Class of 2020 Senior Spotlight - Parker Nguyen, Woodson High School

By Parker Nguyen, Woodson High School
Senior Spotlight
June 01, 2020

1) What has been your biggest disappointment/hardship since schools have been closed for the remainder of the academic year? 

My biggest disappointment definitely has to be missing our senior prom and graduation, because I’ve kind of looked forward to these things since I was a freshman. I’ve also found it hard to not see any of my friends or my school friends since the closure.

Parker Nguyen, Woodson High School
Parker Nguyen, Woodson High School

2) What are your plans for the fall?

I plan to attend The Catholic University of America in the fall and major in mechanical engineering. 

3) What have you learned about yourself since the COVID-19 closures?

I’ve learned that I’m an extremely extroverted person. It’s hard for me to be isolated from people and do the same routine. I enjoy doing something every single moment and I have way too much pent up energy to just sit in the house. I definitely miss going out and lifting at the gym. 

4) What is your passion?

My passion as of right now is definitely health and fitness. I take pride and enjoyment in taking care of myself (gym, eating healthy, etc.). The results are definitely what keeps me addicted. Lifting definitely helps me destress and just relax.

5) Have you discovered a new passion in light of social distancing?

I actually took on reading in light of social distancing. My favorite book right now is, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” 

6) What are your hopes for the future?

My plan has only reached as far as college and my degree. However, My hope for the future is that I do something I love and I’m passionate for. My biggest fear is working a 9-5 day. I hope to have a wife and kids someday and settle down.

7) What are you most proud of about your school experience/best memory?

My most proud memory about my school is when I was a freshman or sophomore, and our varsity basketball team won the state championship at VCU.