5-4-3-2-1 Early Childhood Tips for Today: Math

By Office of Early Childhood
October 02, 2019

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Things to Know or Do

  • Make math real. Connect it to everyday life!
  • Embed opportunities for children to develop oral language as they talk about math.
  • Integrate mathematics into other areas of your day including art, music, and science!
  • Matching, board, and card games are great opportunities to practice math.
  • Sorting activities including folding laundry, cleaning up toys, and putting away groceries strengthen math concepts.

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Links to Visit

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Points to Access Research

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Children Read Alouds

Sort it Out!—Barbara Mariconda

Packy the Packrat needs to sort and clean up his trinkets. Readers can practice critical thinking skills in math, science, and real life. 

Mouse Count—Ellen Stoll Walsh

Entertaining story during which readers can practice counting forward and backward.

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Video to View

Mathematics Lesson: Combinations to 5