application portal. The portal link will be sent to the enrolling parent/guardian once the Virtual Program Enrollment Team receives your child’s Health Eligibility Form. 

The enrolling parent/guardian and the school principal will receive an email with a decision by Monday, June 7.  

If you are unable to access a healthcare provider, please contact your school for assistance. As always, they will be available to provide support for you and your family.  

Fairfax County Public Schools