Elementary Grading and Reporting Handbook for Parents: Parent Communication

Elementary Grading and Reporting: Parent Communication

Interim Reports

Individual school administrators determine when interims are sent, which students should receive them, and what format to use. Interim reports may be used to communicate exceptional progress, improvement, or unsatisfactory progress. The choice of the instrument used as an interim report is a school-based decision.


Progress Reports will be completed at the end of each quarter. Grades will indicate knowledge and skills on specific standards covered during that quarter rather than a single grade for each content area.

Progress Reports will be sent home in an envelope that contains information about the standards-based progress report and has directions on how to access the grade level skills via the web. The envelope should be signed by the parent and returned to school as it will be used each time the progress report is sent home.

Kindergarten teachers will not complete a first quarter progress report. Information will be conveyed to parents through parent conferences at the end of the first quarter. A copy of the progress report should be given to parents at the time of the conference. In addition, kindergarten teachers may include assessment information from first quarter in the second quarter grades, particularly if the standard is taught first quarter and will not be revisited the remainder of the year.

The transcript of the progress report will be sent to middle schools when students move from elementary to middle. These transcripts are only provided as information. They are not used to qualify students for special programs. Grades on the elementary progress report can assist parents in making informed decisions regarding course selection at the middle school level.