Distance Learning Plan - Digital Tools and Resources

A number of digital tools will support distance learning.

Digital Tools and Resources for Distance Learning in FCPS

The FCPS Digital Ecosystem consists of the instructional tools and systems that coexist and interact to allow for the differentiation of time, pace, path, and place of student learning. Below are some tools that are available to all staff, students, and/or families. There are many other tools used for distance learning that are available by grade level, course, and/or site.

Tool/ Resource


Description and Access

Email and Text Messages

Staff, families

Email and text messages are used for all major communications and announcements, including those from principals and the superintendent. Teachers and other instructional personnel also use email to communicate along with other platforms for interacting with their students.


FCPS 24-7 Blackboard


Staff, families

Teachers may use FCPS 24-7 Blackboard to post learning activities for students. Using Blackboard provides caregivers the ability to see what is being assigned to students and help support them in completing assignments.




Staff, students

The HORIZON test player is one component of the eCART suite of tools. HORIZON allows teachers to deliver assessments and test items.


Blackboard Collaborate Ultra 


Staff, students

Teachers may host a collaborative learning session with a class or a small group of students. Participants receive a unique invitation to join the collaborative space via their G Suite email.

Google GSuite

Staff, students

G Suite for Education is used as the tool for students to create and collaborate on work.


Google Classroom


Staff, students

Teachers may post assignments in Google Classroom and students may complete assignments there as well. 

Google Meet

Staff, Students

Teachers may host a collaborative learning session with a class or a small group of students. Participants access sessions via Google Classroom.


Library Catalog


Staff, students

Destiny Discover® is a student-friendly interface used to search for all your library’s resources, from eBooks to subscription databases and digital resources—on any device.


Library eBooks and Databases


Staff, students

A variety of resources for reading, information, and research are available to all students and staff on general as well as specific curricular topics.


Online Textbooks


Staff, students

Online Textbooks have been implemented in Mathematics for all grades, AP Science, grades 3-12 in Social Studies, high school English Language Arts, and World Languages classes.

Naviance Staff, students, families Naviance is a web-based resource accessed through FCPS 24-7 Blackboard for students in grades 7-12 that supports students in creating an Academic and Career Plan. Students can write goals and action plans that align with their strengths as well as explore college and career options. 

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