Donuts with Dad Day at McNair Elementary

By Communication and Community Relations
May 17, 2018
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There were smiles all around when dads and male role models (adult brothers, uncles, and grandfathers) converged at McNair Elementary School for the annual Dad’s Day. After sharing a breakfast of fresh doughnuts, dads walked their children to class and then went to work volunteering around the school. Throughout the day, dads could be found organizing books in the library, maintaining calm in the cafeteria during lunchtime, doing office chores for staff members (copying, laminating, or producing materials for classes), and otherwise lending a hand wherever they were needed.

The kids feel extra special having their dads here. Quote by Erika Mendoza, Parent Liaison

“Having a dad’s day is a different type of magic,” said event coordinator Erika Mendoza, the school’s parent liaison. “This is a unique way for dads to connect with their children and their school. The kids feel super special and important, they feel proud of their school, their teacher, and classmates. And having dad in school for part of the day is the cherry on top!”


A lot of times dads work so they don't get a chance to get involved, this is my first time in the school.

Photograph of Chris and his daughter
Chris and his daughter


I get to help out with the school, I think it's wonderful that they have volunteer events.

Photograph of Mir and his son and daughter
Mir and his son and daughter


I don't get a chance to spend much time with him... it's hard. Today it was 2.5 hours to get here... Here I am.

Photograph of Robert and his son eating their donuts.
Robert and his son


I always try to take whatever opportunities I can to do something with them. It makes them feel special.

Photograph of David with his son and daughter
David with his son and daughter