Dual Enrollment with Northern Virginia Community College Student Checklist

Use this checklist to manage the process of signing up for any Dual Enrollment Class.

Student Checklist

  1. Check with your counselor to make sure you meet Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) dual enrollment admission qualifications
  2. Apply to NOVA.
    • You will receive a NOVA ID number and username when you complete the application.
    • Remember to keep your NOVA ID number, username, and password in a safe place.
  3. Register for dual enrollment class through online dual enrollment registration portal. Your counselor can provide you with a link to the online portal.

Dual Enrollment Courses and Accommodations

According to the Office for Civil Rights, school divisions must make sure that students with disabilities receive required accommodations in dual enrollment courses if the course is considered part of the high school curriculum. In order to adequately prepare students with disabilities for transition to postsecondary education, the student’s IEP team should suggest alternate accommodations for any dual enrolled courses that are consistent with college-level accommodations, and these should be specified in the IEP.

High school students with an IEP or 504 plan, who want to earn college credit for completing a dual enrollment course using accommodations, must register with the disability support services at the college or university sponsoring the high school dual enrollment course.

Process For Requesting Dual Enrollment Course Accommodations

Students taking a dual enrollment class aligned to a NOVA course should review the accommodations request process. Reasonable accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis through an interactive process between a Disability Support Services counselor and the student making the request.

  1. Submit documentation of the disability to NOVA.
  2. Request Accommodations
  3. The Disability Support Services intake counselor from NOVA will review accommodations and set up a meeting.
  4.  After meeting with the NOVA intake counselor, students will be able to log into the Disability Support Services database and review accommodations.  

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