FCPS Cares - February 2020

By Department of Human Resources
February 04, 2020

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FCPS Cares of the Month Recipients

Kim Kelly, Area 3 Transportation

"I want to recommend any possible awards for Kim, the driver of 630, for her actions this morning in regards to seeing a 4-5-year-old young man running down Route 29 Northbound around 9:10 am. She took action and pulled her bus over immediately, got the young man aboard her bus and then called dispatch. I listened as the situation unfolded as I was passing her location. She stated that the young man was 4-5 years old and trying to get to Daycare at the Kindercare on the corner of Stone Rd and Route 29. This was across the intersection from where bus 630 was sitting with the young man. Keep in mind that this is a very busy intersection during rush hour, it was raining heavily and if this young man had tried to cross Route 29 which is 6+ lanes with a median, the outcome could have been tragic. Kim remained calm as she provided information and obtained permission to transport this individual to the daycare. I truly believe that Melody saved this young man's life and prevented a terrible moment for a family. I believe that this is what being a public servant is all about. She demonstrated a caring attitude for this young man that goes well beyond her duties as an FCPS bus driver. She should be given all the accolades deserved for saving a child. The dispatcher in Area 3, Dawn, said it best "You have earned your wings today!"

- Claude Freeman


Region 1: Lesley Aschenbach, Aldrin ES

"The Aldrin PTA offers over 30 before and after school enrichment courses to the student community every year and each year Lesley is an integral piece of the puzzle in terms of working with vendors, making sure students get to the locations, following up with teachers to time coding, booking locations for the various programs, reviewing paperwork and providing insight and recommendations into the types of sessions that may fit the best for our entire diverse student community.  Her advice and support are welcomed and truly beneficial to the program and helps make sure the various sessions go off without a hitch.  Sometimes as parents we do not realize all that goes into the back office administration to make these types of programs work - but I have seen first hand all the work and time commitment that is required. Thanks, Lesley, for helping us continue these programs and for your involvement that allows these enrichment programs at Aldrin to flourish for our students!"

- an Aldrin ES parent


Region 2: Holley Remer, Chesterbrook ES

"Holly Remer is an amazingly helpful, efficient, and kind front office assistant at Chesterbrook ES. When school closed early on January 7th, she helped me through the last-minute green slip process.  I made a mistake that resulted in my child getting on the wrong school bus. She kept me from panicking, communicated quickly and efficiently with the bus driver, and safely got my child back to the school office where she calmed my daughter, kept her busy (while the rest of the staff went home), and waited for me to get through the snow-snarled traffic until I could pick up my child.  Holley is known for knowing the names of all the children and parents, remaining calm and knowing what to do in every situation, and being a bright light in any day.  My daughter said, "the [Chesterbrook] kids believe she is Santa's cousin because she's just that nice and can make everything work out."  It might seem like magic, but I can see how much she cares about the Chesterbrook community and how hard she works to help everyone, every day."

- Laura Krafsur, Parent


Region 3: Lonnie Bickel, Pulley Career Center

"As principal of Pulley Career Center, Mr. Bickel has supported the Pulley Warriors basketball team since the team's formation two years ago by attending every game that they have played. Not only does Mr. Bickel attend each game - he paints his face with the team colors and a big red "W" on his forehead. All the team coaches and other Pulley teachers who attend the games are great supporters, but Mr. Bickel took it even one step further by participating in the Special Olympics polar plunge - not once, but twice - to raise money for the team. We fully expected him to plunge only once (isn't that enough?) but he donned his warrior costume one more time this January and won best costume! Thank you to Mr. Bickel and the Pulley Career Center staff for their commitment to the team and each student."

- Salino Family, Pulley Career Center


Region 4: Sarah Pike, Lindsay Warren, Athena Privett, Madi McKenna, Becky Brandt, Anita Williams,  West Springfield High School

"In order to support WSHS's first-year Unified Basketball team, Sarah Pike, teachers, coaches, and managers organized an absolutely incredible FanQuest tournament event on a Saturday evening. Along with the student-athletes, they built hype by promoting on social media, printing and selling t-shirts during lunches, and doing invitation-writing as an English class lesson (who can turn down a personally-written, customized, well-edited, hand-delivered invitation from an athlete? I sure couldn't!)  All that savvy promotion brought a lot of fans to the stands, and we were treated to an exciting event that had the feel of a championship tournament. The pep band, four basketball teams, three cheerleading squads, spirit signs, a 50/50 drawing, senior/parent flower presentations, concessions, spirit wear, souvenirs, announcers, music, a roaring crowd, the Spartan mascot throwing t-shirts into the stands... I must be missing a few elements, but Mrs. Pike, her athletes, and collaborating staff didn't miss a thing. It was a great time, and I can't believe it was a first-year event. The players were treated like basketball stars, and they played like stars. Kudos not only for bringing Unified Basketball to WSHS, but also for bringing some serious fun to the fans. I can't wait to see how they top this next year."

- Heather Frei, Willow Oaks


Region 5: Michelle McCarten, Daniels Run ES

"I would like to recognize Michelle McCarten, one of the music teachers at Daniels Run Elementary School. Michelle is AMAZING! Every year for Valentine’s Day she takes orders for singing telegrams.  She then has the Daniels Run Singers deliver the telegrams. She offers a choice of songs and the telegram can either be delivered in person or by phone. For every telegram, there is a suggested donation amount. All those purchasing the telegrams support local school food programs in Fairfax City Schools and directly benefit students at Lanier Middle School and Fairfax High School, some of whom are Daniels Run or Providence Elementary School families. The program works in partnership with Britepaths and Food for Others.
Every year I place an order for singing telegrams. These singing telegrams touch not only those who are benefiting from the food programs but all those who receive the telegrams as well. One person who received a telegram from me this year said, “Thank you so much for my singing telegram! They sang to me while I was taking care of the kids at lunch. The choir sang beautifully and I got hugs. When they finished the entire cafeteria cheered! It made their day too.” This year Michelle went above and beyond (as she always does) and missed her lunch to ensure that everyone received their singing telegram.
Michelle, you are a perfect illustration of FCPS CARES. Thank you for being such an incredible music teacher, for leading the Daniels Run singers, and for caring about our students, our families, and our community. It’s appropriate that I am writing this on Valentine’s Day because you are one of the people at the HEART of FCPS CARES."

- Stacy Green, Providence ES

Other FCPS Cares of the Month Submissions

Patrick Ogden, Sprague Technology Center

“Patrick Ogden went above and beyond to help a fellow coworker when he fell on the job. He took him to an emergency care facility and waited with him until he was cleared to go home. His actions represent what we strive to do here in FCPS not only for the students but for all of its stakeholders. Cheers to you Pat!"

- a Sprague Technology Center colleague


Kathleen Adkisson, McNair ES

"Kathleen is an exceptional educator who consistently goes above and beyond for our school and community! She is a member of the Fourth Grade Team and has served as Team Lead both in 1st and 4th grades, with a focus on Math instruction. She also participates in several committees within the school and attends other learning opportunities offered to grow professionally. She works collaboratively with teachers on the team as well as other grade levels and specialists. Kathleen has taken part in the Mentorworks program for two years, dedicating free time to students who would benefit from a role model, meeting weekly with her mentee providing a nurturing atmosphere for her mentee each week. She is currently finishing her masters +30 this semester. Kathleen is an effective communicator working towards bridging a gap between AAP and gen ed so that everyone is active and involved in team decisions. She has held professional development sessions for our staff such as PBL basics and how to effectively organize your intervention block. Kathleen volunteers at before and after school functions such as Literacy Nights, Pi Nights and Family Fun Nights. Additionally, Kathleen serves as one of our school’s PBL lead teachers, as well as participation in a Rethinking Virginia Studies cohort, spending time managing students with various behavior and academic accommodations, meanwhile creating extension activities for level IV students, and providing opportunities for learning virtually through blended learning lessons within Google classroom and through the usage of FCPS approved apps. McNair is fortunate to have Kathleen on staff as she exhibits positive energy and is always friendly with all staff and students! :)"

- Teresa Kelley, McNair ES


Tammy Snyder, Stonecroft Transportation

"Tammy consistently addresses concerns in a student-focused, timely, and professional manner.  It is a pleasure to partner with her in supporting all students, including students in our PAC, ECCB, and Enhanced Autism programs. Thank you, Tammy!"

- Rachel Charlton, Aldrin ES


Jamie Haley, Lanier MS

"Ms. Haley is my daughter's counselor. My daughter has rare, and incertain health conditions that are triggered with any virus. Ms. Haley was able to communicate with me in a way that was over and above the care and dedication that I expected in trying to make and figure out how to make decisions during this very uncertain time. She not only responded promptly, respectfully, she also coordinated a phone call amongst the public health staff, the administration, and others at G's school to make sure that I was aware of the accommodations available to G, as well as the school's flexibility and respect for the decisions made by parents, as well as individual care for students' wellbeing."

- a Lanier MS parent


Kim Morrison, Daniels Run ES

"My daughter is in Ms. Morrison's kindergarten class. We have been so impressed with our daughter's improvement in reading. She is taking risks when picking books and does not get intimidated by challenging texts. She has also come out of her quiet shell and is leading their morning message. It is my belief that because of the hard work that Ms. Morrison, Ms.Gijon, & Ms. Wheat have put in with her, Lucy has soared to new heights. Thank you very much!"

- a Daniels Run ES parent


Vince Fulginiti, Lorton Center

"Vince is always ready to help any of us with our IT concerns or problems."

- Deanna Connelly, Lorton Center


Rhonda Jones Howard, Rachel Carson MS

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the hard work you do to shape our kids. As a parent, I have seen so much improvement in my son's ability to take responsibility and not be scared of working hard. Thank you for pushing our kids to be able to get the best from them.
Please keep up the great work you do!"

- a Rachel Carson MS parent


Jessica Davis, Fairfax Villa ES

"Ms. Davis has been exceptional this year with providing feedback with our son in her class. She lets us know of concerns, has been willing to work with us on positive reinforcement techniques with him in the classroom and most recently she made my week by leaving me a thoughtful voicemail about how proud she was of him for sticking up for a fellow student who was being bullied. She has generously given books to the students with inscriptions that will stick with them for years...We are SO THANKFUL that teachers like Jessica Davis are in our school district & school!  We are also super thankful that our son has the benefit of learning with her guidance this year. She is rumored to be “the best” among the students and now we see why! Thank you so much for all you do to help each student rise to be their best!!"

- a Fairfax Villa ES parent


Marialys Gruneiro, Riverside ES

"Ms. Gruneiro is a 1st-grade teacher at Riverside Elementary. I've never seen someone work so hard at their craft like she does. Marialys is hard-working and welcoming. As a first-year teacher, the year is already pretty challenging. I remember at the beginning of the year, Ms. Gruniero came to my room to introduce herself. I had no idea who this woman was, but she told me, "I'm just down the hall if you need anything." She's told me this many times since, and it could not be more true. Even though I am a 3rd-grade teacher, Ms. Gruneiro constantly wants to see the growth of teachers, as well as the growth of her students. She pushes them to strive for success and to reach goals that are greater than themselves. She constantly reminds, even myself,  that I am reaching my own goals as an educator. I'm so thankful she popped by to introduce herself and offer support. She's a phenomenal educator, team lead, mother, and our school is so lucky to have her."

- Stephanie Avants, Riverside ES


Shey Gift, Clermont ES

"Shey Gift is my coworker. While working with her, I noticed the caring support she gives from the bottom of her heart to her students and coworkers. I am impressed with her good strategies to work well with students and parents and in this way to bring positive results and relationships. In addition, in teamwork, she is always willing to take the more challenging parts, and she never puts blame on her teammates. Instead, she takes initiative actions and more responsibilities to support her team positively."

- Jing Feng, Clermont ES


Daniel Vroman, Lanier MS

Mr. Vroman brought the National History Day program to Lanier Middle School.  My daughter was one of the finalists to attend the regional competition on Saturday, February 29th, 2020. Mr. Vroman helped her prepare her process paper for the competition and was at the event from 8 a.m. until the end of the awards program well after 3 p.m. He took time out of his weekend to support his students. This is above and beyond!

- a Lanier MS Parent


Marilyn Steormann, Lanier MS

"Mrs. Steormann knows my child is shy and timid and struggles a bit in school - she has been by their side since day 1 of middle school to ensure he is understanding what is expected of him and encouraging him along the way. She went out of her way in her free time to help him get signed up for the School Wiffle Ball program since she knows this brings joy to his day and gets him out of his shell.  His middle school transition wouldn't have been as great of an experience for him had she not been by his side (and mine!) helping him along the way and giving him the skills he needs to be successful at Lanier. Thank you Mrs. Steormann, your kindness and support is not overlooked and we appreciate you more than you know."

- a Lanier MS Parent


Dave Magee, Stratford Landing ES

"Dave Magee is a Physical Education teacher at Stratford Landing ES who consistently goes above and beyond to foster a climate of positivity, kindness, and inclusiveness. In addition to all he does during the week, Mr. Magee makes an effort to attend sporting events throughout the year of as many students as he can to show support and create a sense of community. We are thankful to have him at SLES!"

- Lauren Labra, Parent


Kristin Bennink, Bonnie Brae ES

"A new student newly enrolled in our school and was recommended to participate in our mentor program. Kristin Bennink took it upon herself to build up a relationship with this young boy and build his trust. She quickly discovered he had a love for sports, specifically basketball, and made a point of focusing on that interest. Kristin went above and beyond her duties to build a caring relationship with this student."

- Kaitlin Burg, Bonnie Brae ES


Ben Hemmens, Belvedere ES

I would like to thank and recognize the entire staff at Belvedere! Teachers, front office, custodians, cafeteria, counselors, etc. - everyone goes above and beyond. But Ben is an especially invaluable resource, both for me as a parent and as a PTA board member. Copies, information, assistance, planning, heads-up, support, thinking of things we miss - Ben is a constant help. And always with a smile and good humor!

- a Belvedere ES Parent


Rhonda Jones Howard, Carson MS

"Mrs. Howard has been working with my child to catch up on missed work due to health/medical reasons. Since my child has been working with Mrs.Howard, my son is finally getting the instruction time, guidance and patience to gain the knowledge needed to catch up on the work missed in the past 6 months. Mrs. Howard keeps an organized schedule, shows up on time, communicates clearly and establishes boundaries and expectations for my child. Mrs. Howard encourages and guides my son to always try and do their best.  Mrs. Howard has also provided the opportunity for my child to develop a positive relationship with an adult.  When my child struggles with the subject "ALGEBRA;" Mrs. Howard encourages him to keep pushing through and sets goals based on where the child is and where the child's learning skills should be. With everything going on with my family this year, we are blessed to have Mrs. Howard. Mrs. Howard is one amazing woman!! She loves teaching and positively guides ALL of  her students to face the next challenge.  We are Very blessed to have met her and I would highly recommend her for challenging your child to do their best, and understand and comprehend their school assignments."

- a Carson MS Parent


Megan Spain & Sarah Nguyen, Nancy Sprague Technology Center

"These ladies are amazing!  With a large teaching staff here at Chantilly, I seem to encounter wonky things in SIS on a regular basis.  We are so lucky to have Megan and Sarah to support.  They always have the answers, and if they don't, they FIND the answer and follow up.  I would never be able to keep up with all of the updates and changes to Synergy without their knowledgeable responses and super helpful monthly webinars!!!!"

- Emily Phelan, Chantilly HS


Maricel Abcede, Sonia Castillo Hercules, Susan Davis, Gezahegn Woldeyes, Ronald Vann, Amber Philpott, Amanda Reaves, Jacqueline Webb, Jessica Howard, Darryl Lucas, Denise Downing, Transportation

"Recently I had to call transportation to have the late buses return to the after-school program to pick up students. Transportation immediately sent the buses that I requested back to Whitman after they had left. All the drivers returned quickly and picked up the students and made sure they got home safely. I want to thank the team of drivers out of Whitman who drive the late runs. They make sure weekly the students get to and from school safely. Their efforts don't go unnoticed and I appreciate all that they do each day. Thank you for what you do each day in getting the students to school and home from the after-school program."

- Chris Tippins, Whitman MS


Robyn Lady, Chantilly HS

"Robyn is the DSS of Chantilly HS. While I do not work there, I know numerous staff that do. She continually goes out of her way to ensure her staff have all the support they need to do their jobs effectively. Robyn continues to provide a nurturing environment for her staff which then benefits the students, faculty, and community at Chantilly. I am continually impressed with her commitment and passion to support counselors who are on the front lines."

- Sean Burke, Thomas Jefferson HS


Katelyn Touhey and Aubrey Franco, Lake Braddock SS

"Katelyn and Aubrey invited administrative and instructional support staff to observe a class discussion on community for their English 10 classes. The students were clearly well prepared to discuss using their resources and personal experiences and were involved in a deep discussion about about online communities and the effects of social media on personal relationships. I'm not sure if the teachers planned for this to be a lesson in digital citizenship, but that's what it turned out being. It was an amazing example of student-driven discussions about real issues that they face in a digital community. I'm so thankful Katelyn and Aubrey opened their door so I could observe the discussion and hear what students have to say about digital citizenship in an authentic context."

- Carin Frank, Lake Braddock SS

Sommer Conway, Oakton ES

"My daughter loves school because Mrs. Conway makes school a welcoming place and provides so many opportunities for growth. Mrs. Conway sets students up for success by creating fun games to help them review for tests. And if students don't do their best work the first time, she works with them so they are able to understand and correct their mistakes. She also plans many projects for students to learn both content and collaborative skills. Mrs. Conway builds a love of reading by organizing several book clubs at a time and she reads all of the book club selections so she can participate in every discussion. Last, my daughter loves seeing her teacher outside of the school day.  Also, Mrs. Conway can be found at any and all of the after school events. My daughter is lucky to have such a dedicated, caring teacher."

- an Oakton ES Parent

Emily Owens, Lake Braddock SS

"Emily Owens and her AP Chemistry class helped the science team greatly by completing some real-world tests for the elementary science program.  The students tested and verified water quality test results so that all 6th grade science classes will have accurate information for their new H2O unit.  The students prepared a report with photos that will help the teachers and students interpret the results of their own water quality tests."

- Tim Harazin, Willow Oaks


Kimberly Gallagher, Oak Hill ES

"Thank you Mrs. Gallagher for being so prompt and kind in dealing with a recent classroom situation with my child.  Your help is truly appreciated!"

An Oak Hill ES Parent


Jessica Trexler, Area 3 Transportation, Stonecroft

"Jessica made time in her busy schedule to come to the Area 2 office and provide training for the supervisors in this region. She created a collaborative learning environment and the training was very successful. Thank you Jessica!"

- Carole Phelps, Area 2 Transportation, Lorton Center


Bill Carder, Area 3 Stonecroft Transportation

"Bill made time in his busy schedule to come to the Area 2 office and provide training for the supervisors in this region.  He created a collaborative learning environment and the training was very successful.  Thank you Bill!"

- Carole Phelps, Area 2 Lorton Transportation


Valerie Moorehead, Terra Centre ES

"I would like to give a shoutout to a wonderful FCPS employee. Her name is Valerie Moorehead from Terra Centre ES. My car was broken into last night and my children’s backpacks were stolen. One was found close to Terra Centre and was turned into the school. This wonderful employee contacted my child’s school to let them know that one of the backpacks was found. She took time out of her day to go around the school to try to find the other one (there were two backpacks). She is a great person since she helped a sad child, that doesn’t even attend Terra Centre. Kudos to this employee who has gone above and beyond!"

- Patricia Aranibar De Salinas, Parent


Elizabeth Caligiuri, Greenbriar East ES

"Best SBT around!  Liz is softspoken, kind, infinitely patient and extremely knowledgeable.  I, and many others, are grateful for her unending willingness to help us in any aspect of tech support from teaching to tech support, she is always an asset to the staff."

- Berta Cahill, Greenbriar East ES


Erin Soley, Lorton Station ES

"Ms. Solely I wish to thank you so much for your support and contribution to Ms. Hall 's class today due to the shortage of subs. Your decision and your significant level of effort to split and pull students into your class and to all the first grade team is greatly appreciated!! Thank you for being an extraordinary teacher who always has a vision and a plan when unexpected circumstances arise and being a big team-player!  Big thank you Ms. Soley. Today and always you are appreciated!"

- Safia Hussein, Lorton Station ES


Emily Salzinger, Willow Oaks

"During my prep this morning I spent time in the workroom where Emily Salzinger, our OT, was working with a student. I was really impressed with the variety of tasks Emily had the student doing – all focused on different writing skills. The variety seemed key to keeping the student engaged and focused on practicing his skills. She used a lot of positive praise and reinforcement which the student responded really well to. When the student asked questions that could be distracting or off topic, Emily addressed some of them when possible and then redirected the student to the task at hand. I saw Emily seamlessly documenting student work without breaking the student’s focus. As a teacher, I was impressed with Emily’s ability to keep the student on task, to give quick breaks (which still addressed the student's needs), and to balance the number of individual tasks she was giving the student. Every correction or reminder was said with respect and care, and every moment of the lesson seemed to be purposeful. As a parent, I would not hesitate to have her work with my child. Her high regard and support for her student were extremely evident. It made my day to see one of our Lemon Road students having needs met in such a caring and supportive environment."

- Abigail Doble, Lemon Road ES


Suzanne Metz, North Springfield ES

"I don't have one specific date of experience with Ms. Metz. I have nine years of experience with her as gym teacher to my three girls. She is phenomenal - a true gift to FCPS and the kids at NSES. In addition to gym, she is instrumental in the school's Top 10 run, the school play, the Colonial dance, running club, board games club, safety patrol, etc... She is always looking for a way to make school a fun, safe, and inviting place for the students. My biggest regret about the fact that my kids are moving on to middle school next year is that they won't have Ms. Metz in their daily school life anymore. She deserves every accolade you can throw at her."

- Jennifer Porter, Parent


Khaled Noori, Mark Twain MS

"He is the best teacher ever!!!"

- Mark Twain MS Student


Barbara Wickizer, Saratoga ES

"Barb is an instructional assistant who goes above and beyond. She is an invaluable member of our team. With 10 IEPs in our class and all the related services associated with them, it can be challenging to keep the schedules straight. Barb always knows exactly where the students need to be, what needs to be done and does it all effortlessly!"

- Nevada Sprung, Saratoga ES


Courtney Meiklejohn, Saratoga ES

"Courtney goes above and beyond to care for her students and advocate for their needs. She gives up hours of her own time to facilitate our CTs and plan math units with us. She is a team player who we can always count on!"

- Nevada Sprung, Saratoga ES


Rachel Wimer, Flint Hill ES

"I would like to recognize Rachel Wimer for a daily dedication to the students she serves, and to the support she gives to co-workers. Everyday, and I do mean everyday, Rachel finishes her bus duty in the afternoon, and then heads over to my  duty area to help me finish up safely at Kiss and Ride , and to spend a couple more minutes building relationships with the students. I am so grateful and proud to work with a colleague that cares so much. Rachel exemplifies what FCPS stands for, with her work ethic and pure kindness."

- Lynne Kohls, Flint Hill ES


Melanie Porter, Frost MS

"Melanie Porter’s support as I work on earning my administration endorsement has been invaluable. I appreciate her time and patience in supporting my learning and growth. Thank you!"

- Laura Reed, Frost MS


Michael Salaita, Special Services

"While Mike was at TSRC Alexandria, a student of mine was scheduled for an intake interview (she was transitioning out of Foundations, a residential, court ordered placement- it is common for our students to have to move schools during the school year- not easy for anyone, but often even harder for our kids, who have many obstacles/challenges). Because Mike knew this student and her propensity for anxiety, he decided to clear his afternoon so he could stay and greet her and be in on the meeting. He contacted me for information and questions to ask her that would be helpful. He then helped her to feel comfortable and "known" at a new place. To me, Mike embodies the caring, nurturing workplace that is IAS. This is the reason that I would rather work for IAS than for any other school/department in FCPS."

- Maureen Posten, Special Services


Annemarie Cartwright, Greenbriar East ES

"I'm so thankful for Annemarie. My co-counselor has been out with the flu and she helped me at the end of the day on 2/21. She is also one of the SCA co-sponsors and helps sets up for the early meetings. I love Annemarie's heart to help, energy and positive attitude."

Lilly Shin, Greenbriar East ES


Maggi Sams, Fort Hunt ES

"Maggi Sams is an inspiration to the students and myself. She is always giving good advice and using different techniques to help me assist the students. Her favorite motto is “If Shermonty Is Not Happy, No One Is Happy!” Happy Fox of the Week Maggi!"

- Shermonty Nelson, Fort Hunt ES

Yanneth McCoy, Daniels Run ES

"During her first week as our new Spanish parent liaison Yanneth McCoy worked tirelessly with our ESOL team and Spanish speaking families to help coordinate the Latina SciGirls program at the Science Center in Fairfax. She spent hours of time calling families to help explain the program, transportation, work out any challenges with the children attending, and helping them to get registered. Due to her efforts we have approximately 45 girls attending on a Friday evening and they are having a wonderful time and learning so much about STEM. It was quite the welcome to our school for her and we are eternally grateful for all she did to make this such a success.
Gracias Yanneth!"

- Michael Parker, Daniels Run ES


Terrance Diggs, Transportation

"We received a report from our Safety and Security Office at 5:20 p.m. on Friday, regarding a missing student.  Although he was at the end of his work day and getting ready to park his school bus, he stopped everything and headed in the direction the student was last seen to start a physical search of the area to locate the student.   It is people like him, and his commitment and dedication to our students and community, that make FCPS great!"

- Carole Phelps, Transportation 


Jennie Smith, Bull Run ES

"Thank you, Jennie Smith, for sharing your wisdom and experiences with early childhood special education teachers. Your passion for teaching combined with your personal perspective provided insight for teachers on how to make IEPs successful and effective for families and school staff. The ECID & S program is lucky to have you."

- Erin Snell, Leydi Uoy, Christie Johnson & Jonie Smith, Bull Run ES

Kaleigh Hartman, Fairhill ES

"Thank you so much to Mrs. Hartman for her quick thinking and diligence in providing care for my son after he fell on the playground. My son had fallen at school and seemed to be ok after the fall. However, Mrs. Hartman kept an eye on him and noticed how bad the swelling had gotten. She called me and I came to pick him up right away. Thankfully, due to her calling me at the right time, I was able to quickly schedule an appointment for him. It turned out he had a fracture in his ankle. I am thankful for the care she provided to him that day and for the wonderful year that my son is having in her class."

Saima Malik, Parent


Eileen Doyle, Robinson SS

"Eileen is in her 13th year as the college and career center specialist at Robinson. This year Eileen decided to do something new for our College Information Night. Eileen put together a mock admissions committee review program for both students and parents to attend. The program enlisted a handful of college admissions counselors from around the country and allowed parents and students valuable insight into the admissions process. The program received rave reviews from all that were involved and was an overall enormous success!"

- Travis Hess, Robinson SS


Amy Sprague, Lorton Center

"We received a report from our Safety and Security Office at 5:20 on Friday, regarding a missing student.  Although we were at the end of our work day and getting ready to go home, she stopped everything she was doing and stayed late, to focus on finding the student.  It is people like her, and her
commitment and dedication to our students and community, that make FCPS great!"

- Carole Phelps


Colleen Eddy, Willow Oaks

"Colleen Eddy spent the day with us at McLean sharing her knowledge and understanding of visible thinking routines. She was an invaluable resource for teachers, helping them brainstorm and create student-centered lessons utilizing visible thinking routines."

- Nishi Langhorne, McLean HS


Scott Darwin and Jennifer Bury, Lake Braddock SS

"Over the past four months, Scott Darwin and Jennifer Bury have lead our School Planning Council (SPC), which is a committee of parents, students, and staff.  Scott and Jennifer have planned and implemented engaging sessions that focused on examining data, engaging in dialogue about our needs as a school, gathering input and feedback on our shared vision, as well as providing information on the landscape of education (Portrait of a Graduate, Theory of Action, research on best practices).  I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with these exceptional educators and I know parents, students, and staff appreciate all of the great work Scott and Jennifer put into creating meaningful and informational SPC sessions."

- Ana Cingel, Lake Braddock SS


Jeff Hewitt, Longfellow MS

"I wanted to highlight the incredible support my family has received from Jeff Hewitt and the rest of the mental health support staff at Longfellow Middle over the past 5 months.  Jeff and the rest of the staff combine a rare mix of empathy and flexibility with technocratic competence as we looked to accommodate my child's needs. Jeff has continued to look out for our family and has gone above and beyond to help us access all FCPS resources that may be available to our family. He has done so the whole time with competence and compassion, and should be commended. I couldn't have dreamed of a better team to have behind us. Thank you Jeff and Longfellow Middle."

- A Longfellow MS Parent


Amy Soos and Kristin Girardin, Lake Braddock SS

"Amy Soos and Kristin Giradin have developed and implemented an engaging, relevant, and meaningful protocol for our stakeholders to provide feedback on our draft vision based on ideas developed by members of the Shared Visioning Committee.  Over 200 staff provided input and we have parent, student, and community feedback events planned using the same protocol.  Staff was not only able to see and feel why our school needs a vision, but they were also able to see the thought process for each committee that played a vital role in developing the draft: School Planning Council (parents, students, staff), Shared Visioning Committee (teachers and specialists), and Principal's Council (students).  In addition, they have lead the Shared Visioning Committee over the past five months to develop our focus areas with an emphasis to the answer of this question: What do we want the children we teach to be like as adults?  Working with these two ladies is a pleasure.  I appreciate their hard work, dedication, attention to detail, holistic perspective, and a focus on what is best for our children!"

- Ana Cingel, Lake Braddock SS


Gertrud Roeseler, Riverside ES

"Gertrud goes out of her way to continuously help our classroom. We are in constant need of books to support our specialized programs, and Gertrud is always so helpful in helping us connect with other schools to track down books we are searching for. She has many responsibilities, but is always eager to help our classroom. We appreciate all she does... with a smile!"

- Lorri Hallenbeck, Riverside ES


Leslie Kendall, Bull Run ES

"Leslie gave a very informative lecture to the teachers at the school today about speech and language. She and her team were so well prepared and knowledgeable. They provided more insight than we even expected and stayed extra long to answer questions we had about particular situations. We can’t wait to have Leslie come back to speak on another topic."

- Nora St. Arnold, St. Timothy's Preschool


Caroline Hagerty, Lemon Road ES

"Ms. Hagerty is my son’s third grade teacher.  What stands out about Ms.
Hagerty to me is: (1) the quality of the instruction that she provides her students, including her organization; 2) how well she knows her students; and (3) how her students have a strong sense of identity and/or team in belonging to Ms. Hagerty and her classroom. Well done and thank you Ms. Hagerty!"

- Adam Sutton, Parent


Robbie Hellman, Willow Oaks

"Robbie has been an incredible resource to our school and community.  She is passionate about her work and perseveres in challenging situations. Robbie's calm demeanor and unique skill set has led to productive conversations, collaboration, and problem solving."

- Eva-Beth Levy, Kanchana Iyer, Keieownna Hightower, Eagle View ES


Tammi Sisk, Willow Oaks

"Tammi, thank you for taking the time and leading the Caring Culture Committee’s FORUM discussion titled “Hope, Resilience, and Agency in the Age of Misinformation” at the LEARN session at Willow Oaks on February 11. The purpose of the discussion focused on how we can better support our students in the Age of Misinformation. This was a worthwhile activity that benefited all of us. Thank you for putting together such a thoughtful event and for helping to foster a caring culture. We all appreciate your insight!"

- Evie Ifantides, Willow Oaks


Julia Dowsett, Aldrin ES

"Mrs. Dowsett went above and beyond, as usual, to brighten a student's day. This particular student is going through a very difficult time.  Mrs. Dowsett collaborated with the teacher to recognize the student as an excellent helper and even personally requested their help a second time.  Thank you for being you, Julia!"

- Rachel Charlton, Aldrin ES


Jorge Velasquez Alvarez, Cub Run ES

"Jorge goes above and beyond each and every day to ensure that our building is a clean and safe environment for both students and adults.  He is always willing to lend a hand and shows true compassion for students and staff here at school.  He is a wonderful example to the students of what a hard worker looks like and is someone that we are very blessed to have on staff here at Cub Run!"

Dana Willis, Cub Run ES


Marlow Rivas-Basinger, Riverside ES

"Marlow has been a complete joy to have join our team at Riverside Elementary School. She brings such an extensive wealth of knowledge and experiences that have already made such a positive impact on our diverse student population. She is collaborative, thoughtful, and purposeful in her approach in working with teachers as well as students. Marlow brings a positive attitude that is completely contagious and captures or motto of "effort and attitude" on a daily basis! We are lucky to have her!"

- Anna Macedonia


Peter Gillen, Sherri Dezort, Paula Bordenkecher,  Riverside ES

"This phenomenal team of individuals have been instrumental in facilitating Tier 2/3 Interventions at Riverside this year! They are incredibly flexible and adaptable with training, implementation, and tracking necessary data of student progress within the programs and doing so with fidelity. They are building relationships with students as well as creating an environment that is engaging and increasing their confidence. We are incredibly fortunate for each of them and their experiences and expertise!"

- Anna Macedonia, Riverside ES


Christina Weise, Freedom Hill ES

"Mrs. Weise has been a  blessing to my daughter this year and continues to take interest in my oldest daughter whom she also had in her class previously. She always makes students feel welcome in the mornings, keeps them engaged and learning all day and makes sure they are safe. My daughters feel so much love from her while my husband and I feel so much gratitude for everything our kids learn from her. She takes pride in her work and her students. She responds to concerns immediately and she has an amazing ability to continuously come up with so many new ways to keep the little minds in her classroom learning and growing academically. She's creative, loving and an overall kind person. Freedom Hill is lucky to have her and my family is forever grateful for the opportunity to know her."

- Cheyenne Wischmeir, Parent


Petra Helmeke, Feedom Hill ES

"Ms. Helmeke has a challenging job with managing all the students in the cafeteria during lunch time and she does it with patience, kindness and a huge smile everyday!! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication and I know the students appreciate it too!!"

- Geetha Anand, Parent


Cullen Gunn, Lorton Station ES

"Cullen has stepped up to help the front office tremendously from helping parents picking up their children to helping with transportation questions.
We are short staffed until March until our new hires join our team. Great Job Cullen!"

- Glendy McDaniel, Lorton Station ES


Kathleen "Kathy" Rials, Transportation (Stonecroft)

The bus drivers at Lanier Middle School do not have an easy job. Transporting adolescents in NOVA traffic can be stressful. I find that the Lanier bus drivers try to connect with students and develop relationships, some of which started in elementary school. Kathy is eager to participate in school Spirit Week activities to make her bus run fun. She also takes an interest in her students, and checks in with them to see how they are doing. She does more than just transport, she cares.

- Kathryn Teague, Lanier MS


David Magee, Stratford Landing ES

"I know that I am not alone in singing the praise of Mr. Magee and there are many parents that would have similar stories to share about Mr. Magee. Being a physical education teacher, Mr. Magee has the joy and big task of knowing every student in the school. Mr. Magee is everywhere - showing the students that their relationship is in the gym and outside the gym. Arrive at school and you will find him "high fiving" morning greetings to students as they enter school. He participates in the morning meetings in different classrooms and has lunch bunches with different grades on Fridays. The students light up when Mr. Magee shows up to support them on Saturday at the soccer field or in the audience of the community production of the Nutcracker. Mr. Magee advises the student patrols - making it the "cool" thing for 5th and 6th graders to do. It is not just lifting up students - Mr.
Magee supports parents by being at every PTA meeting and other school events. He likely knows you and who your kids are. Mr. Magee amplifies the happenings and successes of his colleagues. If you want to know what is happening at Stratford Landing, check out his twitter feed. He is always sharing all the great teaching and learning throughout the building. It is evident that Mr. Magee is not only making a difference in students' lives each day, but making them feel like they belong."

- Jenn Scully, Parent


Ylanda Byrd, South County HS

"Ms. Byrd is my child's English teacher.  She goes above and beyond to support my student, who struggles with organization and work completion. She frequently sends me detailed emails with updates about what work is missing, what work will be coming down the pike, and how she will reach out to my student to ensure he understands what is expected/due.  I am very appreciative of her commitment to my child and her students!"

- South County HS Parent


Elizabeth Edwards, Nancy Sprague Technology Center

"I was referred to Elizabeth by a friend as I had some questions regarding the online campus. Elizabeth was extremely knowledgeable and was willing to spend the time to explain all the options available. She not only answered all my questions, but also went above and beyond to explain all the relevant details which I would have otherwise overlooked. It was really a pleasure talking to Elizabeth. She was also able to relate to her own experience as a part of FCPS students. I would like to recognize her dedication to her job and willingness to help."

- Gowri Radhakrishnan, Parent


Sheron Windsor, Transportation

"I'd like to thank bus driver Sheron, for keeping her bus in order. She is good at immediately managing students that act up and will move them around and assign them seats if need be. She also lets all the students know if someone is bothering them to let her know asap so she can take care of it. My daughter is a quiet person so she very much appreciates it, and so do I. Thanks again, Sheron."

A Boyhill Park ES Parent


Angela Dolan, Rose Hill ES

"Angela is the speech teacher at Rose Hill. This year I have several students who receive speech services. I am always amazed at her care for our students. She comes into the room quietly with a smile always on her face. Our students are so much more confident communicating in class because of her efforts. Her love of the students is evident as she walks with them to her room and back. The students are smiling and it is evident she has made an impact that was positive during her time with them. Angela is a tremendous asset to our school. I have sat in on several IEPs this year with her and seen her be extremely prepared and share wonderful things our kids are doing. I couldn't think of anyone more deserving of a little recognition than her."

- Danny Adams, Rose Hill ES


Kristy Carballo, Lake Braddock SS

"Kristy is my team teacher this year, and our Math 7 CLT lead.  This year has been a big adjustment for me at a new school and a new position, but Kristy has helped at every step along the way.  Whether it was answering questions, providing moral support, leading effective and efficient meetings, or sharing her work space and experience, she has gone out of her way to make me feel welcome in my first year of teaching middle school."

- David Walrod, Lake Braddock SS


Awraris Birkie, Shatha Kamal, Mahnaz Rismanchian, Eunyoung Cho, Eunsook Kwon, Juana Chavez, Marlene Molina, Saher Adnan and Huchen Zhang, Gatehouse

"The language services staff named above worked tirelessly on extremely short timelines to translate critical information regarding coronavirus (Covid-19). They are to be acknowledged for their dedication, professionalism and commitment to FCPS staff, students and the surrounding community for assuring that information provided was accurate and timely during a rapidly evolving situation. Thank you all for an amazing job!!"

- Lorraine Trouton, Gatehouse Administration Center


Myron Barton, Lorton Station ES

"Mr. Barton is a great addition to Lorton Station Elementary School Community. He is a wonderful and inspiring teacher who goes above and beyond to make sure his students know that they are cared for. One of the best. He's a strong teacher with a kindred spirit who really cares about his students. He expects a great deal from his students,and he makes his teaching come alive relevant to today's world. I had the privilege to be in his classroom multiple times to cover and to work with his students. I can tell that Mr. Barton makes an effort to make sure that the students in his class are engaged and enjoy learning. I believe that an educator who truly cares can make a life changing difference. Thank you Mr. Barton for being a sincere and genuine educator."

- Safia Hussein, Lorton Station ES


Cathy Crawford, Lanier MS

"Cathy is a special educator who goes above and beyond. She has extended her reach beyond her special education caseload (which she manages with great care and brilliancy) with several initiatives. Cathy serves as a co-sponsor of the National Junior Honor Society and has led students in tutoring at Providence Elementary School and in taking the lead on school mural projects. For our enrichment period, she has shared her passion for crocheting and has students creating blankets that we can donate to local charity organizations like shelters and hospitals. She is living POG attributes by example and with her ideas for students."

- Tammy Hanna, Lanier MS


Tanya Martinez, Fairfax Villa SACC

"Tanya Martinez, Fairfax Villa SACC program, helped find a student on Friday.  The student got on the bus to go home when she was supposed to stay at school.  We were having difficulty getting the driver on the radio to return her to school, so the staff member headed out to her stop to find her. Between the driver (who we were able to reach about 5 minutes after she’d dropped her off) and this wonderful women, they were able to find her, so she was safe.  I just wanted to commend her for going above and beyond to make sure this student was safe.  Thank you for having such a dedicated staff."

- Beth NeSmith, Lorton Transportation


Debra Gregory, Area 4 Transportation

"Friday evening we had a bus driver who was on her bus that wasn't feeling good. We ended up having to call rescue for her. Debbie took the time and went on the driver's bus to observe her and take care of her until rescue had arrived. She even offered to stay with the driver until the driver was transported to the hospital. Debbie was a true friend in this instance. We appreciate her kindness!"

- April Meador, Area 4 Transportation


Courtney Korb, Fairhill ES

"Words will never be adequate to describe the tremendous job Courtney has done while our principal was out on sudden extended leave. She has tirelessly worked to ensure our transition to interim principal was painless and seamless, and she continues to be the unsung hero, working behind the scenes to keep Fairhill the smiling, vibrant, learning-filled school it has always been. I can confidently say, as a staff member AND a parent of two Fairhill students, Courtney Korb deserves as many accolades as the county can provide. She will make a FANTASTIC principal one day, because she already is in every way but title. THANK YOU, MRS. KORB!"

- Leslie Howard, Fairhill ES


Charita Eley, Frost MS

"Charita Eley is a valued addition to the Frost community. Within her first year as an FCPS employee, she has become a major contributor to the Reading Collaborative Learning Team (CLT) and will be taking on additional leadership opportunities to support our general education students next year. Not only has she stepped up to be a mentor for one of our students and engaged as an active participant in the PBIS committee, but also shown an eagerness to step in when any member of the admin. team needs her to. We are thankful to have Charita with us this year."

- Melanie Porter, Frost MS


Varinder Grewal, Robinson SS

"Varinder is awesome when it comes to communicating with the parents of his students. In the past week, he has copied me on several emails to parents expressing concern for students that are missing significant amounts of work. He does so with compassion and asks if anything is going on instead of assuming the worst. He also asks what he can do to help and offers suggestions. The response from the parents has been truly appreciative, and we were able to learn of some student struggles outside of school. Varinder exemplifies how to build successful working relationships with our families."

- Jason Woehrmyer, Robinson SS


Lyndsie Galizio, South County MS 

"​​​​​​Lyndsie was extremely helpful with providing support for the use of technology in the classroom. She took extra time to explain how to use each tool she was demonstrating. She really expressed genuine interest and enthusiasm in assisting learning new tech tools"

- Laura Dougherty, South County MS


Chelsea Germano, Canterbury Woods ES

"Chelsea has been a Kindergarten teacher at Canterbury Woods since School Year 2011-12. As a special education teacher that supports kindergarten students, I have had students in Chelsea's class for many of those years. As students just beginning school, they come in with varying disabilities, including medical, emotional and behavior challenges. She collaborates well with me to collect data, implement strategies and adapt curricula. Chelsea researches and asks questions to learn more about the disabilities to understand them better and to provide more effect support in her classroom. She embraces teaching the students with disabilities and goes above and beyond to provide a warm and inclusive environment in her classroom. In a nutshell: Chelsea Cares."

- Maritza Taylor, Canterbury Woods ES


Emma Feingold, Fairview ES

"Ms. Feingold has gone above and beyond to help our first-grade student overcome a huge setback by providing consistency, open and honest communication, and quiet but focused individual support. Her understanding of childhood anxiety, her devotion to showing and teaching kindness, and her fun personality have helped turn everything around for her student. She is what is now becoming more well known as the quiet leader. Her love for her students is fierce and I am so thankful that we have been lucky enough to have her as a teacher and role model."

- A Fairview ES parent


Katie Venne and Miller Susens, Daniels Run ES

"Katie and Miller help organize and run the "Stringapalooza" event at Woodson HS.  Elementary students spent all day (9:00am-2:00pm) learning fun, new music and meeting other musicians. At the end of the day, the students performed the music for their family and friends.  Katie and Miller went above and beyond what is expected and made this event a great success for students and families."

- Chris Smith, Daniels Run ES


Vicky Reidenbaugh and Monica Negron, Daniels Run ES

"Vicky and Monica are volunteering to stay after school to sponsor the Lego Robotics Club.  They have been working with students from Fairfax High School and City of Fairfax Council members to secure funding and materials for the club.  Vicky and Monica bring enthusiasm, organization, and professionalism to the club.  We are fortunate to have Vicky and Monica at DRES!"

- Chris Smith, Daniels Run ES


Diana Barton and Ivonne Estrada, Daniels Run ES

"Diana and Ivonne jumped in without being asked to help with a Kindergarten student in crisis.  The student was outside and trying to cross the road. Diana and Ivonne came to assist the administrator with the student and both used a variety of verbal methods to keep the child safe while attempting to deescalate the situation.  DRES is lucky to have Diana and Ivonne as members of our school community."

- Chris Smith, Daniels Run ES


Hilda Gomez Perez, Thoreau MS

"Mrs. Gomez Perez is an outstanding employee at Thoreau MS. She provides front desk assistance, as well as translation services to our students and families who speak Spanish. Through this translator position, she cultivates a positive, trusting connection between school and home. Building these valuable family-school relationships impacts our students' motivation and attitude. She is eager to pass along timely information from teachers, and share the students' strengths and challenges with the families so they can succeed in the classroom. Given her strong commitment to our students and families in the Thoreau community, it is an honor and a pleasure to work with her.  Thank you, Mrs. Gomez Perez!!"

- Robyne Davis, Thoreau MS


Anita Byrne, Virginia Run ES

"Anita is a new instructional assistant at Virginia Run. She has easily established a rapport with staff and students.  She is always where she needs to be and makes the students her top priority.  She asks questions and makes necessary changes as needed when it pertains to students' success.  She manages students with unique behavioral needs well. She has attended trainings to develop her professional knowledge in the special education field.  When there is downtime she is always asking or looking for additional ways in which to help both the staff and students.  She truly is an amazing person and instructional assistant."

- Regina Severn, Virginia Run ES


Regina Patterson, Freedom Hill ES

"Mrs. Patterson is such a breath of fresh air and an amazing educator. The communication she establishes with students and parents is straightforward and timely. She understands the need for parents to be informed and creates a unique community full of respect and open communication. I visited the school on Tuesday for lunch, and although we briefly conversed in the cafeteria it wasn’t the place for a full update. However. As soon as the student left to PE, she called to check if I have left the premises. Since I was still at school she wanted to update me on my daughter’s amazing progress on recent tests, regardless of the information being sent in Tuesday folders the following day. That is the person she is, she understands both students and parents, she cares, she listens and lights up the room!!!"

- a Freedom Hill ES parent


Kevin Deans, Lanier MS

"Kevin is an integral lead and teacher in our math department. This year, he took on the challenge of being the LMS Testing Coordinator. In this capacity, he has worked with staff members and students in new ways. He is thoughtful, resourceful, and dedicated to communicating his plan to all staff in a timely manner. Often, we are tasks with things outside of our comfort zone; Kevin still smiles as he meets his latest challenge. He does all of this while moving forward our math goals to have more students exposed to access and rigor by taking higher math classes. Under his leadership in math, we have moved from 53% of students taking algebra by the time they leave Lanier to nearly 80%."

- Tammy Hanna, Lanier MS


Guery Cespedes, David Deskins, Maria Suberias, Georgina Okrah, Felicia Boateng, Emma Aguirre, Hannah Ampong, Phuoc Hang T Bui, Huy Dinh, Yun Han, Tung Hoang, Eduardo Huerta, Eun Jung Kang, Rene Mercado, Juan C. Miranda, Victor H. Miranda, Dinh Nguyen, Minh Nguyen,  Carmen Olano, Toung Phang, Jung Sun Ahn, Mi Song, Francisco Tejada,  Soung Tram, Luz Zamora, Johnny Moore, Helen Whang, Halimo Esse, Lake Braddock SS

"February 17 - 21 is FCPS Custodian Recognition Week.  It is a time to thank and appreciate each and every member of our Lake Braddock Secondary School custodial team.  Thank you for your dedication to ensuring that our school is kept clean and well-maintained throughout the year.  Your work makes certain that our building is inviting to the entire Lake Braddock community and ensures the health, safety, and well-being of all students and staff.  A big thank you to our custodial team for everything they do to keep our school running smoothly." 

- Pat Ward, Lake Braddock SS


Courtney Korb, Fairhill ES

"Mrs. Korb is an amazing Assistant Principal at Fairhill Elementary. Her positive energy and excellent attitude has been such a valuable asset in our school community.  She truly cares about our school and shows it through her strong leadership and commitment to the students, staff and parents of Fairhill.  She has stepped up in so many ways since she joined our school and I appreciate all she does each and every day to better our school community."

- a Fairhill ES Parent


Amy Moir, Woodson HS

"Ms. Moir in general goes way above and beyond to always make sure whatever she is doing is benefiting her students. Yesterday she asked me to perform a task of handing out name tags to students in district chorus. She is very appreciative of others, and told me directly how much she appreciates me and is thankful for my help. I feel it says something when a teacher is able to recognize and make sure to even go out of their way to praise their students. I envy her as a teacher, and as a person, for she is truly just amazing."

- Student, Woodson HS


Cathy Crawford, Lanier MS

"I had the pleasure of participating in an attendance conference at Lanier with Cathy Crawford and was blown away by her passion for her students and willingness to go above and beyond to support their needs.  In my role, I travel throughout FCPS, and Cathy's empathy, compassion, and supportive professionalism are a true stand-out.  Cathy provided Special Education expertise, as well as creative brainstorming, to address a student's chronic absences and develop a individually tailored plan to return to learning. FCPS is lucky to have you, Cathy!"

- Meghan Crowley, Pickett Annex 1


Lisa Prillaman, Greenbriar West ES

"Lisa is an amazing resource.  I can't thank her enough for all of her help in supporting the technology needs of the elementary counselors in the Chantilly Pyramid.  You are the best, Lisa!"

- Christy Ryder, Oak Hill ES


Jennifer Kalletta, Fort Belvoir ES

"Jennifer is an amazing educator who goes out of her way to really build lasting relationships with students, staff and even the community. She continuously keeps the library open so students, staff and parents can use it as a communal place to work, read and check out books. She spends extra time working with students on the morning news show, lunch bunches, and mentoring students. Jennifer has even supported home bound students on base by offering parents the opportunity for the students or families to check out books from the school since they are unable to attend. Students have stated that they love Ms. Kalletta because they write her small notes or letters and she takes the time each week to write back to those students."

- Alicia Ogrodny, Fort Belvoir ES


Ana Ruiz, Reina Mejia de Hernandez, Maria Cruz, Leonard Roberts, Edwin Chiquillo, Liberty Middle School

"On February 4, 2020, Plant Operations presented Liberty Middle School with the Custodial Staff of the Year Award. Liberty was selected out of twenty-three other middle schools. Only one middle school is selected per year. On behalf of Plant Operations, I would like to Thank the custodial staff for their dedication and commitment in making Liberty shine."

- Andrew McCracken, Sideburn Support Center


Junpei Yuan, Ming Liu, Quang Phan Du, Sara Guerra Chirinos James Gibson, Tico Barclay, Ruth Flores Coreas, Blanca Chavez, Jordan Nunez, Hae Jung Park, Fakhar Zia, Men Huynh, Maria Guardado, Duc Nguyen, Reina Hernandez, Tam Vo, Beo Vo, Thomas Jefferson HS

"On January 31, 2020 Plant Operations presented Thomas Jefferson Science and Technology High School with the Custodial Staff of the Year Award. Thomas Jefferson was selected out of 27 high schools and secondary schools. Only one out of these twenty-seven receives this Award each year. On behalf of Plant Operations, I would like to Thank the custodial staff for all their hard work and dedication to maintaining their school with such pride."

- Andrew McCracken, Sideburn Support Center


Kasey Cain, Willow Oaks

"Kasey presented to our staff on the importance of self care. She did a wonderful job engaging the staff on not only the importance of self care, but also the science behind some of the strategies we could use. She was so personable and informative that our staff wants her to return! We are very thankful that she took time out of her schedule to come support our learning!"

- Monica Mohr, Little Run ES


Heidi Brown, Centreville HS

"I've had the opportunity to work with Heidi this year and have been absolutely floored by her commitment to the well-being and success of her students. She is always available to answer questions, provide feedback, sources of information, and above all- an overwhelming amount of support for her students and her department. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!"

- Meg Van Trees


Safia Hussein, Lorton Station ES

"Mrs. Mrs. Hussein is an incredible asset to Lorton Station elementary.  She is always willing to lend a hand and works so well with the rest of our staff. We always know that when we ask her to assist in a classroom or with particular students they will be well cared for and the job will get done. We are lucky to have her here."

- Christopher Latham


Ari Sachs, Lorton Station ES

"I want to thank you so much for helping and supporting Ms. Mellender‘s class today. Your teamwork, decisiveness ‏and your desire to stay with the students throughout the day due to the shortage of subs and today’s data day is greatly appreciated. I have known you to be a teacher who goes out of her way to support her colleagues and always willing to share the task.
Thank you so much."

- Christopher Latham, Lorton Station ES


Janene Pack, Alka Howard, Ian Brodie, Anne Polino, Lake Braddock SS

"This team put together a fantastic opportunity for our staff and students to see a dynamic presentation by Sam Lucania, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. So many students were positively impacted. One of my students was so touched, she returned with me to the gym after the presentation to thank him, and began to cry as she spoke. He comforted her, talked with her, and made her feel hopeful about her future. It was an incredibly powerful moment."

- Jacquie Naughton, Lake Braddock SS


Amanda Moreland, Lake Braddock SS

"Amanda is a tireless supporter of the students we share. She cares deeply about the emotional well-being of her students, the academic success of her students, and the future goals of her students. Today, she pulled together the staff who are working with a particular student to develop a plan that would help him to reduce his avoidant behaviors, to feel successful in the classroom, and to recognize his own ability to improve himself with the support of a strong team of caring supporters. She relentlessly looks for creative, specific, and tangible solutions."

- Jacquie Naughton, Lake Braddock SS


Mary Beckett, Lake Braddock SS

"In the past several weeks, Mary has gone above and beyond to support one of the students on my counseling caseload, who is also in her small group class. The student is currently experiencing some significant medical struggles, and she has been supportive, patient, and caring--often giving up her planning period to give this student a safe place to decompress. I am so grateful for her support, and I know the student's family is, as well."

- Jacquie Naughton, Lake Braddock SS


Ashley Ytzen, Lake Braddock SS

"One of the students on my counseling caseload has Ms. Ytzen for US/VA history. He is currently struggling with some new and specific medical issues. She has been incredibly flexible, caring, and supportive of this student's needs, helping him and his family prioritize assignments and willingly adjusting any deadlines during this very difficult time. She always puts the whole student first, which is why I love having my students in her class."

- Jacquie Naughton, Lake Braddock SS


Doreen Acheampong, Robinson SS

"Doreen recently scheduled a meeting with a parent to discuss concerns regarding one of her students. She invited key stakeholders to the meeting, and she communicated her concerns with poise and tact. When the meeting grew increasingly difficult, Doreen comforted, modified, and accommodated both the parent and student. She expressed genuine concern and completed the meeting with care for the student and all involved. We are lucky to have Doreen as a counselor at Robinson!"

- Samantha Tolan, Robinson SS


Douglas Kaltenbaugh, Oakton HS

"I've taken an Inventor class with Doug as the instructor and last night I attended another one of his classes using the laser engraver. I walk away feeling that he:

•    has time for everyone;
•    never loses his patience;
•    is one of the best multitaskers;
•    is selfless and shares whatever he has for the success of the other
     teacher; and
•    knows his subject matter."

- Wayne Babb, Westfield HS


Jennifer Maenner, Freedom Hill ES

"Ms. Maenner - we are so fortunate that our daughter got selected to be in your class. Ask anyone and they say Ms. Maenner is wonderful! She is nurturing, caring and a great teacher. I know from being in your classroom, it is not an easy job. She is great with communicating with the parents and keeping us in the loop on all pertinent matters. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication."

Geetha Anand, Parent 


Allison Loht and Linda Clark, Greenbriar East ES

"Both ladies have worked tirelessly in helping my son adjust to GBE when we first moved to the area. Because of their dedication, my son is able to focus on school and enjoy being a student at GBE. Without their support, I don’t know how my son and others would be able to thrive and feel secured. I thank them both for never giving up on my son."

- Julian Goldsmith and Stephanie Robins, Parents


Lorri Hallenbeck, Riverside ES

"Lorri was tasked with pulling together a self-contained classroom in our school 3 days before the 2019-2020 school year began.  She embraced the new setting with grace and professionalism.  I am lucky enough to be the IA who works with her.  Lorri has many strengths but her compassion for our students is remarkable.  She also started the year building trusting relationships with our parents.   Our students love our classroom and their growth in language arts and math is a reflection of the effort and love that Lorri gives our students everyday."

- Kathy Lehner, Riverside ES


Kim Kelly, Area 3 Transportation

"Kim had just finished her Bull Run Elementary run and was heading to her shuttle when she saw a small, 4 year old boy running on Route 29 by himself getting ready to cross to Stone Rd.  Kim was able to stop and get the boy on her bus and get his name and information about where he was trying to go. The little boy was trying to cross the street to get to Kinder Care, so I called Kinder Care with the information Kim gave me and the Asst. Director, Lauren, was well aware of who the little boy was. He was supposed to stay home with his dad from daycare for the day due to his actions at school the day before. Apparently the little boy wanted to go, so he snuck out of the house to go on his own. I can't imagine what would have happened if she wasn't there and he attempted to cross Route 29!"

Dawn Cochran, Area 3 Transportation


MacLean Wilson, Willow Oaks

"MacLean is such a lifesaver! I'm sure he gets tons of requests for help with technology issues every day, and he always responds to requests quickly and with a positive attitude. Technology can be so frustrating when it doesn't work and can derail trainings or productivity, so it's comforting to know that someone as dependable and helpful as MacLean is in FCPS."

- Cassie Burk, Willow Oaks


Sarah Fuller, Fairview ES

"We moved here during the summer of 2017 and finding a good school was our first priority. Sarah Fuller was the first person that we met when we visited Fairview Elementary School. Her warm smile and amazing personality was one of the main reasons that our family chose to rent a house in the Fairview Elementary area. Since that date, Sarah has continuously been an amazing staff member in the school."

- Roy Chiquitucto, Parent


Jennifery Cory, Annandale HS

"Jennifer Cory, is a real educator’s educator, an extraordinary SBTS  and a LIFESAVER at Annandale High School and am forever indebted to Margaret Sisler at Willow Oaks for sending her to us.  Although we pull Jen in many directions, she still makes time for each of us, as individual teachers, in our journey to improve our craft. With professionalism and candor, Jennifer knows just the right time to share her triumphs and defeats as colleagues and I struggle to improve our learning environments for students. Her patience and responsiveness are invaluable. She’s a leader on social media, helping link effective educators to new professional development literature, PD events and high yield learning tasks. At AHS, she answers questions and serves as a sounding board. Most recently, she has even filled the roles of “life-coach” and “cheerleader” as I embark on video analysis of my teaching habits and time usage. I can’t tell you how many times, Mrs. Cory has dropped what she is doing to rescue a colleague, solve problems or add a new technology feature to our school. Thank you, Jennifer Cory for helping me keep my sanity and humanity in a rapidly changing world."

- Adam Stryker, Annandale HS


Elizabeth  Murphy and Amy Verdin, Gatehouse Administration Center

"Elizabeth and Amy, Thank you for organizing the Safe Routes to School donation drive in conjunction with my #1000th bike ride to FCPS.  With your help, we were able to raise over $1,400.  Thank you for making the donation process simple and effective. I really enjoyed collaborating with both of you and thank you for all your support."

Evie Ifantides, Willow Oaks


Christopher Breen and Robert Williams, Wilton Woods

"This is the second time I have encountered Christopher Breen. The first time he came to pick up shred, he was very helpful and kind. Today Christopher Breen and Robert Williams arrived with extra boxes for records transmittals. They both came in with such contagious positive attitude. They guided me to the correct form that I must complete for yellow label shred boxes. It is pleasant to work with staff who go the extra mile and have such a great attitude about it."

- Yoana Berrios, Mount Eagle ES


Sethe Eckstein, Forbes Place

"I had an appointment to go over my retirement papers and had the good fortune to have Sethe as my retirement specialist.  Not only was she extremely nice, she made the experience quick and painless.  I was out of her office in 35 minutes.  Thank you again Sethe for making this extremely easy for me."

Susan McKee, Sideburn Support Center


Karen Hubbard, Riverside ES

"Karen is an amazing contributor to the Kindergarten team at Riverside Elementary school.  She shares a wealth of knowledge for teaching and a sincere passion for helping children. The children adore her and look forward to greeting her everyday. She builds special connections with the students and helps them to prepare for daily learning!  She is of great help to her partner teacher and is always willing to help in anyway possible. We are very thankful for all that Karen does!"

- Tara Klibansky, Riverside ES


Jill Scharl, Longfellow MS

"Jill Scharl is doing a fantastic job as the CT Leader for the Student Services Department.  She is an excellent communicator and the collaborative team meetings have been effective in creating cohesion and support in working towards goals at multiple levels. Her uplifting spirit and solution focused ideas to school counseling has been a great benefit to the student body."

- Bruce Walker, Longfellow MS


Marissa Brooks, Longfellow MS

"Ms. Brooks dedication to bringing new and effective strategies and interventions to support students embraces the meaning of FCPS Cares.  As the Director of Student Services, she provides outstanding leadership in creating a learning community that values and appreciates all students. Her willingness to get to know and meet students has made a positive impact on the school culture."

-  Bruce Walker, Longfellow MS


Linnea McGavin, Longfellow MS

"Ms. McGavin, a special education teacher, truly defines the caring spirit of a FCPS Teacher.  Her students are always smiling and enjoying the school day due to the supportive and positive relationships she has established with the class.  She creates a safe learning environment for the class and wonderful experiences and opportunities for the students to be engaged in all aspects of the school day. Her work in bringing out the best in students is commendable. Her class has been excellent in taking care of aquatic life in the classroom aquarium."

- Bruce Walker, Longfellow MS


Eileen Hoppock, Lake Braddock Secondary School

"When I think of a servant leader, Eileen Hoppock is the first person that comes to mind.  Eileen has not only been a great mentor as I transitioned to Fairfax, but she has also been a phenomenal role model.  Eileen's relationships with students/parents/staff, her kindness, always going above and beyond, and being a team player are what make her outstanding.  Eileen has also helped me with discipline when I am in meetings/training and is always willing to help, answer questions, and support.  She is by far one of the best assistant principals I have come across and I am so lucky I get to work with her and learn from her!"

- Ana Cingel, Lake Braddock SS


Kathleen Nealon, North Springfield ES

"As a Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Nealon is always at the school (coming in early and staying late) with a huge smile greeting students, supporting events, energizing and educating kids, and helping parents transition to NSES as well. Her take home monthly calendars with questions to ask children really help make the connection between home and school, and provide insights into what is being taught that week. Years ago, when my now 4th grader was in her class, my daughter really wanted "homework." I asked Ms. Nealon if she could direct me to some on-topic worksheets. Rather than direct me to resources, every Monday, she gave just my daughter a packet of worksheets. This meant the world to her and to me, since I know that took a lot of extra time each week. Ms. Nealon really went above and beyond last Friday night at our annual Bingo Night. Our fifth grade team and parents pull together the concessions to help off-set the cost of the fifth grade field trip. Due to a series of unpredictable events, mostly occurring at the last minute, our fifth grade team was not going to be able to set up, organize, and potentially sell the concessions. Ms. Nealon heard about this as soon as school was out with only 2.5 hours until Bingo Night was set to begin. She immediately went into action and took the lead for concessions, a role she has never held. She did so with very little guidance and a complete can-do attitude -- even after having just finished a full day of work. Her dedication to making sure the event went off without issues is very typical of how she responds. She always sees a possibility and is willing to be part of the team that carries it out."

- Kristy Balbuena


Heather Murray, Gatehouse Administration Center

"I was attending a day long professional development when my email stopped working. I was panicked that I would not have access to email for an entire day and requested technology support. Heather responded immediately and found a way to help me reset my inbox. She was the best! Thank you, Heather! I owe you!"

- Ellen Mukai, Saratoga ES


Linda Snyder, Cub Run ES

"Mrs. Snyder is been an Instructional Assistant for 25 years at Cub Run Elementary, her dedication and love for her job shines through every day."

- Karen Ortega, Cub Run ES


Shermonty Nelson, Fort Hunt ES

"Shermonty Nelson stepped up to take over a very hard-to-fill need at Fort Hunt. In the short time she’s been here, she’s become invaluable to the success of our lunchtime routine. She immediately became part of the team by engaging with students and staff in such a positive way.  Shermonty demonstrates kindness, consistency and MUCH patience daily with all. I can’t imagine our school without her! MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS Shermonty for all that you do!"

- Allison Verich, Fort Hunt ES


Stephen Jeffries, Transportation

"Stephen Jeffries has been my kids’ school bus driver for multiple years now and I have always been impressed with his dedication and professionalism. He knows and greets each child by name every day, provides a safe mode of transportation to school, and encourages respect and kindness among the students.  After a strong line of storms passed through our community this morning, a fairly large tree fell at the entrance of our neighborhood and was blocking half the road. Rather than drive around it, Mr. Jeffries parked his bus and got out in the rain to move the tree out of the road. The students at our bus stop observed his actions and cheered for him as he moved the tree. Once the road was cleared, Mr. Jeffries got back on his bus and resumed his bus route. As a teacher and parent at Newington Forest Elementary, it is very comforting to know that our students are in good hands when they are on Mr. Jeffries' bus."

- Jennifer Clark, Newington Forest ES


Rhina Herson, Fairfax Villa ES

"I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for placing me with Rhina. She is such a light to all those around her. I feel blessed that my students get to have her as do I. I’m not sure I’ve ever worked with someone as great as her. She goes above and beyond every single day. She is a giver and watching her work with my boys warms my heart. She has taught me a lot of things such as patience as well as many others and I hope I can continue to learn from her.   Her hard work shows, not only with what she does for me, but it’s evident in my students the impact she is making on them. They are better people because of her. She is the hardest working woman, with a heart of gold, that I’ve ever met. I cannot say enough about her and what she is to me, my students and this school. I just needed you to know how much I appreciate her and for her to be recognized for all that she does on a daily basis."

- Emma Byrne, Fairfax Villa ES


Mirna Nickson, Freedom Hill ES

"Ms. Nickson exemplifies kindness and patience and is dedicated to the Kindergarteners!! Thank you for all you do."

- Geetha Anand, Freedom Hill ES


Denise Hopkins, Terraset ES

"We met for our daughters annual IEP today and everything was seamless. As the case manager, Mrs. Hopkins took the lead in planning the IEP by sending draft goals. She worked with us as a family to make sure we were all meeting the needs of our girl. Throughout the meeting she was able to explain the why behind something instead of just reading something and moving on to the next item on the agenda.  She answered all of our questions and encouraged us to ask them. We felt completely supported and we are so grateful to have a caring case manager and team around our daughter as she navigates through elementary school."

- Terraset ES Parents


Holly Rice, Terraset ES

"Everyday of our daughter's second grade experience has been better than the day before all due to the warmth and high expectations given by Ms. Rice.
There has never been a day that our daughter has complained about coming to school because she is so fortunate to have a teacher who makes learning fun everyday. We feel very lucky to have her as “our” teacher and know our daughter is in the very best hands possible."

- Terraset ES Parents


Allison Loht and Linda Clark, Greenbriar East ES

"My wife and I met Ms. Allison Loht and Ms. Linda Clark as the GBE counselors to check on our son’s academic progress and placement at GBE.  We are very thankful to both Ms. Loht and Ms. Clark for their extremely warm, patient and professional demeanor in responding to all our questions and giving us a comprehensive orientation of GBE school and grading system. Later all the GBE counselors, including and especially Ms. Loht, went above and beyond to help our child with his course selection and preparation for his upcoming grade."

- Parents, Greenbriar East ES


Amie Jenkins, Nancy Sprague Center

"As a General Ed Instructional Assistant I run in to a variety of technical issues when I have to sub for teachers at the last minute. Mrs. Jenkins is always responsive to my questions and issues. Today, I needed to be able to use a document camera and could not download the driver. She was hugely helpful in getting it done for me and she did it all remotely!"

- Mary Trippe Everett, Laurel Hill ES


Melanie Porter, Frost MS

"Melanie Porter's passion for supporting students and staff is phenomenal! She is actively involved in collaborating with staff to find the best supports and outcomes for students. I appreciate her thoughtful questioning nature and the way she helps teachers be their best."

- Chris Berg-Hoggatt, Frost MS


Melanie Porter, Frost MS

"Melanie has shown tremendous support to staff and knowledge regarding special education. She has gone above and beyond to gain more knowledge and understanding of the special education population especially at Frost."

- Ann Hardman, Frost MS


Patricia Gloy, Edison HS

"We want to express our gratitude to Ms. Gloy for all her positivism, enthusiasm, love, compassion and great dedication to her students. It is a tough job and we immensely respect and admire her. Thank you, Ms. Gloy, for your patience with our students."

- Yudi Del Castillo, Rose Hill ES


Lynn Marsh, Edison HS

"We don't have enough words to express our gratitude and admiration to Ms. Marsh, she is a warm-hearted person and a professional teacher. Her kindness, love and compassion are all part of who she is. Her job is not easy at all, but she sees beyond a lesson for her students.  Ms. Marsh knows how to bring out the best in her students.  Thank you Ms. Marsh."

- Yudi Del Castillo, Rose Hill ES


Jennifer Pallotto, Glasgow MS

"Jennifer joined our student services team this school year as our lead counselor and has successfully jumped right into our team and the work we do day in and out. I am amazed at all of the work Jennifer has and continues to do to support our students, staff, community and especially our student services team at Glasgow. Her attention to detail, organization and caring spirit is noticed everyday. She goes above and beyond to accomplish her duties but also makes herself available to lend a helping hand and take on additional roles as needed. For example, she is always willing to work with students who are not on her caseload and she will jump right in and help our new SIA and administrative assistant if they are overwhelmed, need help and/or have questions. These are just a few examples of the work she does behind the scenes which is endless. You can truly tell Jennifer is a passionate advocate and an outstanding professional school counselor. Her work does not go unrecognized, she is a great leader and a wonderful addition to the Glasgow student services team. Thank you for all you do!"

- Cynthia Pareja, Glasgow MS


Cassie Burk, Willow Oaks

"Cassie, thank you for organizing our February event. The Willow Oaks staff participated with anticipated excitement! I enjoy collaborating with you!
We all appreciate you taking the time to put together such thoughtful prizes and for helping to foster a caring culture."

- Evie Ifantides, Willow Oaks


Colleen Lally, Justice High SchoolJamila Alarcon, Justice HS

"Mrs. Alarcon is one of the Deans at Justice High School.  Each time I have the opportunity to work with her and one of our students I observe her showing the utmost care and respect for our Wolves.  She goes the extra mile to follow-up with families and connect them with our school.  She is often following up with students regarding attendance concerns and she takes the time to get to know the big picture, what's causing the truancy, and builds a bridge for the student to get back on track at the school.  We are lucky to have her on our team!"

- Colleen Lally, Justice HS


Peter R. Kelly, Lee HS

"Thanks to Lee High School Assistant Principal, Peter Kelly, for being an audience member as my English 9 students gave persuasive presentations on the problem of cellphone overuse and possible solutions.  Mr. Kelly gave students great insight into the decision making of administrators when dealing with cellphone use issues in school.  He also gave helpful, practical feedback on the art of persuasion.  Mr. Kelly's interaction showed students that administrators are not just disciplinarians; they are instructional leaders who are invested in student success.  Mr. Kelly, you rock!"

- Roger S. Baskin, Lee HS


Linda Ostrander, Fairview ES

"Linda has graciously invited my second grade class to come and visit her third grade class, as they put on their Egyptian Museum Walk.
My students are beyond overjoyed to have this opportunity to get a glimpse into what they will be learning next year in Social Studies."

- Anna Wojcik, Fairview ES


Lou Bean, Lake Braddock SS

"After 31 years of dedication, leadership, and excellence; Lou Bean is retiring from FCPS. LBSS has one of the strongest band programs in the country and Mr. Bean has made tremendous contributions toward making that happen. He takes rising 6th graders and molds them into musicians ready for the big leagues (high school). He will be deeply missed by his students and their parents. His departure is a major loss for our school and we can only hope LBSS is able to find someone worthy of assuming his mantle and continuing the musical excellence at LBSS."

- VaLoris MacDowell, Lake Braddock SS


Stefan Slavov, Energy Zone Food Services

"Stefan was awesome helping with catering for our Annual Retirement Seminar in January. Throughout the whole process from planning to execution to post-event communication. His professional and timely responses to my questions and his kind disposition and helpfulness on the day of the event truly made my life coordinating the event that much easier. Thanks Stefan!"

- Kristin Delgado, ERFC Retirement office


Amanda Hudson, Lee HS

"Thanks, Mrs. Hudson, for visiting our English 9 class to discuss the problem of bullying and solutions that work at our school.  As our school's Director of Student Services, you took time out of your busy schedule to bring a wealth of knowledge to my students.  Thanks for being a strong instructional leader and valuing the perspectives of our students who shared during our problem-based learning activity.  YOU ROCK!!"

- Roger S. Baskin, Lee HS


Erika McIntyre, Gatehouse Administration Center

"I come from my office to HR about once every other month. I'm usually quickly in and out trying not to disrupt the work day of anyone. I've gotten to know the lovely ladies in the file room over at HR and Erika is always kind and helpful whenever I'm there. When I was there recently I was struck by a dizzy spell. I had to sit and catch my breath and wait until the dizziness went away. Erika was very kind and ready to help with anything I needed. She offered water or a fan and waited with me until I felt fine. She had kindness and compassion that I really felt cared for, not only as a person but also as a part of the FCPS community. Thanks Ericka!"

- Kristin Delgado, ERFC Retirement Office


Suzan Ismael, Gatehouse Administration Center

"I come from my office to HR about once every other month. I'm usually quickly in and out trying not to disrupt the work day of anyone. I've gotten to know the lovely ladies in the file room over at HR and Suzan is always kind and helpful whenever I'm there. This most recent time I was there I had just bought new shoes and they were not working out. The shoes had rubbed against my heel and were very uncomfortable. I asked for a band-aid and instead got mole skin which is the best product to use for sores on your feet. It was a kind and generous offer rather than just handing me a band-aid that wouldn't last the walk to the car. It is just an awesome feeling to be a part of this FCPS community where no matter who you are, or what location you're from, you get amazing help from anyone. Thanks Suzan, you made my day!"

- Kristin Delgado, ERFC Retirement Office


Amy Lee and Kenneth Trotman, Lee HS

"Thanks to Amy Lee (our school SOSA) and Kenneth Trotman (our school Dean of Students) for collaborating with my English 10 students to generate solutions to the problem of student apathy and poor attendance.  Because of this problem-based learning activity, students will work closer with school administration in the future to develop a strong culture of student engagement."

- Roger S. Baskin, Lee HS


Ana Cingel, Lake Braddock SS

"Ana Cingel has been an AWESOME addition to our Lake Braddock family this year.  Working with Ana in supporting our staff, students and parents to develop a school vision, we continue to be unequivocally inspired and motivated by her dedication to this important purpose of "what do we want the children we teach to be like as adults" and "what can we, as educators, do to prepare them for an evolving and interconnected world.  Ana has been instrumental in providing protocols though which the visioning team has been able to clarify our educational journey thus far and imagine where we want to go next. Ana’s enthusiasm and work ethic are truly remarkable and we are so grateful/blessed that she chose to become a part of Bruin Nation!"

- Amy Soos and Kristin Girardin, Lake Braddock SS


Marcos Salinas, Patrick Ogden, Philippe Cloutier, Tom Montgomery, Sprague Center

"Marcos and his group of multimedia specialists convened on very short notice to help us with a very valuable and meaningful presentation. Students from the Jangdaehyn school in Busan, South Korea spoke to our students and staff about their lives and experiences. The efficient setup and professionalism of this group impacted an entire community that got the opportunity to view the presentation streamed live through instructional laptops. We are very thankful that we have resources like this group to lean on to make FCPS events special."

- Jason Franks, Chantilly HS


Joe Lintott, Falls Church HS

"When our son was struggling in math starting at the end of the first quarter, Mr. Lintott took the time to have a phone conversation with us about our concerns.  He worked with us to help come up with a plan to help our son fill gaps in his knowledge from previous years of math and to understand the current content.  We have seen our son improve not only with his grades in Mr. Lintott's class but his confidence has grown as well.  The child who said he wasn't good at math got an A on his last test.  The child who did not want to get extra help is doing so without any pushing.  This is all due to Mr.
Lintott and the extra effort he put into strengthening the student/teacher relationship.  We would like to recognize Mr. Lintott for helping our child learn and grow, not only in math, but in the important life skill of recognizing a need for help and asking for it.  Thank you for all that you do."

- Gina North, Falls Church HS


Wendy Bowen, Providence ES

"At the start of this school year, I had such trepidation for our son.  He did not enjoy preschool and we were worried about how kindergarten would turn out.  Mrs. Bowen welcomed him with open arms, accepted him for who he is, and has found the good in his actions.  With her guidance, my son has found joy in going to school again. He loves going to her class so much and looks forward to sharing with him. There's a light on his face that wasn't there before.  We are grateful to Mrs. Bowen for helping him find his confidence. Recently, we just receive the first report card. With Mrs. Bowen's guidance and clear communication, we have no worries about his growth in kindergarten. Mrs. Bowen is a remarkable teacher who truly loves her students. We truly can't thank you enough."

- a Providence ES parent


Katherine Kidd & Sharon Debardi, Lee HS

"So much happens behind the scenes with grading and reporting in our schools and system. Deadlines are firm, in part so that our students and parents have timely and accurate data on academic progress. Seventh-semester grades are critical for seniors in high school because of college and scholarship application deadlines; these grades are due at the end of the first semester. Mrs. Debardi, our SIA, is responsible for grading and reporting. She always goes above and beyond in her work, as does Ms. Kidd, our Registrar. What nobody knows is that life happened this week and Mrs. Debardi became ill during the grading window. She was home sick and after a couple of doctor’s appointments, was admitted into the hospital with pneumonia. This did not stop her from supporting our 430 seniors and making sure their grades were done on-time. She worked remotely with Ms.Kidd, giving her step by step directions on what to do for grading. Ms. Kidd then was able to learn what to do and execute it so that our grading was completed on time. Both Ms. Kidd and Mrs. Debardi are exceptionally dedicated employees and always seek ways to develop and learn while supporting our students, staff, and families. Their teamwork and dedication are appreciated, as is their positivity.  Both deserve recognition for the impact they have on our community on a daily basis; most recently regarding ensuring that the Class of 2020 had accurate and timely data for student post-secondary opportunities."

- Amanda Hudson, Lee HS


Allison Verich, Fort Hunt ES

"Allison Verich is always kind and helpful. She always has a positive attitude. Allison is hardworking and dedicated to her students. She works tirelessly every day, translating lessons from English to Spanish. She develops challenging and thought-provoking lessons to challenge her students. She is constantly striving to become a better teacher by embracing every opportunity for professional development. Allison is organized and desires to develop lasting relationships with her students."

- Joy Fouche, Fort Hunt ES


Danny Kerns, Emilio Rodas, Willie Vallejos, Hugo Gonzalez, Walter Vanegas, Jaff Gagne, Sideburn Support Center

"This is a team of Rockstars from the Facilities department.  They responded to our work order to paint the tattered hallways in our modular last week and went above and beyond to make our school shine.  The crew came in over the weekend so that they wouldn't disrupt instruction and they brightened up our hallways in just a few days.  As they were working on the project, they noticed that our restrooms needed some attention as well, so the crew took tremendous initiative and added this project to their workload.  They also ended up painting several other areas around our 50+ year old building and their extraordinary work ethic, attention to detail, and overall care for our facility has made us all feel like we are in this together for our kids. Thank you for understanding how your work connects directly to the success of our students, and for all you do to maintain high expectations for our building and others around the county.  You are much appreciated!"

- Paul Basdekis, Riverside ES


Stephanie Asante and Esperanza Attia, Gatehouse Administration Center

"Thanks to Stephanie Asante and Esperanza Attia for visiting my English 10 class at Lee High School.  Students prepared presentations on the dangers of vaping and provided possible solutions.  Ms. Asante and Ms. Attia listened to the presentations and shared an expert perspective on both the problem and ways students could impact the problem.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to address, with my students, the growing problem of vaping in schools.  Keep planting those seeds of knowledge!  Also, thanks to Susan Staub for recommending these fantastic ladies."

- Roger S. Baskin, Lee HS


Dave Campbell, Gatehouse Administration Center

"I would like to nominate Dave Campbell and his Design and Construction Team, which consists of Matt Wright, Brad James (recently reassigned to another team), Tim Holmes and Paul Dols, for their great work with overseeing the construction of Northwest Elementary School. Northwest Elementary School is being built to alleviate the overcrowded conditions for McNair Elementary. I have served in the role of principal for six years now and have worked alongside Dave since being appointed principal. Since my tenure began, Dave and his team have been incredibly professional and communicative with, not only, me, but all of the stakeholders that comprise the McNair community. Now that construction is in full gear, Dave and his team meet with me on a regular basis to provide construction updates; as well as any news that directly impacts my role as principal opening Northwest Elementary in August; and its impact on the school community for which I oversee. All Design and Construction members of this project are prompt in their responses to my many questions. If they don't have the answer, they make it a point to find it out for me and relay it to me promptly. They always conduct themselves in a professional manner. They always ensure that their work has minimal impact on our day-to-day operations and, more importantly, that student learning is never compromised. They have become part of the McNair family as we have gotten to know each other both personally and professionally throughout our years of working together. The thought of opening a new school can be daunting to some, but I feel confident in my role in this project because I am fully supported by this amazing team. I appreciate their level of commitment to the entire McNair community. Thank You- Dave, Matt, Brad, Tim and Paul!"

- Melissa Goddin, McNair ES


Jennie Lee, Justice HS

"Sydney ran our entire science fair by herself! she supported the teachers, students, parent volunteers, and even our new administration team members."

- Sydney Shelton, Justice HS


Kelly O'Connell, Willow Oaks

"Kelly helped us navigate through an incredibly tough situation today and did so in a manner that our whole team felt comfortable with the process and supported by her while it was going on. This is not unusual for us as we value her support, guidance, and input regularly. We are happy to have her as our PSL!"

- Joe Berret, Frost MS


Myra Ibrahimi, Lake Braddock SS

"During lunch, I observed Myra consoling a crying student in the hallway. Myra was calmly discussing the student’s problems and making recommendations about focusing on what really matters to the student. They discussed a plan for the student to speak to her teachers about how to get back on track in school and how to reduce the stress in her life. In the end, the student regained her composure and went on to her lunch."

- Dan Maxwell, Lake Braddock SS


Lawrence Veasley, Daniels Run ES

"A big shout out to our technology coach Lawrence Veasley for going above and beyond during some technical challenges setting up our computers for Wida testing."

- Deborah Donovan, Daniels Run ES