FCPS Mental Wellness Consultations Are Available

By FCPS & Fairfax County Government
May 05, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption to our daily lives. Things that many took for granted such as visits with friends or family, participation in activities, open schools and businesses, job security, or good health have vanished almost overnight without any certainty of when or even if they will return. What has arrived with all of this are increased feelings of stress and worry. We feel it as adults and without a doubt, our children feel it too.

Not sure where to turn for assistance in responding to concerns about your child? FCPS school psychologists and school social workers are here to help. Any FCPS parent may schedule a 30-minute phone consultation with a school psychologist or school social worker who in most instances works at your child's school.

Consultations are offered in two ways:

  • Directly to parents of students in any grade level. This consultation provides an opportunity for parents to receive guidance on how to support their child’s emotional well-being. Information about community resources will also be made available.
  • Directly to students in middle or high school. This consultation provides support and strategies to students who may be experiencing difficulties with anxiety, mood, behavior, or peer or family interactions.

We encourage parents to take advantage of this service to get the support needed to help your child. Go ahead and request a consultation today. 

It is important to note that this consultation service is not intended for mental health emergencies. If an emergency is suspected or indicated, please call 911. In addition, students and families can visit here to find national and local resources for mental health support if there is a crisis or emergency.

FCPS Mental Wellness Consultations are Available

Any FCPS parent may request a 30-minute phone consultation with a school psychologist or school social worker. Parent consultations are available for all grade levels and student consultations are only available for students in middle and high school.

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