High School Dance

The study of Dance in Fairfax County Public Schools provides students opportunities for personal and academic growth, ways to create bridges to other subject disciplines and other cultures, and the development of skills which provide lifelong enjoyment.


The Fairfax County Public Schools dance program supports the development of movement, technique, flexibility, and physical health. Students explore concepts and skills to create artistic identity, aesthetic of dance form, and expression through performance, research, and choreography. The FCPS dance curriculum supports the National Core Arts Standards and incorporates the Dance Arts Virginia Standards of Learning which include a variety of dance techniques and styles such as ballet, modern, jazz, and the dance of world cultures. 

Curricular and extracurricular dance activities provide opportunities for students to explore various aspects and areas of dance including; field trips to professional dance performances, workshops, festivals, dance concerts, dance showcases, dance team, performance companies, and children’s performances. Annual FCPS dance events include Move Til You Drop, Dance Til You Drop, and Dance for Kindness. FCPS dance students also participate in local, state, national, and international dance festivals and competitions.

Dance in FCPS is offered at Mount Vernon HS, South County HS, and South Lakes HS, and the Fairfax and West Potomac Academies. 

High School Dance Courses:

  • Dance 1
  • Dance 2
  • Dance 3
  • Dance 1 (Academy)
  • Dance 2 (Academy)
  • Dance 3 (Academy)
  • Dance 4 (Academy)
  • Broadway Dance (Academy)
  • Hip Hop Dance (Academy)

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