Theater - High School

The study of Theater Arts in Fairfax County Public Schools provides students opportunities for personal and academic growth, ways to create bridges to other subject disciplines and other cultures, and the development of skills which provide lifelong enjoy

At the high school level students develop and expand their knowledge, skills and resources to create a high level of accomplishment in the classroom and in performance.

students in playThrough the Theatre Arts Directors Association (TADA), the fifty FCPS theater arts instructors and directors work collaboratively with the Fine Arts Office to create in each middle, high and secondary school a theater arts program to meet the needs of their students. Classes in acting and technical theater span the full course of secondary education, and many opportunities are provided beyond the classroom for students to expand their horizons through attendance at plays, workshops, and extracurricular school productions. FCPS students participate in numerous local, statewide, regional, national and international festivals and competitions, and are known for their excellence.

Theater Arts in Fairfax County Public Schools is offered as an elective course in all high schools. The high school Theater Arts Program of Studies, which is currently undergoing revision, is based on the National and State Standards for Theater Arts Education.