GLOBAL PLUS is a new language program which blends the strengths and proven benefits of two well-established (FCPS-ACE) language programs–FLEX and GLOBAL.

Registration for the fall GLOBAL Plus session will open on August 28, 2018. Look out for our Early Bird discounts!


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Languages Offered

ASL, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Spanish

The goal of the GLOBAL PLUS program is to foster a world language advantage by offering high quality language classes to elementary students, and thereby capture the optimal time in a child’s life to learn a new language.

  1. GLOBAL PLUS students will establish a strong foundation in language learning, that will give them an edge as they enter middle school and beyond.

  2. Teachers will now have access to three different curricula that address the needs of different skill levels: first- time learners to heritage speakers.

  3. In support of the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate, the GLOBAL PLUS curriculum delivers a stronger focus on communication. This will provide children with skills to establish meaningful connections as they become GLOBAL citizens of a rapidly changing, increasingly diverse and interconnected world.

What is the program structure?

Students are grouped in 3 levels: kindergarten, grades 1-3, and grades 4-6. One hour before/after school enrichment classes in Arabic, American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Korean* and Spanish. Classes are 10 or 20 weeks and start in October.

GLOBAL Plus FCPS Schools for the 2018-2019 School Year

This list is subject to change.

  • Bull Run
  • Bush Hill
  • Canterbury Woods
  • Cardinal Forest
  • Clermont
  • Greenbriar East
  • Greenbriar West
  • Halley (NEW)
  • Haycock
  • Hunt Valley
  • Island Creek
  • Kent Gardens
  • Lorton Station
  • Mantua
  • Mosby Woods
  • North Springfield (NEW)
  • Oak View (NEW)
  • Orange Hunt
  • Powell
  • Sangster
  • Springfield Estates
  • Spring Hill
  • Terra Centre
  • Wakefield Forest
  • West Springfield
  • Westbriar

Korean Only Schools (Note: Korean classes only open to students attending that particular school)

  • Cub Run
  • Deer Park
  • Fairfax Villa
  • Eagle View

See what parents are saying about the GLOBAL PLUS program

  • “Senora Handel was patient and kind. My son was always attentive, enjoys the class, and looks forward to attending again next year. This will be his third year” - Spanish, 2nd grade at Kings Park ES
  • “Very warm and caring made learning Chinese fun for all of the students! Very well prepared and engaging” - Chinese, 1st grade at Hunt Valley ES
  • “We were so pleased with Ms. Manley and with the class as a whole. We cannot thank you enough for providing such a great opportunity for our daughter” - German, 1st grade at Canterbury Woods ES
  • “I wish I could have been in the classroom – I LOVED how excited my daughter was for French class and how engaged and caring the teacher was. Ms. Newsome was absolutely delightful” - French, 3rd grade at Island Creek ES

Frequently Asked Questions

When do GLOBAL PLUS classes start and how do I register for a GLOBAL PLUS class at my school?

Registration Begins August 28, 2018

Early Bird Discounts are for

  • 20 week classes is "GLOBAL20"
  • 10 week classes is "GLOBAL10"
  • 8 week classes is "GLOBAL8"

Registration is through Adult and Community Education (ACE) 

  • To register your child at a school other than his or her base school (if space allows), call 703-506-2280. Transportation is not provided.
  • To register a non-FCPS student (if space allows), call 703-506-2280 for further information.

GLOBAL PLUS emergency forms are required from all students on the first day of class.

If my school is not a participating GLOBAL PLUS school, can my child attend a GLOBAL PLUS class at another school?

Yes, but only if there is space available. Contact 703-506-2280 so we can assist you. Please be aware that you will be responsible for dropping off your student and picking them up in a timely manner. Transportation is NOT available.

GLOBAL PLUS is not offered at my school; how do I bring GLOBAL PLUS classes to my child’s school?

The GLOBAL PLUS program is a partnership between Adult and Community Education and the World Languages office. Each spring, new schools may be selected for the GLOBAL PLUS program. Contact your school principal or PTA to indicate your interest in GLOBAL PLUS. We will be more than happy to provide them information about our program.

Sibling Discounts are also available

Siblings qualify for a 10% discount by calling the ACE Registration Office at 703-658-1201 (offer cannot be combined with the early registration discounts).

Emergency Care Form

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