Driver Education Program

FCPS can help all high school students complete the state requirements for Driver Education.

Driver Education consists of two parts: classroom and behind-the-wheel.

Tenth grade students complete a nine-week course of classroom driver education in their health and physical education class. A separate behind-the-wheel segment must also be successfully completed in order to obtain a driver's license in Virginia for those under age 19.

Steps you need to complete to get your license if you are under the age of 19:

1. Get your Driver's Permit at the Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Teens are eligible for a driver’s permit at age 15 years and six months.
  • To obtain a permit you must bring a parent or guardian to the DMV with you.
  • Proof of residency and identity are required. (see DMV website for acceptable forms of ID)
  • The student will need to pass the sign and knowledge test.
  • Teens must hold a permit for a minimum of nine months before being eligible for a driver’s license.

2. Complete the required classroom course in tenth grade

  • The DEC-District 8 card is proof of completion.
  • A 90-minute parent-teen program is also required.

3. Complete the required in-car or behind-the-wheel instruction

  • Students must have a driver’s permit to enroll in in-car instruction.
  • Students must have a District-8 classroom course completion card or be able to present a concurrent enrollment form prior to the first behind the wheel class.
  • Information on in-car instruction offered through Adult and Community Education.

4. Complete the 45-Hour Driving Log

  • Parent or guardian must complete and log 45-hours of driving time.
  • The 45-hour driving guide is available on the Virginia Department of Education Website.

5. Receive your temporary Drivers License

  • A temporary license will be issued by the in-car instructor after all of the requirements are met.
  • The temporary license is valid for 180 days.
  • Within 180 days, the parent or guardian and teen will receive notification to attend court for the licensing ceremony.
  • Parent or guardian and teen must be on time for the ceremony and must dress appropriately.
  • The license will be issued to the parent.

ACE Behind the Wheel

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Virginia DMV

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