FCPS Cares - July/August 2019

By Department of Human Resources
FCPS Cares
July 10, 2019

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Brian DeQuittner and Casey Culbreath, Stonecraft Transportation Center

"Brian and Casey are a wonderful team. As transportation professionals, they always make sure my son is safe. They also go above and beyond to help him feel welcome, happy, and excited about school. They ensure my son starts his day at FCPS on the right foot and ends on a high note. In addition, they are each very professional, just plain friendly and always smiling! I am sure they have had bad days - they are human after all - but to be honest, I'd never know it given their positive attitudes.  It really makes a difference for the kids. Thank you, Brian and Casey!"

- an Aldrin ES parent


Jen Spicer, Willow Oaks Administrative Center

"Jen Spicer is an ABA Coach who is supporting Colin Powell ESY this summer. She is an affable and extremely capable ABA coach who somehow manages to be everywhere all at the same time! She takes initiative and provides learning opportunities for all staff members. She is extremely dedicated to student safety and providing opportunities for students and staff to learn. Jen is always willing to discuss student needs, strategies, policies and then gets involved in classrooms to demonstrate her recommendations. She has taught me so much in only three weeks of ESY this summer and I am so grateful for her dedication to the ESY program."

- Emily Cincinnati, Colin Powell ESY


Hank Garrett,  Virginia Hills Administrative Center

"I'd like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Hank Garrett. I am new to Virginia Hills this past year and he has helped me in countless ways, including addressing challenges with air conditioning, heating, lighting, door access and much, much more. Last week, I was teaching a class in the multi-purpose room. Mr. Garrett came to the rescue within 30 seconds when water started dripping from the ceiling while we were teaching our class. His professionalism, his leadership, his ability to quickly problem solve, and collaborate are a few of the many talents he brings to FCPS. Thank you, Mr.Garrett, for all you do each and every day!"

- Laura Thieman, Virginia Hills Administrative Center


Quincy Johnson, Joe Pence, and Aaron Curtis, Forte Center

"Good morning, Aaron. I wanted to thank you again for your assistance this morning. Quincy and Joe were outstanding in helping us get our shipment from the loading dock through our front doors. We greatly appreciate all of you for responding so quickly to our request and for all of your help! I can’t thank you enough…we are so grateful! Enjoy the rest of your day! Thank you for ALL you do."

- Melissa Miller, Deer Park ES


John Russell, Sideburn Support Center

"Mr. John Russell has been key to the school's recent re-tiling and carpeting endeavor.  He has assisted in numerous ways from guidance on the many options for flooring, to personally helping us move bookcases back into place. His expertise is impressive and his follow-up and concern with making things look great is much appreciated.  Thank you, John!"

- Terri Lynn Damon, Fairhill ES


Paul Green, Sideburn Support Center

"Paul and his team did an excellent job with a recent project at Fairhill ES. Paul was courteous and efficient while taking the time to let the office know the progress of the project. We sincerely appreciate his direction and efforts to keep everything moving along while maintaining attention to detail. Thanks, Paul!"

- Terri Lynn Damon, Fairhill ES


Vicki Glaze and George Kovch, Stonecroft Transportation

"Vicki and George are an exceptional bus driver and bus attendant team. They are currently supporting Eagle View Extended School Year and have been such an asset to our staff. We conducted a bus evacuation drill and Vicki and George were very well organized and prepared. They provided school staff with a diagram of their bus detailing the name of each student, where each student was seated, as well as the needed accommodation(s) of each student. Once all students were accounted for after the bus evacuation, they were able to locate all student belongings on the bus and return them to each student in a timely manner.  Their efforts did not go unnoticed.  Kudos to this fabulous team! Our students are lucky to have such caring professionals working with them on their commute to and from school each and every day. Thank you!"

- Kelly Petty, Willow Oaks


Aaron Kalman, Longfellow MS

"Mr. Kalmon made himself available to myself and my daughter whenever necessary. He listened to my concerns and addressed them. My daughter has never had such a math teacher. He provided instruction and taught my daughter as a whole person not just the subject. He helped both myself and my daughter recover from our anxiety over the subject matter thus making her available to rework her skills and learn new information. I have taught for 25 years and he is one of the most outstanding teachers I have ever had the pleasure to meet."

- a Longfellow MS parent


Tim Hilkert, Gatehouse Administration Center

"Mr. Hilkert provided an extraordinary level of service to help ensure the Adapted Curriculum Program was able to advertise and fill a position prior to the June deadline. Mr. Hilkert was incredibly responsive and helpful.  While I found his service to be exceptional, what takes it up a notch is how many other people I can only imagine Mr. Hilkert was assisting with requests at the end of June in addition to mine. His responsiveness enabled me to advertise before staff left for the summer and fill the position prior to the deadline. In the end, Mr. Hilkert’s work is going to enable the Adapted Curriculum Program to provide a higher level of support to schools working with students with disabilities who are accessing an adapted curriculum. Thank you, Mr. Hilkert!"

- Ellie Stack, Willow Oaks Administrative Center


Will Waite, Herndon MS

"Will volunteered his time to help unbox, scan, and configure settings on 3,068 laptops at Chantilly HS this morning. Without his help processing these laptops would have taken several days. His generous support allowed us to finish this project in a matter of hours. Thank you!"

- Jason Franks, Chantilly HS


Yvette Wilde, Rocky Run MS

"Yvette volunteered her time to help unbox, scan, and configure settings on 3,068 laptops at Chantilly HS this morning. Without her help processing these laptops would have taken several days. Her generous support allowed us to finish this project in a matter of hours. Thank you!"

- Jason Franks, Chantilly HS


Sharron Wooden, Poplar Tree ES

"Sharron volunteered her time to help unbox, scan, and configure settings on 3,068 laptops at Chantilly HS this morning. Without her help processing these laptops would have taken several days.  Her generous support allowed us to finish this project in a matter of hours. Thank you!"

- Jason Franks, Chantilly HS


Summer Johnson, Willow Oaks Administrative Center

"Summer, thank you for taking the time to teach Bea and me how to apply add-ons to Google Forms. We will be able to utilize these add-ons during our ESOL In-service and make it easier for our teachers to reserve their space. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us. We were impressed with your guidance and promptness."

- Evie Ifantides, Willow Oaks Administrative Center


Kim Horn, Daniels Run ES

"Mrs. Horn is inspirational and she has a wonderful rapport with her students. She seems to have a unique and effective way in connecting with her students and I feel this should be recognized. She is the best teacher in the world."

- a Daniels Run ES parent


Shatha Kamal, Ali Al Khanak, Huchen Zhang, Mahnaz Rismanchian, Eunsook Kwon, Eunyoung Cho, Saher Adnan, and Tan Nguyen, Gatehouse Administration Center

"This amazing team of translators provided translations in 8 languages for a collection of new resources to support Twice-Exceptional (2e) Learners. They did this difficult work on a very tight timeline, and the 2e Handbook project team is extremely grateful!"

- Beth Baldwin, Willow Oaks


Fran Migdal, Canterbury Woods ES

"This summer, Extended School Year services are being provided at Canterbury Woods ES. Some of the tech tools we needed had been put away in places we could not access. Fran came to school during his summer break to help locate them so that classrooms could run successfully. He said it "wasn't a big deal," but to those of us providing access and instruction to ESY students, it was a very big deal. Thank you, Fran, for being a fantastic team player!"

- Mollie Kropp, Assistive Technology Services


Jose HerediaSerrano, Spring Hill ES

"Jose has been my colleague and friend for many years.  Over that time, I have asked him numerous questions pertaining to the technology field. His range of knowledge baffles my brain every single time I send him a question!  He answers me in a manner that feels like he is talking "with" me, and not "down" to me.  I truly appreciate the fact that he shares his expertise so willingly throughout the year to myself, as well as our colleagues! He is a very helpful member of FCPS, and should be treasured!"

- Kurt Kohls, Madison HS


Terri Anderson, Plum Center

"Terri Anderson was exceptional in the way she helped me complete a registration for my son!  Even in the midst of the last date for summer class registration, she treated me like I was the only one she had to deal with (which I know was not true!). She took her time with my particular needs, we came to many roadblocks due to the nature of the class requested, but she navigated them easily!  In the end, she was able to get my son into an available class. I couldn't see it, but she gave off the sense that she had a smile on her face the entire time!  She is quite an asset to the ACE department! Thank you, Terri!"

- an FCPS parent