How is FCPS doing Distance Learning?

What is the daily schedule and expectations for distance learning?

FCPS is committed to creating learning environments that foster

  • creative thinking,
  • a culture of caring, and
  • personal connections.

Daily Schedule

Each school is sharing the daily schedule for students. Schedules are built knowing that students have differing developmental considerations regarding screen time, attention spans, and independent learning. The schedules also include time for breaks, wellness and activity.


Our first concern at this time is the health and welfare of our students and communities. Beginning April 14, 2020, FCPS will proceed with continuity of learning and distance learning for our students. 


Instruction uses a blend of approaches and resources to provide high-quality experiences for learners.

Advanced Academic Program (AAP) instruction is included in the weekly distance learning packets. Students and parents can also follow AAP on Twitter for daily Creative and Critical Thinking strategies and check FCPS 24-7 Learning for additional resources.