Cosmetology Program Partners with the Pros

By Communication and Community Relations Staff
November 07, 2019
cosmetology students

Beyond hair, makeup, and trendy styles offered in cosmetology courses lay hearty doses of science, math, business, and psychology, according to Janet Scheid, cosmetology instructor at Hayfield Secondary. “People might be surprised to know that we incorporate physics, chemistry, biology, and the study of human anatomy in all of our studies,” she said. “Our industry is a lot more technical than most people might realize.”

Roughly 80 students, including a defensive end from the football team, are enrolled in Hayfield’s program and are excited by being surrounded by excellence with Scheid and co-lead teacher Donna Holshey.  With roughly 50 years of experience between them, the duo are open to learning—and teaching—the very latest, most state-of-the art, creative studies in the field, including new opportunities to partner with practitioners.  
In a new partnership effort aimed at providing students real-world exposure to the field, over 30 technicians from Mynd Salons (formerly Red Door by Elizabeth Arden) visited the school last week. Stylists, educators, managers, and salon owners teamed up with students to prepare for an elaborate hair show that was held in the cafeteria after school. 

For hours, students collaborated with the professionals to enhance their skills and learn more about aspects of business, marketing, and career planning. Students were thrilled to be able to learn side-by-side with the pros. 

“We’re excited to work with students to teach them that this is an important and meaningful career that we’ve chosen and it can be lucrative too. There are so many opportunities for employment and the demand for skilled employees continues to grow,” said a color educator, who took cosmetology courses at Fauquier High School. “We are reaching out to schools with programs and Hayfield Secondary is our first show; we’re thrilled to be here building bridges with future employees.” 

Scheid remarked that her students were inspired and excited to learn more about the techniques they learned through the experience. “This partnership ties in perfectly to Portrait of a Graduate. Students are learning and practicing skills they need to be successful in the workforce; and they’re loving the learning experience at the same time.” 

**Interested in a facial, fresh new cut, or makeover? Students, staff members, and community members are welcome to contact the school to set up an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome.