Exploring FCPSOn In the Classroom

By Office of Communication and Community Relations
March 12, 2018

What do you see when you walk into an FCPSOn classroom? You might see students enjoying flexible seating by sitting at a desk, on a ball, or even on the floor. You might see students collaborating at a computer screen while others are walking the room, measuring and exploring. We spent two days at Poplar Tree Elementary, one of the FCPSOn pilot schools to explore what a typical day looks like in several different classrooms. Click on any of the classrooms to explore and learn more and consider attending an upcoming community meeting.

Choose your room graphic.See the special education class video. See the first grade class video. See the third grade AAP class video. See the fifth grade class video.

Building a Digital Citizenship Foundation. An important part of FCPSOn is making sure that students use technology in a safe and smart way. FCPS provides various resources to support responsible technology use. Teacher Training, Parent Support, Student Lessons, Curriculum Integration

FCPSOn Phase 1 Schools

FCPSOn was launched during the 2016-17 school year to all the schools in the Chantilly HS pyramid, as well as five high schools that receive funds as part of the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) e-Learning Backpack Grant

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Learn more about the why and the how behind this 1-1 initiative.


Across Poplar Tree ES,  you can see examples of how students are developing Portrait of a Graduate attributes. Explore the photo slide show to see specific examples.

Photo of a classroom with elementary students using computers.
FCPSOn Students from Poplar Tree Elementary School

Safety is Key

The FCPS Department of Information Technology (IT) works hard to ensure that students are safe when they are using electronic eletronic devices for school. FCPS also has a strong Digital Citizenship program to teach students about the safe use of technology

Graphic of laptop with shield and lock on the screen.

Internet Content Filtering

Devices will have internet content filtering when outside of FCPS

Graphic of laptop with wifi icon on the screen.

Wifi Connectivity

Wifi connectivity for high need students outside of school

Graphic of laptop with two gears on the screen.


Repair services, software for instructional use, and replacement of the device


Teacher Tips

Listen to three Poplar Tree ES teachers talking about the challenges and success that they had implementing FCPSOn.

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